Bear in the Big Blue House

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  • Luna: Well, Bear, it seems to me that maybe the whole Big Blue House is your most extra-special, favorite place. It's your home, after all. Bear: Wow, Luna. When you're right, you're right. Luna: What can I say? I'm the moon.

  • Bear: I gave everybody a tour of the Big Blue House. Luna: Oh, I'd love to take that tour someday.

  • Pip and Pop: (singing to tune of 'La donna รจ mobile') When I take my bathy-by / I get soap in my eye / It really stings, so I / Think I am gonna cry.

  • Pip: Fun is our middle name. Pop: No, fun is your middle name. Mine is Angelica, remember? Pip: Oh, right. Sorry.

  • Bear: You know, Tutter, I think the best part of the kitchen is that you like it so much. Tutter: Ha ha. Thank you, Bear.

  • Tutter: There's nothing like a gutsy Gouda or a crispy Cheddar.

  • Bear: Now look at this. This is the kitchen table. It's the best part of the kitchen. Tutter: (talking over as Bear continues) Oh, no, no, no. Bear: With this table, you sit an' you can have a whole mess of cooked and buttered string beans. Tutter: All wrong, Bear. All wrong.

  • Bear: A bear's three favorite words are breakfast, lunch and dinner.

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Notes (31)

  • This episode is available on video along with "What's in the Mail, Today?"

  • The closing credits at the end of the episode run longer than usual.

  • A big deal is made about Tutter's present in this episode, but viewers never even get to find out what it is.

  • Luna is so old that she doesn't remember when her birthday is.

  • Shadow does not appear in this episode. The time normally spent on her story is eaten up by Tutter's birthday party.

  • The events of this episode are the basis for the stage show Bear in the Big Blue House: Surprise Party. This stage show no longer tours, but is available on video.

  • This episode is available on video along with "Home is Where the Bear Is."

  • Ursa later sees the Big Blue House in person when she surprises Ojo for her birthday in "You Never Know."

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Trivia (233)

  • Debuts

    With this being the first episode, there are alot of debuts.

    Characters: Bear, Tutter, Ojo, Pip and Pop, Treelo, Shadow and Luna are introduced.

    Locations: The Big Blue House, as long with it's living room, bedroom, bathroom and kitchen are seen for the first time.

  • This episode includes a brief real-kids segment in which kids talk about their homes (or fantasize about them.)

  • This being the first episode, Bear's asking of Luna if she'll sing the Goodbye Song is a bit different than other episodes. He asks her if she'll sing a goodbye song with him, rather than the Goodbye Song. A subtle difference in phrasing to note that this a routine that is being established.

  • This episode, as the premiere, features the first use of the opening theme, "Welcome to the Blue House" and the "Goodbye Song." There are also two other original songs "(It's) Great to Be at Home" and "No Place Like My Bedroom." The first song is Track 11 on the album "Songs from Jim Henson's Bear in the Big Blue House" and is titled simply "Great to Be at Home" on that album. It is Track 4 on the first Playhouse Disney CD and is titled "It's Great to Be at Home" on both that album and the closing credits for this episode.

  • This episode features two songs --- "Oh, Water, Water, Water" and "Need a Little Help Today." "Need a Little Help Today" is Track 23 on the album "Songs from Bear in the Big Blue House."

  • Tutter uses various boxes in his attempt to construct something to help him reach the faucet. Although some of the letters are somewhat obscured, one of them is most definitely a box of Kellogg's Apple Jacks.

  • This episode includes a brief segment in which real kids talk about some of the shapes that water takes on. These include raindrops, drops from a sprinkler and waves.

  • There are two songs in this episode: "When I'm Older" and "Happy, Happy Birthday." "When I'm Older" is Track 8 on the album More Songs from Bear in the Big Blue House. "Happy, Happy Birthday" is Track 5 on the album Songs from Jim Henson's Bear in the Big Blue House and is listed as "The Birthday Song" in the closing credits for this episode.

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Allusions (29)

  • Ojo: Ho ho ho and a bottle of milk. This may be a parody of Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum which is a sentence that pirates usually say.

  • When Ojo is playing with her blocks, she sings "Hi-ho. Hi-ho. I love my blocks, you know." This is a play on "Hi-ho. Hi-ho. It's off to work we go" --- lyrics from the song "Hi-Ho" in Disney's Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.

  • Pip and Pop reference a well-known U.S. Postal Service slogan when they say that they won't let things like rain or snow stop them from delivering the mail.

  • Bear and Tutters' line at the end of the episode is almost certainly a nod to Dean Martin, who told viewers at the end of every episode of his variety show to "Keep those cards and letters coming in!" This episode was directed by Hugh Martin, who is not known to have any relation to Dean.

  • Pip and Pop both refer to Bear as "Smokey." This may be a reference to Smokey Bear of the United States Forest Service who encourages people to remember that "Only YOU can prevent forest fires" and more recently "Only YOU can prevent wildfires."

  • When considering where to do nothing first, Bear decides on the Bear swing. "To the Bear swing!" he shouts, a likely reference to the phrase "To the Batmobile!" from Batman.

  • In "What's the Story?" Shadow sings the tale of a frog prince who did a good deed for a princess. The story is the tale of The Frog Prince with a twist. The princess is reluctant to kiss the frog at first, but eventually agrees after prompting from her father, the king. Upon kissing the frog, she turns into a frog herself. This is similar in nature to the ending of the film Shrek, in which the character Princess Fiona received a kiss from the ogre Shrek and assumed Love's true form --- she became an ogre herself.

  • For the Storytelling Festival, Pip and Pop read from The Adventures of Clamiana Jones. This title is a spoof on Indiana Jones, a popular film character who appeared in a series of films that began with Raiders of the Lost Ark.

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