Beast Machines

FOX (ended 2000)
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  • S 2 : Ep 13

    Endgame (3): Seeds of the Future

    Aired 5/3/00

  • S 2 : Ep 12

    Endgame (2): When Legends Fall

    Aired 4/26/00

  • S 2 : Ep 11

    Endgame (1): The Downward Spiral

    Aired 4/19/00

  • S 2 : Ep 10

    Spark of Darkness

    Aired 4/12/00

  • S 2 : Ep 9

    Sparkwar (3): The Siege

    Aired 4/5/00

  • Cast & Crew
  • Garry Chalk

    Optimus Primal

  • Scott McNeil

    Rattrap / Silverbolt [2]

  • Kathleen Barr

    Botanica [2]

  • Ian James Corlett


  • David Kaye


  • show Description
  • Beast Machines is a continuation of Beast Wars. Fugitives on their own world, the Maximals have to retake Cybertron from Megatron and his army of drones, while adjusting to their new technorganic bodies. The new series opens as Optimus, Cheetor, Black Arachnia and Rattrap discover themselves suddenly back on the Transformer homeworld of Cybertron - with no memory of how they got there. Instead of a hero's welcome for winning the Beast Wars, our heroes are hunted by a mysterious new breed of Transformers - the Vehicons. These vicious machines enforce the will of Megatron, who has returned with a vengeance. Megatron has wrestled possesion of Cybertron, leaving Optimus and his team constantly under fire and on the run. Forced underground, the Maximals undergo a strange reformatting that not only alters their Beast/Robot bodies, but the very essence of HOW they transform. No longer an instantaneous response, transformation is now a disciplined skill that must be learned and refined like a martial art. The Maximals face their greatest challenges as they struggle to free their planet from Megatron and his Vehicons.moreless

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  • Quotes (113)

    • Blackarachnia: Oh, it's you. I was hoping I could take some of those tanks with me. Cheetor: Blackarachnia! Boy, am I glad to see you. Blackarachina: (sarcastic) Yeah! Isn't this cosy? Now we can all go offline together!

    • Everyone: Maximals, MAXIMIZE! (nothing happens) Rattrap: Say, boss- do these new bodies come with a warranty?

    • Oracle: Remember that the seeds of the future lie buried in the past. And to unlock the warrior within, you must tame the beast without.

    • Blackarachnia: You can teach an old ape new tricks.

    • Rattrap: Rattrap pretty please Maximize!

    • Optimus Primal: Megatron... What have you done with the Council of Elders? Megatron: Alas, they are no longer with us. You may bow before your new lord... and master.

    • Cheetor: Easy, buddy! You're never going to transform with that attitude. Rattrap: Oh, I'll transform, all right! And when I do - watch out!

    • Optimus Primal: You must find your center, focus and become on with yourself. Only then can you say...I am Transformed. (transforms) Cheetor: I am, Transformed (transforms to robot mode) Whoa! Check me out! Blackarachnia: I am, Transformed, (transforms to robot mode) Cheetor: Whoa, check you out.

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    Notes (18)

    • Beast Machines premiere.

    • Starting with this episode, the opening credits end with someone actually saying Beast Machines when the logo appears instead of it just showing up.

    • The writers' originally intended Nightscream to be female but Hasbro overruled them.

    • With this episode, Nightscream joins the cast.

    • Rattrap is finally able to transform.

    • In the original script, Bob Skirr wanted Rhinox to sound remorseful when he said Goodbye to Optimus, not angry. Sadly, the actor and other writers missed the thought.

    • Season one finale.

    • At the end of season 1's finale, it cuts to the credits after Primal's fingers dissolve. Here in the recap footage, he continues with, "If this is the will of the Matrix, then so be it!"

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    Trivia (45)

    • Optimus Primal, Rattrap, Cheetor and Blackarachnia are all reformatted into new bodies by the Oracle.

    • Cheetor and Blackarachnia first transform.

    • Blackarachnia discovers that there are two Maximals missing from the six that landed on Cybertron, leaving the question, where are Silverbolt and Rhinox?

    • Jetstorm, Thrust and Tankor each have their own transformation phrases (respectively "afterburn", "overdrive" and "pulverize"). In contrast to their Maximal opponents and the other Beast Wars characters, they say these phrases in robot mode then turn to vehicle mode.

    • Megatron creates 3 Generals, one for each type of Vehicon- Jetstorm for Aerodrones, Thrust for Cycledrones, and Tankor for Tankdrones.

    • We see Rattrap's Robot Mode for the first time, though he still can't control his transformation abilities.

    • Blackarachnia is shown eating the fruit from Nightscream's tree; however, all spiders are carnivorous, so she shouldn't even be showing interest in the fruit, technorganic or not.

    • Cheetor said that they never ate food before, they just fueled up on Energon. However, several episodes of Beast Wars showed both Maximals and Predacons injesting organic materials.

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    Allusions (18)

    • Rattrap: Ground Control to Major Optimus! This is a parody of "Ground Control to Major Tom," a song by David Bowie.

    • Megatron's descent from above echoes that of the Borg Queen in Star Trek: First Contact. His 'robes' and mechanical collar are similar to that of the Vorlons in Babylon 5.

    • Megatron: Desperate times call for desperate measures. Megatron's reluctance to give any of the Vehicons a spark and free will stems from the Beast Wars. Most of the Predacons were traitors (Dinobot, Blackarachnia), slaves (Rampage/ Protoform X), had their own secret agendas (Tarantulus), or just wanted to usurp Megatron and become the Predacon leader (Terrorsaur). They only allied with Megatron because they were power-hungry and/or hated the Maximals.

    • Nightscream: Get your hands off me you dirty, stinkin' ape! Nightscream's first words are a paraphrase of a famous line in the original Planet of the Apes. The main character, played by actor Charlton Heston, utters a similar phrase when he is captured by the gorilla warriors.

    • Megatron: So, this is the way the world ends. Not with a bang, but with a simpering rodent.
      This line, to Rattrap, is a variation of T.S. Elliot's line "So this is the way the world ends. Not with a bang, but with a whimper," from the poem, "The Hollow Men."

    • Jetstorm: Gotta catch them all!
      "Gotta catch 'em all" is the slogan to the Pokémon games and TV show.

    • Vector Sigma and its key first appeared in the two-part story, "The Key to Vector Sigma," in the second season of the original Transformers series.

    • The Plasma Energy Chamber first appeared in the three-part story, "The Rebirth," the final three episodes of the original Transformers series.

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  • Fan Reviews (31)
  • I am transformed!!!

    By SFBarbear, Oct 19, 2012

  • This series was one completely differen't from the others of the same type more supernatural....

    By hyenajerk, Jan 28, 2009

  • The only reason I sort-of liked this show was because it was a sequel to the Transformers. Otherwise there's nothing to watch.

    By rhcpvisigoth, Jun 04, 2008

  • Enjoyed it immensely, was great allround with just a minor set back.

    By ohsirix, May 01, 2008

  • This show allowed it's viewers to see what happens in the next step of Transformer evolution, which occurs after the series Beast Wars.

    By Neoprimal, Feb 16, 2008

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