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    I am transformed!!!

    By SFBarbear, Oct 19, 2012

    Sadly this show was not received well. When in all reality is was probably too advance for most viewers. The show had a deeply spiritual aspect to it and essentially closes the Transformers universe. The entire story is about merging biological and technological forms into one organism while also addressing the notion that evil cannot exist with good and vice versa.

    I have watched it three time from beginning to end and each time i notice more and more in depth underlying aspects that continue to surprise and amaze me.moreless

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  • 7.5

    This series was one completely differen't from the others of the same type more supernatural....

    By hyenajerk, May 06, 2010

    great to see old rattrap,biggest upset is that rhinox went bad its hard to watch other than that it was great ...nightscream rocked...the new transformations really good... many hate this series i don't it was a way to see all the greats again i grew up with beast wars not g1 so this was my fourth season ..the other thing that they lost the beast wars at the last few seconds was megatron jumping through time is bad..waspinator as a motorcycle was cool but he didn't act the same and he only showed through once big upset...try to see i enjoyed so maybe ... better than energon and armadamoreless

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    The only reason I sort-of liked this show was because it was a sequel to the Transformers. Otherwise there's nothing to watch.

    By rhcpvisigoth, Jun 04, 2008

    Beast Wars, the sequel to Beast Machines, takes the story further when the Transformers crash land on an alien planet stuffed to the throat with raw energon, the thing they're all fighting for. In any case, the concentration of energon is so high on this new planet that the transformers take on new animal forms to protect themselves from the environment... and hence, Beast Machines, and later Beast Wars in born. Though the setting and the animation and everything were superb as usual, I still didn't think much had changed in the way of storyline. Plot development throughout the series was mostly linear, and not all that entertaining. All in all, this will be enjoyable by only veteran Transformers fans.moreless

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    This show allowed it's viewers to see what happens in the next step of Transformer evolution, which occurs after the series Beast Wars.

    By Neoprimal, Feb 16, 2008

    I think many people don't/didn't and probably will never understand this show, but I'd like to think that I I'll try to review it the best way I can.

    Beast Machines shows viewers the next step in Transformer evolution, where the only way the species is able to survive is a happy medium of a technological and biological mix. Many Tranformers fans thought of this as 'blasphemy' to the essence of what Transformers represents. I however, as an original viewer AND a lover of the Beast Wars series found this show great. It's the perfect getaway from an all-robot show and a 'natural' progression of what I do consider/think to be necessary for these beings to evolve and survive. As human beings, we're slowly evolving toward the technological - and though we're only talking about a show here, I think it's only logical that technological beings evolve toward the biological. The show however wasn't well received for 2 reasons - 1. kids didn't understand it. That is, the audience to which the show was marketed simply didn't understand the show, as it is a bit on the complex end. 2. fans didn't respect it. As I mentioned before, most TF fans want robots made of metal.

    All in all, I believed it to be a great show and there are many like me who would have loved Hasbro to keep the series going, however we're a niche market - a tiny nook into the audience required to keep this sort of endeavor going. I'd highly suggest those of you who have recently gotten 'into' TF to sit down and watch Beast Wars and then Beast Machines, especially if you're a little more open minded to the TF universe. As for those who are hardcore "TF are machines! fans" - I'd suggest to re-evaluate these series. Watch Beast Wars, take it in, enjoy it and then move on to Beast Machines. You may feel differently.moreless

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    Continues where 'Beast Wars' left off but loses its way. Should have been better.

    By BenRyan33, Oct 11, 2007

    After greatly enjoying 'Beast Wars,' I had high hopes for the next series, 'Beast Machines.' With many familiar faces, I started off enjoying this series. It definitely was different from 'Beast Wars' but different doesn't always have to mean bad, but in this case, it didn't really mean great either.

    It was interesting not understanding all that had happened between the end of 'BW' and beginning of 'BM' so that part worked for a while. But soon the series started to head down the wrong path. It started to lose the "spark" (no pun intended) of all the other 'Transformers' series. While it wasn't great, it still managed to entertain, so I continued to follow it. By the end, I was glad to see how it everything worked out, but was disappointed with the direction the series took and the way everything was wrapped up.

    It had nice references to the original G1 'TF' and 'BW' but when it told its own story, it was lacking. If you enjoy 'TF,' then it won't be a total waste of time, but don't be surprised if you are a disappointed overall.moreless

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    The Beast Wars continue on the planet of Cybertron.

    By gokusatsuken, Jan 27, 2007

    Compared to Beast Wars, this series wasn't exactly the best, but it kept the storyline going in a different way. By the time the last of the Maximals make it Cybertron, they find out that Megatron has found a way to take over Cybertron! Armed with a God complex and a virus to get rid of Cybertron's residents. The self-proclaimed evil genius even wants to be rid of his beast form and the rest of the organic life on Cybertron!

    The Maximals soon find that they can't transform out of their beast forms and into their robot forms. Optimus finds a way to communicate with the Oracle, a form of super computer with information on Cybertron, and reformat himself and the others so that they can stop Megatron's plan. The Maximals find a secret about Cybertron, it actually has an organic core! There is also a secret behind the disappearences of the other transformers, their sparks have been placed in the bodies of Megatron's Vehicon generals. Like I said before, it may not be as good as Beast Wars but I still like it!moreless

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  • 9.5

    Just as good as Beast Wars.

    By hapat, Nov 14, 2006

    Transformers has had so many shows over the years it isn't funny. But Beast Machines is one of the best and it is on par with Beast Wars.

    It was very well written. The writers continued on from the Beast Wars storyline adn did it very well. Allowing the story to evolve and become fresh and new.

    The voice actors were the same as Beast Wars, or for the most part sounded the same, and did just as good a job as they usually do.

    Overall Beast Machines show was a very good show and one that shouldn't be missed by fans.moreless

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    Sadly enough this show is and will always be unworthy of the Transformers saga if you look at it you will be gravely disappointed.

    By Firefly4000, Jul 20, 2006

    What was really sad about beast machines was not only the characters and how their personalities were messed up but also there was botanica who never had a real function at all not to mention the nonsense about cybertron being a living breathing planet despite the fact that it never was at all.

    What was really sad was that many Beast Machines people never saw the original Transformers show had they done so they would have known that Beast Machines was a farce right down to its very entrappings.

    What was even more saddening was how easily it was for the characters to be destroyed, Optimus for one was a great leader and then Beast Machines happened and made him into someone who relied on the Oracle, second was Blackarachnia and here we see her and Silverbolt's relationship (which I never really cared for in the first place) turned around and she herself winds up well very two dimensional same with many of the other characters.

    It was a pity how the writers never commented or made any references to the idea that the Oracle of Cybertron could have and most likely had been corrupted didn\'t have to be a plot by Megatron either.

    I mean there were still the Quintessons not to mention the Tripred council, or someone else could have been corrupted the oracle and in turn corrupted the maximals but alas no it was not to be both because of Skir and Hasbro unfortunatly.

    The one good thing about Beast Machines was Thrust and it was even more disappointing that he turned out to be Waspinator.moreless

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  • 8.0

    Kept getting better.

    By darron74, Jul 11, 2006

    First of all I want to say sorry if the spelling is messed up, Always had a problen with it since i started school in 1979. I have had the pleasure of watching the transformers since it started airing in the 80's. The first searies is the best of course, because its the original. eventually giving birth to the fallowing searieses. I have been collecting for a while having every episode of the original. all but season 3 of beast wars, all of beast machines. however i have been hunting for energon and cybertron episodes. Both of wich ihave only a few episodes. I am hopeing go get a good ranking, level, whatever. I enjoy the show so much i want to shair my collection.


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