Beautiful People

ABC Family (ended 2006)
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  • S 1 : Ep 16

    And the Winner Is...

    Aired 4/24/06

  • S 1 : Ep 15

    Best Face Forward

    Aired 4/17/06

  • S 1 : Ep 14

    Where are We Now?

    Aired 4/10/06

  • S 1 : Ep 13

    Black Diamonds, White Lies

    Aired 4/3/06

  • S 1 : Ep 12

    Das Boots

    Aired 3/27/06

  • Cast & Crew
  • Daphne Zuniga

    Lynn Kerr

  • Ricky Mabe

    Gideon Lustig

  • James McCaffrey

  • Torrey DeVitto

    Karen Kerr

  • Jackson Rathbone

    Nicholas Fiske

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  • ABC Family brings a new drama to TV, Beautiful People When Lynn Kerr finds herself newly single after her husband runs off with his mistress, she decides to start a new life with her teen daughters, Karen and Sophie. So, they pack their bags and move from a small town in New Mexico to New York City where looks can be decieving. Sophie Kerr, the youngest daughter, receives a scholarship to a prestigious private school called Brighton. But things at Brighton are different from her old life. Once she enters her new school she has no idea how to fit in with the privileged, posturing social climbers known as "BPs", aka "Beautiful People". However, Sophie's charm and lack of pretension attract two different boys: Gideon Lustig, a sensitive artist and an outsider in spite of his wealth and Nicholas Fiske, the handsome, self-assured leader of the "BPs". Karen Kerr, the oldest daughter, dreams of a modeling career. Because of her stunning beauty things have come easy for her, but in New York things are different. Here in New York, Karen realizes that the competion is always a little bit taller or a little bit thinner. It will soon force her to take risks in order to succeed and decide how much she is willing to sacrifice. Lynn Kerr, who wants to achieve her dream as a fashion designer, lands a job in the fashion industry, working for a hot designer. What makes the situation more complicated is that her job puts her in daily contact with her old college flame, married millionare Julian Fisk who still has feelings for Lynn For all three Kerr women New York will be an incredible adventure, and challenge working together to stay a family while pursuing life and love in the city that never sleeps, as they realize what the true meaning of beautiful people really is.moreless

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    • Sophie: So you guys have all known each other forever. Annabelle: Gideon and I met the first day of pre-kindergarten. Gideon: Yeah our shrinks introduced us. We’ve all known each other since the womb once you enter all this you can never leave. It’s like the Mafia.

    • Nicholas: My dad doesn't love my mom. He married her for her money. Sophie: My dad dumped my mom for my sister's best friend. Nicholas: And we have a winner!

    • Sophie: it doesn’t feel like home and where I’m from doesn’t either. It’s weird like I’ve got no home. Now I sound like a pathetic character from a Dickens’s novel. Gideon: I for one am very glad you came. Your mere presence has doubled the number of girls who talk to me. And I was thinking we could be friends that way you wouldn’t have to miss me cause I’m right here.

    • Nicholas: (introduces himself) Nicholas Fiskes of the New York Fiskes. Sophie: I’m Sophie Kerr of the New Mexico Kerr’s. Perhaps you’ve heard of us. Our portfolio consists of a 2002 VW compact and a bust of Sunny Rockman. Nicholas: Don’t mistake pretension for what is, just old fashion inbreeding.

    • Sophie: This place is big. Lynn: Colossal. Sophie: We’re not in New Mexico anymore.

    • Karen: Calm down woman. You’re there! This is the year Sophie. Sophie: What year? Karen: Your year for sex! Tenth grade, New York, breasts. It’s like the perfect storm.

    • Sophie: (chooses a credit card from Paisley’s hands) Claudette (picks another card) Madelyn. Madelyn: Yes Sophie: (picks a third card) Too bad (sarcastically) I really wanted the miles. Paisley: (shocked) Guess this one’s on me. Sophie: Thanks.

    • Paisley: And you’re from where, Kansas? Sophie: New Mexico. Paisley: Oh so your practically Mexican. Our housekeeper, Esmeralda’s, from Mexico, maybe you know her?

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    Notes (30)

    • Music: "Fly" written and performed by Rose Ranger

    • When Gideon enters the dark room Sophie says she has only a few prints to go but the darkroom light is on and she is drying negatives, not developing prints.

    • The title Point and Shoot is another reference to Sophie's photography.

    • Julian tells Lynn that she “still thinks too much”, Lynn replies; “better too much that too little”. These are the same things Sophie and Nicky said to each other earlier in the show.

    • This episode title Reload continues the series' use of photographic terms for episode titles.

    • In the opening scene at Brighton Paisley is talking to Nicky and she is referred to on close caption as Michelle. Later Jason addresses her as Michelle.

    • Over Exposure continues to reference to Sophie's photography.

    • Although Karen is seen talking on the phone with Zoe (Barbara Mamabolo) she does not appear in this episode.

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    Trivia (15)

    • When Nicky is talking to his dad in his living room, you could clearly see that he is moving and playing with his hands and fingers. Then before you could blink both hands are together with the fingers crossed.

    • In this episode it is revealed that Sophie's full name is Sophie Aaron Kerr.

    • Goof: Why didn't Karen climb the fire escape (like Sophie did when she got home late) when she found that Sophie had the key instead of coming to Brighton wearing dirty clothes and ragged shorts.

    • Goof: Sophie explains why she is weak in the sciences by telling Miss Patel that back in Espranza “their idea of studying biology was watching the neighbors’ cow give birth”. However, the test is on chemistry.

    • James McCaffrey (Julian) stopped being credited as a special guest star, and now he's a special guest appearance.

    • GOOF: Notice when Julian is talking on his cell phone with Lynn as he walks around downtown, a TTC (Toronto Transit Commission) vehicle with its distinctive red and white stripe passes behind him, indicative of the fact that although the show is set in New York, it is filmed in Toronto.

    • Karen wore ridiculous outfits for different modeling jobs. One of the things she wore was a chicken suit.

    • Karen starts out the episode with a new hairstyle. There is no reference to it at all in the episode.

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    Allusions (9)

    • The Wizard of Oz Sophie: We’re not in New Mexico anymore. Sophie's line alludes to the line Dorothy said about arriving in Oz in the 1939 film The Wizard of Oz.

    • Lynn: (to Paisley) What did Polly Mellon say? “Less is more”. Polly Mellon was the fashion reporter for the New York Times.

    • Vincent Van Gogh Gideon: Calm down, I'm not ready to start chopping off any ears yet. Vincent Van Gogh (1853-1890) was an extremely important artist of the 19th century. He was very good friends with another famous painter, Paul Gauguin. In 1888, after having a fight with Gauguin, Van Gogh returned home and took a razor to his own ear and cut downward so that the lower part of his left ear was gone. He then went and gave it to a prostitute.

    • Sophie: (to Nicky) Do you even know who Henry Cartier-Bresson, Walker Evans, Cindy Sherman if you really want to learn about photography start by doing your homework

    • The Gambinos Gideon: It’s like the Gambino crime family you look the wrong person in the eye or sit at the wrong table the next thing you know you wind up floating in the Hudson River. The Gambinos are a prominently known "Mafia" family in New York City which has been involved in crime activity since the 1920's.

    • Seppuku and Berber: Nicky calls Sophie and tells her “I’d commit seppuku, but my mother would absolutely lose it if I got the Berber stained”. Seppuku is ritual Japanese suicide. A Berber is a style of carpet.

    • Karen: Who are we, the Von Trapps all of a sudden. The Von Trapp’s were the family depicted in “The Sound Of Music”.

    • Mr. Stein quotes Pablo Picasso on Art. Pablo Ruiz y Picasso (1881—1973) was a Spanish painter, sculptor, graphic artist, and ceramist, who worked in France. He is generally considered in his technical virtuosity, enormous versatility, and incredible originality and prolificacy to have been the foremost figure in 20th-century art.

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  • Fan Reviews (66)
  • This is a wonderful show that displays the struggles single moms can face and how important family, friends, and relationships can be to us all. Trust is key and this show isn't scared to tell us the truth about life and show challlenges we all face.

    By AmandaLewisB, Jun 30, 2011

  • A great show about a single mom and her teenage and young adult daughter all going on a new adventure by moving to New York and starting new lives.

    By RoryJamesSaywer, May 12, 2007

  • When Lynn Kerr finds herself single after her husband runs off with his mistress, she decides to start a new life with her teen daughters, Karen and Sophie. So, they pack their bags and move from a small town in New Mexico to New York City.

    By KAF17, Jun 26, 2008

  • i loved this show i looked forward to it every week i am so sad to c it go i think that we rly need to bring it back

    By sjo23, Jun 08, 2008

  • Lynn, Sophie, Karen, Nicky, Gideon, and Annabelle =]

    By othforeverlove, Jan 02, 2008

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