Beauty and the Beast

The Outsiders

Season 2, Ep 11, Aired 2/24/89
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  • Episode Description
  • The tunnels becomes a place of danger when a murderous "family" appears and quickly makes a move to take over by beginning to murder other tunnel dwellers. This prompts Vincent to face his inner beast and he must come to terms with the fact that he will most likely have to kill some of the outsiders when worse comes to worse.

  • Cast & Crew
  • Roy Dotrice

    Father Jacob Wells

  • Ron Perlman


  • Linda Hamilton

    Catherine Chandler

  • Michael Berlin

  • Eric Estrin

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  • The beginning of the end for BATB?

    By CrystalBowman0, Nov 07, 2010

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  • Quotes (14)

    • Vincent: (voice over) That night, she truly walked alone. And deep within me I felt the cold and terrible truth of all that kept us apart. Fate had left me adrift, with no wind to carry me to the safe shores of her love.

    • Catherine: Talk to me, Vincent.
      Vincent: Nothing to say.
      Catherine: What you did was necessary... Let me share your pain.
      Vincent: How can you even look at me?
      Catherine: Because I know you. I know who you are.
      Vincent: You do not know me.
      Catherine: Vincent, there are dark places in all of us.
      Vincent: A part of me feeds in that darkness. And I am lost in it... Leave me now... please.
      Catherine: I love you.

    • William: We must strike back. Hard. We have the means. We have each other... And we have something else... We have you, Vincent.
      Father: You would send Vincent out to do murder?!
      William: I would do what is necessary!

    • William: This is cowardice!
      Vincent: There is no shame in making sacrifices for something you believe in strongly, William.
      William: I believe in the children. I believe in the life we have built here.
      Mary: So do we.
      William: And yet you'd see it destroyed? Changed without a fight?
      Vincent: No one will ever destroy this place.

    • Father: (to Catherine about the gun) We need a way to... to discourage these people from further violence. We cannot allow them to control our lives with fear... I pray it will never be used as anything more than a threat. But perhaps that threat will keep him and us safe.

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    Notes (5)

    • The episode won an Emmy Award for¬†Outstanding Costume Design for a Series.

    • Jay Acovone does not appear in this episode.

    • This marks the first and only time Vincent kills a woman.

    • This episode's incidents begin Vincent's psychological slide downwards.

    • Catherine says "I love you" to Vincent for the first time.

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