Beauty and the Beast

Though Lovers Be Lost (1)

Season 3, Ep 1, Aired 12/12/89
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  • Episode Description
  • Catherine reaches Vincent in the catacomb and rescues Vincent from his madness. However, as Vincent begins to recover, he realizes he has lost his bond with Catherine and is unable to sense when she is in danger. Meanwhile, a deadly explosion lands Joe in the hospital where Catherine discovers that she is pregnant and debates how to tell Vincent, but as Catherine begins investigating the explosion it leads to her being kidnapped by a powerful crime syndicate led by a shadowy figure.moreless

  • Cast & Crew
  • Roy Dotrice

    Father Jacob Wells

  • Jay Acovone

    Deputy D.A. Joe Maxwell

  • Ron Perlman


  • Linda Hamilton

    Catherine Chandler

  • Ron Koslow

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  • Quotes (15)

    • Father: You mustn't let fear eclipse logic.
      Vincent: Fear is all I have left to feel!
      Father: What about hope?
      Vincent: She is gone, Father, without a word or a sign! My sense of her.
      Father: Your empathic connection will return, Vincent. I am sure of it.
      Vincent: And until then?
      Father: Until then you must have patience and faith, Vincent. (Vincent glares) Those are powerful healers.
      Vincent: Patience?! Faith?!
      Father: For now that is all that you can do.
      Vincent: All that I can do is not enough!
      Father: Vincent, tell me... please, tell me what I can say to give you solace?
      Vincent: You can say 'You can change what is happening.' I should have never come to you and burdened you with this. (Storms out)
      Father: Vincent!

    • (Catherine's dream)
      Vincent: A child?
      Catherine: Yes!
      Vincent: What kind of child?
      Catherine: An extraordinary child.

    • Catherine: It's a new journal.
      Vincent: It's very beautiful.
      Catherine: It seemed appropriate.
      Vincent: Yes, it is.
      (Inscription in journal: "With love all things are possible. Forever, Catherine.")

    • Catherine: Just open your arms. (they embrace)
      Vincent: Now tell me... tell me what is troubling you.
      Catherine: Another time. Don't worry.

    • Vincent: More than once it saved your life.
      Catherine: Maybe the gift will return to you in another form, something you never dreamed of. Vincent, your power was extraordinary, but it has nothing to do with what we are together, what we feel for each other, that is our connection. And if one gift is lost, there are other gifts waiting to be found. Believe me... Vincent, there are so many gifts waiting for you... all you have to do is... just open your arms and receive them.
      Vincent: I believe you.

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    Notes (2)

    • Vincent's and Catherine's relationship is physically consummated (well, sort of!).

    • This episode is a part of "The Arc".

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