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  • Becker: (Talking on the phone) ... Oh C'mon! You owe me, if I hadn't met your wife, you'd still be married to her!

  • Becker: (To a clinic patient) Ah Geez! Mrs Zelmen put your clothes back on! You're here about an eye infection!

  • Becker: (Talking about television talk shows) I watched one the other day. I don't even know what the hell it was. Apparently some guy wanted to be a woman, so he chops it off. And he decides he likes chicks after all, so he becomes a lesbian. Tell me there's not a wasted step in there somewhere.

  • John Becker: White trash is the only natural resource this country will never run out of.

  • Becker: I don't have time to be tactful Margaret! Am I wrong here? A guy is crossing the street, a bus is about to hit him, I yell at him "dude watch out!" Margaret: You keep yelling at me like that, I'm gonna shove you in front of that bus, climbed inside, get behind the wheel and then back up over you again!

  • Becker (speaking into the phone): I don't want to press one for english and two to leave a message, and I damn sure don't want to hold while being treated to Kenny G playing 'Stairway to Heaven'. This is a twenty-four hour customer service line and I'm an irate customer, and I demand to yell at least once to a real person.

  • Becker (to Mr. Marino): Right now you're being stupid, do you want to be stupid and dead?

  • Becker: There's only one reason to run, if you're being chased or on fire, otherwise it's dumb.

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Notes (62)

  • Alex D├ęsert (Jake) is credited without the accent as Alex Desert. His last name shows the correct spelling beginning with the third episode.

  • Ted Danson starred for eleven seasons as Sam Malone on Cheers.

  • The closing credits include the dedication "In Memory of Noam Pitlik."

  • We learn that Jake has been blind for only five years.

  • It's learned that Reggie was prom queen back in school.

  • Lenny Dunn is a kid who plays baseball that John is treating says, "Coach wants me to pitch for Stanford, but who wants to go to school in Connecticut?" Ted Danson graduated Kent School in Connecticut and attended Stanford for a year before he became interested in drama.

  • This is the 3rd and final appearance of M.J. and Mrs. Johnson from the pilot.

  • Barry is the second relative of John we see on the show.

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Trivia (34)

  • The exam rooms are arranged differently in this episode. The room referred to as Room 1 is actually Room 2 in later episodes. The room referred to as Room 2 has a layout similar to what is Room 1 in the rest of the series, yet the door and the wall where the patient sits look different.

  • Goof: At first, Reggie throws the pack of cigarettes at Becker, but in the next shot she puts it down on the counter.

  • Reggie says her ex-boyfriend played for the 1991 Florida Marlins. The major league baseball franchise wasn't enshrined until 1993. Becker finds out Reggie lied to him when a patron gives him this information.

  • Reggie said that having Jake complain about the flickering light for Becker was a flawed idea. Yet, the noise produced by the flickering light would've been enough of an annoyance to make a blind guy complain about it.

  • Terry Farrell (Reggie) and Camille Saviola (Mrs. Corigliani) have both worked on Gene Roddenberry's Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Farrell as Jadzia Dax and Saviola as Kai Opaka although they do not share any scenes together.

  • Becker says the title of the episode "Limits and Boundaries" six times.

  • This episode is very similar to an episode of Married With Children called Luck of the Bundys, where Al encounters a string of good luck but is unable to accept the fact that he is having good luck for fear that something bad will happen to him. When he finally does accept his good fortune, bad things start happening to him.

  • When Jake said that he wanted to join in on Becker and Amanda's "lunch", Reggie had just left to get the motor and there was at least two people still eating in the diner, why would Jake want to leave the diner and go get "lunch" with Becker and Amanda?

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Allusions (23)

  • When her boyfriend leaves he says to Reggie she should just whistle, Reggie replies that she knows you just put your lips together. This is an allusion to a movie staring Lauren Bacall "To Have and Have Not" from 1944. Bob doesn't seem to know the quote, though.

  • Becker: I know, I know.. Its Valentines Day. I swear, you know.. The only person who ever celebrated this day right was Al Capone.
    Al Capone orchestrated the St. Valentines's Day Massacre of 1929, in which 7 members of an opposing gang were murdered as part of a Prohibition Era conflict.

  • Becker: The guy has severe back pain and Doogie Howser in there says it's a muscle spasm. This is an allusion to the tv show Doogie Howser, M.D. which aired from 1989 to 1993, where a teenage genius who was a board-certified surgeon by the time he was 16.

  • Becker: He blames telelvision? You know, what about all the violence that happened before we had television? I suppose the Spanish Inquisition came off a bad episode of 'Gilligan's Island.' Gilligan's Island was an American TV sitcom which aired on CBS from 1964 to 1967. The show was centered around a group of people who were stranded on a deserted island.

  • Title: Cyrano De-Beckerac This title is a reference to "Cyrano de Bergerac," a French story about a man who is in love with a woman but is too ugly to woo her himself, so he tells a young, handsome man exactly what to say to make her fall in love with him.

  • There is an episode of The Cosby Show with a similar title: Cyrano de Bergington.

  • Bob calls Jordan 24601, which is Jean Valjean's prison number in the musical Les Miserables.

  • Title: "My Boyfriend's Back" is a song by the 1960s girl group The Angels.

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