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    Erica makes a big decision at Dave and Ivan's wedding. The show is finally wrapping up loose ends!Check out for full recap here:

    By shadowlands69, Nov 29, 2011

    This week's episode tackled a pretty simplistic subject - and arguably what's at the heart ofBeing Erica: relationships. Looks like we're finally going to get some closure to some loose ends that were unraveling rapidly (along with my patience) inlast week's episode.

    I'm talking about Kai (Sebastian Pigott) and Adam (Adam Fergus). The majority of the episode transpires amidst the wedding of the lovable Ivan (Michael Northey) and Dave (Bill Turnbull - who's curiously been absent for a good part of the season). Weddings in television shows are always a good platform to work out some deeper relationship issues. What is it about two people vowing to love each other forever that brings out the honesty in us?

    Check out for full recap here:


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