Being Erica


Season 1, Ep 13, Aired 4/1/09
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  • After all the good things that happened to Erica's life lately, there is still that one regret she does not get over: her brother Leo's death. Dr. Tom warns her that it is not permitted to bring back the dead, so Erica asks him to send her back to just say goodbye. But then, temptation takes over...

  • Cast & Crew
  • Jana Sinyor

  • Aaron Martin

  • Michael MacLennan

  • Karen McClellan

  • Chris Grismer

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  • Sad, but great episode!

    By teenj12, Jan 12, 2011

  • Erica gets sent back to try to control herself from saving Leo.

    By lilmissycute, Apr 02, 2009

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    • Erica: You know that friend you have, the girl who seems to have it all figured out? Well, on the surface, I'm that girl - and honestly, things have never been better. I should be celebrating : my new promotion, my new relationship … my new life. But isn't it funny how, just when things are finally moving forward, all you can think about is the one thing … that one regret that'll always hold you back.

    • (Erica is showing Meeri how to brew a latte) Meeri: So, you must be very excited. Erica: Yeah, it's, um … it's a great step forward. Meeri: Step forward? (laughs) You are like this rising star. Erica: Thank you, Meeri, that's very flattering, but I think that … you're overstating things about a thousand percent. Meeri (laughs): Seriously? I mean, you were me, you know, Julianne's new assistant, just a few months ago. I mean, you must be over the moon. Erica: Okay, milk's done, ready to pour. Meeri: Oh, can I try? (pours a heart-shaped design) Erica: Wow! You've done this before. Meeri: I dabble in latte art - on the side.

    • Ethan: Today, you should be with your family. Erica: No, I don't want to be. Ethan: Why not? Erica: Because it-it's always the same thing every year, you know? I mean, we used to love going to my grandmother's farm, but ever since Leo died, we only go up once a year. It's kind of become our unofficial graveyard. And when this time of year comes around, I always wake up in the morning with this feeling like, you know, I just wanna crawl back in bed and cry and … and just shut everything out. It's always been that way … except for yesterday. Ethan: Why? Erica: Because of you … and the promotion and everything. I mean … my life, it's really wonderful right now - and I just … I wanna feel that. I wanna enjoy that. But it's like I can't, you know? And then you asked me to go to Stratford, and I felt so guilty for feeling even a spark of happiness, for even wanting to say yes to the weekend.

    • Erica: We hardly ever talk about Leo, but when we do, it's always that. You know, our collective failure, how … we couldn't reach him in time. Honestly, I can't believe it's taken me this long to realize how dysfunctional it is. You know, we never talk about his life - (tearful) about how great he was. Dr. Tom: This year you tried to change that. Erica: You know, I wanted to do … something that would help us let go of it, just something positive. But it didn't work and, frankly, you know, I'm not surprised. Dr. Tom: Why's that? Erica: Because it's not easy to let go of something you've carried for years. I tried to go to Stratford with Ethan and I couldn't even make it to the car. Dr. Tom: Erica, you and I, we have arrived at a … juncture of sorts here … You see, I know that this is the one regret that you've been waiting for, and that your regret is simply that you did not wake up in time - and that you were unable to go into that barn and pull your brother out. Unfortunately, that is not what this is about. There are … limits to this therapy and … right now, we're facing one of them. Because, no matter how deeply you regret it, you are not allowed to go back and … play God. You are not permitted … to bring back the dead.

    • (Erica returns from saving her brother) Dr. Tom: What've you done? Erica: I-I didn't have a choice. Dr. Tom: Really? Erica: Okay, fine, I did have a choice - and you can think whatever you want because if I have to choose between this therapy … and my brother, I choose Leo. Dr. Tom: You made a promise. You made a commitment, Erica. You sat right here in this office … you sat in this office, you made a commitment to me and-and then you … Erica: This has nothing to do with you. Dr. Tom: This has EVERYTHING TO DO WITH ME! (turns away and pauses) You have thrown away months of work that we have done here and you have shown by your decision here today that you have learned … nothing. Erica: That's not true. Dr. Tom: I don't wanna hear it. Erica: No, this-this is different. Dr. Tom: Get out. Erica: What? Dr. Tom (grabs her by the arm): Go! Get out of my office! Get out! Erica: Let go of me! You're hurting me!

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    Notes (1)

    • Original International Air Dates: U.S. : May 14, 2009 on SOAPnet Netherlands : October 27, 2009 on Net 5 U.K. : December 14, 2009 on E4

    Trivia (1)

    • Featured Music: "Elvis" by Super Garage (played on Leo's radio) "I Will Remember You" by Sarah McLachlan (Erica talks to Ethan about Leo)

    Allusions (2)

    • Gary's Sweatshirt: Live Long And Prosper. For the second week in a row, an allusion to Spock's Vulcan saying from Star Trek. This time it's on Gary Strange's sweatshirt which has both the saying and a sketch of the Vulcan hand gesture.

    • Brent: This boy's extreme makeover starts with that sweater - Sasha Fierce! Two allusions in one line! First, Brent alludes to the show Extreme Makeover - where individuals are "reimagined" by a team of surgeons, cosmetic specialists and personal trainers. Then he alludes to pop diva Beyoncé. Sasha Fierce was what she called her "alter-ego". In fact, the title of her third studio album was I Am … Sasha Fierce.

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