Being Human "Oh Don't You Die for Me" Review: Back from the Future

By MaryAnn Sleasman

Mar 18, 2014

Being Human S04E10: "Oh Don't You Die for Me"

Hellooooo. With just a few episodes left before Being Human embraces the deader side of "undead," we thought we'd better check in on the "monstrous" Syfy series. It's been a little while: Sally time-travelled, hooked up with Aidan in an alternate reality, and got to be a werewolf until Ray accidentally murdered her. Josh didn't get to be with Nora in either reality and despite Being Human's insistence that NO REALLY, THEY'RE PERFECT FOR ONE ANOTHER, you really have to question the logic. And Aidan, well, Aidan's got issues no matter which timeline you drop him into, and he's going to rack up a body count no matter how you slice it. Some things just never change, including werewolves being weird and people from Aidan's past trying to kill his new famdiddly—even if Kenny is kind of a creepy Bishop Jr. 

Freshly returned from her romp in the future-past, Sally got right down to fixing the problems in the present and trying to recreate the less-sucky parts of her alternate reality—except for the whole hooking up with Aidan thing. It was certainly bound to happen eventually, but you have to admire the woman's initial restraint. She had a point: The circumstances leading to Sally/Aidan becoming an official thing differed from their circumstances, both past and present, in the official timeline. The Sally and Aidan we've come to know over the past four seasons have occasionally hinted at the possibility of romance, and I'm certainly not against it, but using what happened in the alternate timeline as justification for a relationship in the real timeline doesn't quite work. Sally and Aidan were different people then. While their dynamic has always sort of hinted at the possibility of romance in the show's present-day "reality," it's also featured a lot of brother/sister/BFF vibes and Sally was right to acknowledge that. 

She was also right to eventually just rip the Band-Aid off of that storyline (in such a glorious manner, too) because unrequited ghost-love is so boring.  Also boring? Josh and Nora. I just don't care anymore. The weirdo werewolf pack wanted Josh to turn all of their friends into wolves and, understandably, he wasn't really on board with that. They tazed him and stuck him in a cage and made him do it anyway. Werewolves.

"Oh Don't You Die for Me" also saw the end of Aidan's estranged wife, Suzanna, when she tried to kill Kenny and Aidan essentially chose his "child" over her. Cue the Aidan-angst, but also look at it this way: She'd been (literally) beating herself up for centuries over the death of their human son. She admitted to wanting to die. In the usual delightful, messed-up Being Human way, getting staked by Aidan was probably the happiest ending Suzanna could've had. Still, I'll miss Katherine Isabelle. Bye.

And because Aidan is never allowed to be happy (though I guess that goes for anyone on this show, really), Sally's little adventure in werewolf possession that both saved his pasty vampire ass and revealed the big mushy secret that Sally brought back from the alternate reality also left her in a bit of a ghost-coma. It's not like she didn't know that would happen, and seriously, what have we told her about using other people's bodies to make out with pretty men? Skeevy. But also kind of cute? This show toys with my feelings so much. Whatever, she'll be fine. Probably. This isn't the U.K. version, after all—I'm guessing Syfy doesn't have the balls to destroy everyone and just leave it that way. 

It's good to be back though, and while I tend mock all of our lovable monsters, "Oh Don't You Die for Me" was an enjoyable return to the actual timeline of Being Human that wrapped up Suzanna's story in a nice little bloodstained package, jump-started Sally and Aidan becoming a "thing" in the real timeline, and even laid the tracks for Nora and Josh to reunite. Not bad, Being Human, not bad at all.


– Got any predictions about Sally's latest and greatest anything?

– "Vampire repopulation" just sounds like a bad idea.

– Why are the werewolves on this show always batshit crazy?

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  • CynthiaBell1 Mar 24, 2014

    loved the episode. I figured that Aiden would kill Suzanna especially after their conversation about both of them considering trying to kill themselves. I knew she was going to provoke Aiden to take her out of her misery.
    Idk why, but Im shipping Aiden and Sally hard. I always liked their flirtatiins and they both are so screwed up, the big brother sister vibe worked for me, but acter seeing how good for each other they could be I wanted them to be together so badly.
    These last 3 episodes have been soo good. I'm actually annoyed that season 3 couldn't have been up to this quality. It's good that we are ending on a high note, but what was with all of the sucky episodes in between?
    I wonder how Aiden is going to respond to the knowledge of knowing that he could love Sally.

  • buffs_star Mar 19, 2014

    Im so sad that this series is ending. I really hope they dont go down the UK path, i couldnt handle the heart wrenching ending that Mitchell had. Once was bad enough and Aidan even with all his faults he doesn't deserve that. Question, Why do they even need to end the series anyhow? is it rating badly in the USA?, (dont think its even on tv here in Oz :()

  • mcepin3 Mar 18, 2014

    "We ignore 3/4 of shows,but every now and then,we will do 1 review,when show's season is already near end,so people don't forget....we are site about shows,after all...."

    What do you people do on this site???:D

  • erinicole Mar 18, 2014

    With the creative freedom they've seemed to have taken so far this season I almost wouldn't be surprised if we got an ending a la the UK series (in terms of the Mitchell/George/Nina/Annie storyline), tragic and unapologetic.

    I'm still not an Aidan/Sally "'shipper." All their unspoken feelings over the seasons have felt more to me like a small flirtations that didn't need to be fully blown into a romance. Sally being corporeal definitely changed the game in terms of their relationship in the alternate universe, it was her meeting Aidan all over again. But, I loved their brother-sister relationship they had in the real-verse.

    The wolves seemed to be trying to populate themselves worse than the vampires. Kenny's re-population didn't seem too crazy in terms of the Manson-type cult the wolves were trying to start with Josh at the head.

    RIP Suzanna. You were an interesting yet flawed character. I would have liked them to delve more into her psyche and stopped with the "all vampires are bad, let's just kill them all who cares if they're good or not" (It's like the TVD murdering of the Original blood lines all over again), OR if they had introduced Suzanna as a witch, taught by Donna and thrown into Sally's storyline. That's where I thought they were originally taking the character (since she was originally murdered by drowning after being accused of witchcraft).

  • current Mar 18, 2014

    I don't know about a wooden stake cross, but Josh needs an iron one to wave away Sally from her lengthy rants at him of late. Nora and he will no doubt get back together for a cosy ending. The look on her face at him in the cage and her recalling how he tried to help the other wolves with the child birth etc. is the fabric softner she needs to iron out her/his creases!
    Was I alone in thinking it was overdue for Aidan to kill his nutty ex? I dunno, it's become a theme of what I've watched of late, with weaker characters pushing stronger ones about to get them to do their warped bidding. ENOUGH ALREADY. Aidan's questioning Kenny's angle/intent over his vamp expansion made sense insofar as whether he'd really thought through the what and why behind it. But with his wolf g/f, it's plain that love has him by the balls in wishing to be free facially, socially and physically and I assume that's where at least part of the problem lies in his unchecked wider effects from his empire building. It's a shame Revlon, bitches, aint gonna 'cure' that!
    At this rate, the cray cray wolves and laissez faire vamp's will end up pretty much annihilating each other. On one side you've got the volatile wolves sporting for a fight but on the other the vamp's; led by Kenny, who's turning into a good fella in a deckchair by the day. At this point, they both deserve to die.
    The scene with Sally choosing the big werewolf dude as the medium by which to kiss Aidan was a true 'genius Sally' moment. What could possibly remind you more of kissing and/or having an affair with a female than a huge guy who looks like he'd make you his prison bitch? I'm sure the writers must think what truly mental thing can we up for Sally this week? Sheesh and sheesh thrice.
    Going by the end after Sally getting a revisit to the sacrifice scene, it appears that the nutty tween who died hard (get it?!) is going to be back with her and Sally possessing household members, which could be fun but also a wee bit late at this point. That is unless this, somewhat, belayed and yet now rushed in character is to play a big role in the ending. Strange choice though. I can't see SyFy ending this any where near as dark as the UK original though. It would be un-American/Canadian to do so!

  • marcusj1973 Mar 18, 2014

    Aiden: "Why did she do something so stupid?"
    Nora: "Because she's in love with you, dummy!"

    That's what I'm talkin' aboot ❤

    I so desperately wanted this series to finish in the alternate timeline and correct all the little mistakes this show by following too closely in the footsteps of the flawed BBC version. Speaking of which...

    "Despite Being Human's insistence that NO REALLY, THEY'RE PERFECT FOR ONE ANOTHER."

    I couldn't stand whiny, snively, bitchy, pain in the ass UK Nora and don't feel much better about the US version of her. Aside from the fact that since leaving up with his finacee prior to the pilot, Josh hasn't had another girlfriend other than Nora, tell me his standards are low enough that any woman who will have him is "the one". Ugh. Her as a strung out junkie and Josh moving on in life would have been the best possible outcome for these two.

    ""Oh Don't You Die for Me" also saw the end of Aidan's estranged wife, Suzanna"

    BOOOOO!!!!! I don't think it's much of a stretch to believe that she series will end with Sally getting her door, so whatever romance there is between she and Aiden will be over. Give the brother a break and let him settle down with somebody. If we're going to talk about two people perfect for each other, then Aiden and Suzanna are it. Both 250 year old vampires, both flawed, both with huge emotional scars and both love the self loathing. Hell, they were already married once...what's another wedding between immortals?

    Since that's not gonna happen any more, I suppose I'll set myself up for disappointment by fueling my desire for Aiden and Sally...even though the only way that can happen is with something REALLY contrived. She's dead. Her body is gone. And they've already used the bringing back to life trick twice. At this point, I almost don't care what happens to Josh. I especially don't care what happens to Nora.

    "This isn't the U.K. version, after all—I'm guessing Syfy doesn't have the balls to destroy everyone and just leave it that way."

    Though I'd LOVE to see them end the series dark with Aiden actually kill Josh, Sally turning her back and moving on, leaving Aiden as the last standing badass in Boston and taking his place as king again.

  • kanniballl Mar 18, 2014

    I hated Nora when she was all momma-wolf about the young wolfling and didn't want to believe Aiden. That was annoying.

    But other than that, I've gone from "felling NOTHING about Nora" to "liking Nora" to not really knowing how to feel about her.

    I don't blame her for leaving, Josh straight up tried to r**e her so she needed to leave. But prior to that act, I don't know. She was whining that Josh should have control over his wolf... when this is the first time since EVER that a wolf has been able to affect people in the middle of the day between full moons. How the EFF can she know.

  • kanniballl Mar 18, 2014

    So my predictions for the end of the series...

    • Kenny dies and Josh is at least partially to blame. Aiden kills him, or at least tries to if not for Sally's intervention.
    • Sally vs Ghost Child... I imagine this sub-story has to wrap up some time. Is Ghost Child bad, good, or just childish and thus "Twilight Zone into the cornfield" bad.

    I don't imagine there are tons of episodes left, so I don't know if we'll have a final confrontation with Josh's old pack.

  • somner1 Mar 18, 2014

    Now that Suzanna has died...I really think that the moral of this story is going to be "be yourself and you can't escape who you are or your destiny"

    Aiden will be a blood sucking vampire and maybe the leader of Boston. Sally will be a ghost. Josh will be a werewolf and maybe alpha.

  • CT0760 Mar 18, 2014

    In the words of Raj after his mystery party being spoiled: "Aw come on!" I thought Aiden was gonna finally to his happy ending with the reintroduction of his wife...they just had to blow it up, didnt they?

  • safibwana Mar 18, 2014

    She was way too damaged for that.

  • thatstp Mar 18, 2014

    Totally agree. Suzanna complained about killers and the like but she was a killer herself. Also, just as Sally pointed out, she would never accept Aiden flaws and all. I, for one, am glad she's gone. I don't want her around messing up my last few episodes.

  • kanniballl Mar 18, 2014


    When they first introduced her, it looked like she wasn't too far gone. Though she DID go into that self-punishment thing.

    But it quickly became apparent she was damaged, not all there, and a bit of a zealot. So either she had to go, or Aiden would have to spend years trying to mellow her out.

  • AkiraHideyo Mar 18, 2014

    What piss me most is now that they want to end the series, the stories at each episode is actually getting exciting. Geez, you'd think it needed a threat of death to actually bring these undead back to being human again. Sigh.

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