Being Human "Ramona the Pest" Review: All You Need Is Love (and Ghost Possession)

By MaryAnn Sleasman

Mar 25, 2014

Being Human S04E11: "Ramona the Pest"

The clock is ticking toward zero on Being Human's lifespan, so Papa Malik's insistence that the monster gang GTFO of his daughter's murder house was the perfect accompaniment for rampant relationship drama, a renewed vampires-versus-werewolves war, and a meddling new roommate named Ramona who was totally not the sweet little ghost girl she seemed to be. Inconveniently timed chaos and misery has pretty much been a staple of Being Human since the beginning, going as far back as the original U.K. series. Especially the original U.K. series. OMG don't make me relive those memories. 

You know what, though? At least one resident of the monster haus worked through some of his shit this week: Congrats, Josh, it only took four seasons to stop blaming your wolf for everything and reach an understanding with your inner canine—and what a pretty puppy he is! Aww. 

Unfortunately, Josh's reconciliation came a little too late to prevent him from slaughtering his newly minted werewolf militia, including Astrid. Kenny is so pissed, you guys. Kenny is so pissed and I really don't care. Kenny and Astrid just never grew on me. It's hard to get behind the stereotypically star-crossed lovers when literally every single couple on this show is star-crossed or doomed in some way. Even Sally and Aidan, who occasionally manage to make me giddy with their antics, haven't really grabbed me to the point that I consider their union a priority as Being Human enters the homestretch. Sure, I'd like to see them end up together or something, but if they don't—say, because Sally finally gets her friggin' door—then... well, I don't know. Which actually brings me to a troubling conundrum:

I don't think I have a particular stance on how I want Being Human to end. 

I want Nora and Josh to end up okay because that story's been going on forever and ever, and after being forced to spend so much time with their on-again-off-again irritating selves, we the audience deserve some kind of return on the investment. 

Other than that, I'm open. A lasting peace between werewolves and vampires due to Josh and Aidan managing to not kill each other (yet) would be nice; it would also essentially guarantee something resembling a happy ending for the gang if they manage to stay in the house beyond their weekend eviction date, which will probably happen somehow, if only because kicking everyone out and destroying the experiment/friendship (whatever we feel like calling it this week) is kind of a depressing note for Being Human to end on. 

That brings us to Sally. In theory, the ultimate happy ending for Sally would be for her door to appear so that she can move on and find peace, but in doing so, Sally would essentially disappear from the lives of her friends and family for good and for real. Given the confirmation we received this week that Aidan does harbor feelings for his ghostly would-be girlfriend, to grant Sally a permanent exit would yield the double-edged result of a happy ending for her, but a sucky ending for Aidan, and possibly a sucky ending for her anyway considering her feelings for Aidan. Granted, Aidan has been flirting with the idea of shuffling off his undead coil lately, but given the uncertainty of the vampire afterlife, that's not exactly a guaranteed Sally/Aidan exit path. It is a possibility, though. 

So, we have two episodes to go and everyone's life is a mess (as usual), except for Josh and Nora's—which, okay, still pretty messy, but a little love went a long way when it came to taming Josh's wolf. As for how far love will go when it comes time to face off with Kenny and watch Aidan struggle with which side to pledge his allegiance to—and how far it will go toward whatever Sally's goal in (after)life is—well, that's gonna have to wait. 


– LOL @ Aidan's Kool-Aid Man impersonation. 

– How do you think the show will manage to wrap up the Beatrice/Ramona story and all the other stories in a mere two weeks?

– Not to cheapen Josh's struggle with his werewolf nature, but you have to admit that Aidan had a point about how often Josh has blamed the wolf for his problems. 

– Do we want to talk about Aidan having wet dreams about Sally, or do we want to grab the brain bleach? I thought vampires were supposed to be all dignified and repressed about their passion. Or something. 

What'd you think of "Ramona the Pest"?

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  • courtneyautum Mar 28, 2014

    Wait.. I'm behind on news clearly; is this the final season?!

  • vcivi Mar 26, 2014

    Somehow i wasn't mad at Ramona, when she locked up Josh and he killed off all the naughy wolfs, who desperately wanted to control Josh...keeping him caged....not cool!!
    Sally was so cool in the dream when she was with has been a while when she has done something good, isn't it???
    Poor little young Kenny...he must be so confused. One moment they were planning his fake death, then his girl dies and he is ready to give up...untill his girl visites him in ghost style..WHY??? so now Kenny is going to go after Josh and have to fight Aidan....
    two more episodes....exciting!!

  • somner1 Mar 26, 2014

    I thought I knew where the show was going.....but now...not too sure.
    I am seeing a building of Kenny killing Aiden, because of Aiden hiding the truth about his girl....just like Aiden killed Bishop. The son killing the father....

    I did not see Josh wiping out perhaps half the pack. But...GOOD FOR HIM! Those punks were just going to be a constant problem. I hope that JOsh is able to control the wolf better now...but I do hope that he is able to change at will, for his own protection.

    Sally....maybe she is on the right path to get her door.

    With only 2 episodes left...and they introduce a whole new set of characters??? Ramona and her story....she better have a very important part in the finale or else this is a waste of time.

    Now, I am predicting that Aiden dies in the end.
    Josh and Nora escape the city by the skin of their teeth as the vampires are chasing them.

    Sally doesn't get her door and instead gets shreaded.

  • angelpix24 Mar 25, 2014

    Anyone catch Sam Witwer as a Blutbad on Grimm... He does that tortured soul so matter if he's a werewolf or a vampire lol. Here's to him finding another show

  • AkiraHideyo Mar 26, 2014

    For a change, maybe he could star in a UK version of Looking, just like Russell Tovey did in the recent 1st Season of the just concluded Looking. Two wolf peas may just make a Blubad pod! :)

  • erinicole Mar 25, 2014

    I'm very conflicted. I've been a fan of Kenny since his introduction (if only because I still miss the shit out of Henry). His knowledge of Josh's wrongdoing and Aidan's lie is no doubt going to spark a huge war, especially for Aidan who has struggled four seasons to grow a familial relationship with a son. Aidan's allegiances, though, have always swayed towards Josh as in the beginning of the season when Kenny came clean about sending his goons to kill Josh Aidan forcefully reminded him that just because Kenny was his blood didn't mean he had the bond him and Josh do. Kenny's jealousy will be his undoing, which will be tragic and heartbreaking (at least for me).

    I still don't know where this season will end up as all the drama and action is still building. I'm nervous/anxious/sad it's all ending, but I hope there can be a small silver lining for them all in the finale.

  • marcusj1973 Mar 25, 2014

    "Inconveniently timed chaos and misery has pretty much been a staple of Being Human since the beginning, going as far back as the original U.K. series. Especially the original U.K. series. OMG don't make me relive those memories."

    Amen sister!

    "Kenny is so pissed and I really don't care."

    Kenny's at the top of my "I don't give a f*ck" list with regard to this show. If a show wants to have a kid as a big bad, then they've got to put some work in. Being Human hasn't put the work into Kenny and other than being able to compele other vampires, I still don't understand how he's managed to grab the brass ring. Supernatural tried this with Lillith but quickly learned that kids aren't scary.

    So, Kenny is pissed...ohhh, I'm so scared.

    "I don't think I have a particular stance on how I want Being Human to end."

    Having already long surprassed the deboculous way the UK series ended (or presumed ended since I gave up after season 4), I think Being Human could end any number of ways and I'd probably be okay with it. But, if I'm placing a bet, Sally and Aiden end up together. Perhaps after she figures out a way to possess people so they can have some sexy time. Josh and Nora live out their wolf lives somewhere in the country...fade to black.

    What I'd LOVE though is if this show went dark. In a final battle between vampires and werewolves, Nora is killed...perhaps even by Aiden. Josh goes all berzerker wolf and takes out Kenny along with most of his minions. Now all alone, he rides off to some little town and opens his pie shop. With that final straw, Sally is unable to rationalize Aiden's behaviour and chooses to take her door leaving Aiden to take the mantle he never really wanted as King of Boston.

    "I want Nora and Josh to end up okay because that story's been going on forever and ever, we the audience deserve some kind of return on the investment."

    You know what else would be a return on the investment...Josh not gaining control of his wolf and mauling Nora to death.

    "How do you think the show will manage to wrap up the Beatrice/Ramona story and all the other stories in a mere two weeks?"

    Oh, I take it back, Kenny is 2nd with Beatrice/Ramona at the top of my "I don't give a f*ck" list. After the cancellation was announced and Sally went back in time, I got excited because this was one of the story lines I was hoping had been dropped for good. Alas, no such luck.


    Is there any particular reason why Sally didn't go through her normal post possession phase after taking over Josh's body? Did I miss something? Is there a rule when it comes to other supernaturals?

    Oh, and Koolaid Aiden is the BEST THING EVER!

  • Twezzy90 Mar 25, 2014

    I like your dark ending, but I have a feeling a lot of people would flip their sh*t if that happened lol... But as long as it ends nothing like the 3rd season of UK Being Human I'm good.

    I think the thing I dislike most about Kenny is that he's not Henry.... As far as Aiden having a kid goes Henry was the best and Kenny just seems like a annoying and less enjoyable repeat of that.

    And you are so right... kids just aren't scary. They can be creepy and weird but I've never watched anything that had a kid villian and genuinely thought they were a threat.

  • marcusj1973 Mar 25, 2014

    But as long as it ends nothing like the 3rd season of UK Being Human I'm good.

    Just when I had completely scrubbed that absurdity from my brain. That was the beginning of the end for me. I should have quit right there, but gave them a chance to make up for it with season 4. Mistake.

    Totally agree on Henry. I know the plague got him, but I can't recall what the conflict was with him at the time. And now that you mention it, that's ANOTHER reason for this show to have stayed along Sally's alternate time line. We swap out Kenny for Henry, Josh freaks out and kills him and in a fit of believable anguish, Aiden kills Josh.

  • KateSullivan Mar 25, 2014

    I was a little dismayed that while I understand Josh's issues with being unable to control his wolf, I was dismayed that kind of whiney Josh was still around. I thought some of his confidence was good, though Sally's indication that its still an issue.

    Um...remember how Eve figured out she was somehow the know I never could figure out most of that storyline, but it led to Annie exploding the baby with all the bad vampires and then her and older Eve meeting in the afterlife..I sort of wonder if the U.S. Being Human will use Ramona like that in a way, like that they agreed with me that while morose, that should have ended the BBK show, so like Ramona is somehow an evil bad seed child that they vanquished in the seventies and knew she wouldn't leave so they trapped her spirit in the room. And maybe Aiden and Sally have to trap her again and blow up the house? Josh and Nora decide to leave and go move to upstate New York to be near his family. That's my guess.

    Aiden was kind of being a jerk last night...

    I also don't really feel anything about this whole Kenny thing. I never really got attached to the bubble boy story as much as the show wanted me to.

  • Laserwolf412_XL Mar 25, 2014

    I think the scratches in the blood puddle were actually quite a big reveal. Obviously, after all the werewolves died, they're shown to be keeping track of all the deaths in the house. Since, you generally only keep track of something like that because you want more of it, it's clear that Ramona is doing her best to cause deaths. It also explains who killed Robbie, and now I wouldn't be surprised if we found out that Ramona had a hand in Sally's death too. At first I thought she might have tripped her on the stairs in some way, but since she seems to be more of the type to just push the first Domino I bet we'll get a flashback scene showing that Ramona was responsible for Sally's ring going down the drain which led to her death.

    I couldn't see how she would have been the cause of the two women being killed to feed Henry a few seasons back, but maybe she caused their Hypnosis to wear off(I think that's why they started screaming and were killed right?).

    I can't remember anyone else dying in the house, but I'm sure there were a few more. So, I'm curious if they'll be able to revisit those and show how Ramona could of done it. I doubt the writers had this planned out so far, but it shouldn't be too hard to wedge her in.

  • dazednconfuuzed Mar 25, 2014

    I agree completely Laserwolf, in fact I'll be surprised if it turns out Ramona didn't have a hand in Sally's demise... and she probably had something to do with what happened with Henry and those girls too, esp since we saw in next wks preview that Henry (or at least an apparition of him..but dammit it better be him and not some trick by Ramona..) will return. SO EXCITED TO SEE HENRY! I know a lot of ppl didn't care for him, and admittedly he was kind of a wasted character..but I love me some Kyle Schmid and its not his fault :( I'm still pissed that they just shuffled Henry off to die alone.. I would have WAY rather seen more of a complex bond between Henry and Aidan then Kenny.. fuck Kenny..they should have killed him a long time ago..
    So I guess Ramona must have been possessed or just plain evil and the witches killed her and then sealed the room up to try and contain her influence.. She apparently has gotten good at wreaking havoc in the house regardless of her "imprisonment" tho, as she clearly killed Robbie and most likely was a key part of every other death in the house since she's been trapped there. Maybe Ramona's an evil witch, and has powers like Donna and Sally...that would make a lot of sense actually.. She's been giving those visions to Sally all season about her death so that Sally would eventually find her and release her from the room. I wonder what plans Ramona has in store for her twin..
    I kinda can't believe Aidan didn't notice the new scratch marks on the floor when he was wrapping up Astrid.. Also I find it awfully convenient that now all the sudden a werewolf can become a ghost...we've never seen that happen before..ever.. well except when Sally died in the alt. timeline but I just figured that didn't count as Sally was technically possessing her body in an unnatural way... So Astrid showing up to expose lies and stroke flames ahem I mean to say goodbye to Kenny...lil bit forced..gotta say. I never bought this whole star crossed lovers shit between Kenny and Astrid either, although that's probably mainly due to the fact that I hate Kenny. Astrid was a beautiful girl tho, and its too bad we couldn't have seen more werewolves like her along the way..chill, can get along with vampires, etc..
    I can't believe there's only 2 more episodes... So sad.. I may even have to go and watch the UK version (which I haven't seen any of.)

  • marcusj1973 Mar 25, 2014

    Also I find it awfully convenient that now all the sudden a werewolf can become a ghost

    Okay, so I'm not crazy? I thought that was a rule that creatures didn't become ghosts, but figured I must have been mixing up my show Supernatural where all go to purgatory or Vampire Diaries that has "The Other Side" as well as supernatural ghosts.

  • thatstp Mar 31, 2014

    I think that because werewolves are still part human that would be why they can become ghosts.

  • kanniballl Mar 25, 2014

    Just recently Aiden said that vamps don't get ghosts... when he was talking to his ex-wife and saying that billing the vampire means true oblivion.

    I don't recall one way or another being mentioned about werewolves, but season 1 was a long time ago and I probably forget.

  • dazednconfuuzed Mar 25, 2014

    Oh yeah and another wasted character in addition to Henry? Susanna.. Susanna got it even worse then Henry IMO... I'll preface this by saying that I am a big fan of Katharine Isabelle and was excited when she turned up as Aidan's wife in the flashbacks..then was psyched to find out she was going to show up in the present.. Only to have her end up being an anti-vampire lady warrior who's self-flagellation kept reminding me of Silas the albino from Davinci Code.. What a nut! I understand why Susanna hated herself, but that whole story (like most of the stories this season) felt very rushed and forced.. Susanna's death didn't pack the emotional punch it was meant to because she was significantly underdeveloped as a she died so Kenny could live, which is just lame in itself.. Aidan's gunna regret that decision pretty soon I'd say.. Not killing Susanna, but saving Kenny..

  • Lauravankessel Mar 25, 2014

    Wow! Good call indeed! Did not notice that at all! Good eye! :)
    Excited for the last 2 episodes!!!!!

  • marcusj1973 Mar 25, 2014

    Nice call! There were what, 6 or 7 marks? That sounds about right.

    Perhaps this is something the writers have had in mind from day one. I know scripting 4 season in advance never happens, but a lot have an idea for certain benchmarks and how it all ends is often one of them. I say that only because having all the deaths (somewhat) neatly tie into one ghost seems like it would be tough to do in retrospect.

    If this wasn't planned, you're right, I don't think it would take much work to tie a bow around anybody who'd died in that house.

  • DarkBlood999 Mar 25, 2014

    Holy shit @ Aidan doing that Kool-Aid Man thing. Lmao. This show really has had some random moments of hilarity.

  • EsmeBuffay Mar 25, 2014

    I really want Kenny to die, have since he was turned, he's been an annoying pain in the ass and needs to go. I was disappointed at the start of this episode when it seemed like they were just going to write him out but by the end it seemed like he was set on a war path for Josh so that's got to end in Kenny dying, right? I hope so, because he's just too much of a little shit to make it out of this okay.

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