Watch the One-take First Two Minutes of Alfonso Cuaron's Believe (VIDEO)

By Tim Surette

Mar 07, 2014

Is it possible that NBC purposefully held the debut of Alfonso Cuarón's Believe 'til after the Academy Awards because it figured by then the acclaimed director might be an Oscar winner for Gravity? Maybe! If so, it was a great gamble for NBC, because it's definitely paying off now that the network can market the supernatural drama as "Academy Award-winner Alfonso Cuarón's Believe." And that label is totally appropriate, because Cuarón's eye is all over the series, with his trademark one-take long-shots popping up several times in the pilot.

Like in the first two minutes of the episode, which NBC has now released so it can say, "Hey look! It's Alfonso!" The clip doesn't disappoint! Take a look:

Believe is about Bo, a little girl with special powers, and the man who's been assigned to protect her from evil forces who want to capture her. It debuts in a special time period this Monday, March 10 at 9pm, before settling into its regular time period of Sundays at 9pm starting March 16.  

And okay, that opening scene wasn't entirely one take, so here's a game you can play: Spot the edit points! There are at LEAST two.  

Are you stoked for Believe?

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  • erhabori Mar 08, 2014

    This kinda seems like another "Touch", which I stopped watching because it was way too sappy.

  • ben45tpy Mar 08, 2014

    There's a difference between one shot and one take.

  • Tunacarlos Mar 08, 2014

    I really hope this show succeeds NBC needs another hit. But it is in a highly competitive timeslot (Resurrection, TWD, Cosmos, GoT) so I hope it can do well. I am intrigued by the plot and the first two minutes were intense so I can't wait for this show!

  • erhabori Mar 08, 2014

    Not available in my country...

  • lhschroder Mar 08, 2014

    Use ZenMate Chrome Extension to view this. This extension it's easy to setup one proxy to country by your choice. ;)

  • MichelleHood24 Mar 08, 2014

    Same I can't view it as it's not I'm my country but I'll go on faith that this show will be great.

  • robotsneakers Mar 08, 2014

    I really like the premise of the show, but it is basically Touch but the girl can talk and has weird powers from origins unknown, I will watch it when it premieres but that is the vibe i got from watching the pilot, maybe the other episodes develop the mystery in an interesting way.

  • o0o-B-o0o Mar 08, 2014

    saw the pilot online and I really liked it!

  • auraeulogia Mar 08, 2014

    "Seeing is believing"(and I can't ,due to location!!)

  • MarlboroMagpi Mar 07, 2014

    This show somehow reminds me of the 80s movie based on a book by Stephen King - Firestarter !