Darkstar Rising

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Quotes (36)

  • Humongousaur: (grabs the Highbreed Lord's arm) Hey ugly, why don't you pick someone your own size? (throws him) Highbreed Lord: (talking to the team) I wouldn't if I were you. (speaks in alien language and Magister Gilhil appears) Magister Gilhil: Didn't take you kids long to get yourselves into trouble again did it? Humongousaur: Us? We were just- Highbreed Lord: (interrupts) Attacking me for no reason!

  • Highbreed Lord: (breaks through garage wall) Human scum, I will cleanse the world of your filth. Kevin: Looks like I picked the wrong day to give up fighting monsters. (absorbs metal from his car) Gwen: It's a Highbreed. Ben says they're too strong for us to fight. Kevin: Well, Ben ain't here. (attacks the Highbreed Lord)

  • Kevin: And what makes you think I'm still helping you guys anyway? Gwen: (holds his hand) Because you've changed. Kevin: Maybe, but I'm still on parole. That Magister can put me back in that Null Void anytime he wants. (Gwen and Kevin are about to kiss but the Highbreed Lord breaks in)

  • Gwen: I brought you a present. (throws Kevin a wooden ball) Kevin: (catches it) What's this? Gwen: A wooden ball. Absorb it. (Kevin absorbs it) How about this one? (throws Kevin another ball and he absorbs it) It's a ball bearing. Made out of, uh I don't know, ball bearing stuff. Kevin: Stainless steel. Gwen: I brought you a whole bag of them. All made of different materials. That way when you fight, you can change to whatever you want. Kevin: Thank you, but it doesn't really work that way. I need a lot of whatever I'm copying. Gwen: Oh.

  • Highbreed Lord: (on the floor) What do you want from me? Darkstar: (looks down at him) I want to make a deal.

  • Highbreed Lord: (Darkstar barges in) Who are you? What insignificant alien spec dares to enter the command center of a Highbreed Lord? (Darkstar remains silent) It doesn't matter. Dead men don't need names! (sends Darkstar flying with one hit) Darkstar: (lifts giant piece of stone) Nice shot. You're just as strong as I heard. (Highbreed Lord expands his wings, and Darkstar hits him with the stone) That's it. Show me all of your power. (feeds on the Highbreed's power) Give me your strength.

  • Kevin: I need my badge back Ben. It's the only thing that matters. (drives off)

  • Kevin: I want to be a Plumber okay? When I was little, my mom would tell me stories about my dad. How he was a Plumber and he did all this cool stuff. Gwen: (puts hand on Kevin's right shoulder) I never met your dad. Kevin: Me either. But I still want to be like him! Gwen: That's why you know so much about the Plumbers, and alien technology and everything. Kevin: It's why I agreed to help you guys in the first place. (Gwen seems sad and Kevin understands why) Mostly...

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Notes (15)

  • This episode reveals that Ben has regained at least partial control of the Omnitrix's master control, as he is now able to transition between different aliens without first reverting to his human form.

  • The Materials that Gwen gave Kevin include: Ball Bearing (made of stainless steel) and A Wooden Ball (made of wood obviously)

  • It turns out that Kevin still has a parent (or parents).

  • This marks the first time in the series that Vilgax was mentioned.

  • Magister is a rank in the Plumbers, Gilhil and Labrid (known as Magister in the two part pilot) are in that rank.

  • Ben, Gwen, and Kevin (in this case) are officially drafted to become Plumbers.

  • Main Villain(s): Darkstar (Mike Morningstar).

  • Mike Morningstar (referred to Michael in the episode) returns and renames himself Darkstar.

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Trivia (11)

  • We find out that Magister Prior Gilhil has over 300 planets under his watch.

  • We find out that the Plumbers are the only law enforcement organization recognized by all signatories of the Milky Way Treaty. We also find out that if you impersonate a Plumber that makes it a interstellar-class felony.

  • Listen Closely: The Highbreed commander's voice is higher than usual. Also, this same voice was used in the video game.

  • Why would Kevin absorb his car if he went with the stone?

  • Look Closely: When the Highbreed Lord threw Kevin onto his car, the car received no damage at all; even though Kevin was in his stone form.

  • Look Closely: Before Gwen gives Kevin balls made of different substances, she gives him a cup of soda. On that cup of soda, you can see a picture of the house. This house is the logo for Burger Shack, although the Burger Shack eatery itself is not seen until the episode "Good Copy, Bad Copy."

  • The show opening slightly changes. Alien X is no longer shown as a silhouette.

  • Since his experience with Alien X, Ben has seemingly gained the ability to transform from alien form to alien form without the need of becoming Ben again. Though unlike the previous version of the Omnitrix's use of this ability (via the master lock) numerous transformations in a row now seems to weaken Ben severely.

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Allusions (4)

  • Darkstar's new look bear resemblances to Slade from the 'Teen titens' series. He also wears a mask to hide his face because he is perhaps ashamed of it- as does Slade.

  • Darkstar's Mask - Iron Man Darkstar's mask looks almost exactly like Iron Man's mask from Marvel. Their eyes and mouth are almost identical.

  • Darkstar's Powers - Raven's Powers: Darkstar's powers look very similar to Raven's dark aura from "Teen Titans."

  • Ben: Badges? We don't need no stinkin' badges! Ben quotes a line from the film "The Treasure Of The Sierra Madre"; even imitating Humphrey Bogart's voice.