Ben 10: Ultimate Alien

Cartoon Network (ended 2012)
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  • Episode Guide
  • S 3 : Ep 29

    Enemy of My Frenemy

    Aired 2/10/12

  • S 2 : Ep 32

    The Ultimate Enemy: Part 2

    Aired 3/31/12

  • S 2 : Ep 31

    The Ultimate Enemy: Part 1

    Aired 3/24/12

  • S 2 : Ep 30

    The Beginning of the End

    Aired 3/17/12

  • S 2 : Ep 29

    Night of the Living Nightmare

    Aired 3/10/12

  • Cast & Crew
  • Yuri Lowenthal

    Ben Tennyson

  • Ashley Johnson

    Gwen Tennyson

  • Greg Cipes

    Kevin Levin

  • Dee Bradley Baker

    Ultimatrix Aliens

  • John DiMaggio


  • show Description
  • 16-year-old Ben Tennyson is an internationally-known super hero to kids, and distrusted by adults. Armed with a mysterious new Omnitrix, Ben is ready for action in a whole set of new places.

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  • Quotes (240)

    • (talking about their new ship) Gwen Tennyson: We can use our Plumber Badges to access any database on Earth. Even secure ones. Ben Tennyson: (uninterested) Boring. Make it go.

    • (after Ultimate SpiderMonkey defeats Bivalvan) Ultimate SpiderMonkey: (realizes) The bomb! (the bomb's timer stops ticking at 10 seconds) Kevin: Got it! With ten seconds to spare. Ultimate SpiderMonkey: You did that on purpose!

    • (Bivalvan is in the cave where Ben, Gwen and Kevin left him when he hears someone coming) Bivalvan: Hello? Are you Plumbers? Ben said you'd be here quickly, but I didn't expect you to be.... (he sees that it's a horrific humanoid creature) Bivalvan: Aggregor! Aggregor: No one escapes from me, Bivalvan. (he walks offscreen and Bivalvan's screams can be heard)

    • Kevin Levin: Sometimes I think the only reason you guys used to hang out with me was because I was the only one who could drive. Ben Tennyson: Well, maybe at first... Gwen Tennyson: Ben!

    • Bivalvan: (After the Ultimatrix has finished scanning his DNA) What did you do? Ben Tennyson: Oh, now you want to talk. (Activates the Ultimatrix and transforms into Chromastone) Chromastone: Chromastone! I wasn't even sure I still had this one.

    • (After Ben uses Humungousaur to scare away the news reporters) Kevin Levin: You should have used one of your new ultimate transformations. Ben Tennyson: I wanted to scare them, not me.

    • Julie Yamamoto: Why don't we go for a drive in your new car? That always cheers you up. Ben Tennyson: I don't need cheering up. I'm not upset. Julie Yamamoto: Why not? Everybody hates you.

    • Ben Tennyson: Maybe I can do more good as a public superhero than I did in secret. Sure, most people think I'm a menace now. Julie Yamamoto: Only 26% of adult viewers think you're a menace. Ben Tennyson: See? That's not bad. Julie Yamamoto: 74% think you're a threat. Ben Tennyson: Well, my point is, once people get to know me, I can win them over. Julie Yamamoto: That hasn't been my experience.

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    Notes (82)

    • Kevin's powers have once again changed; now, when he absorbs material, he is able to shape his hands into weapons, much like his mutant form in season three of Ben 10: Alien Force. This is because, according to Dwayne McDuffie, Kevin retained his knowledge how to do it after his mutation was undone.

    • Ben's statement that "Everyone knows live-action is better then cartoons." is a sly reference to the fact that the live-action Ben 10 movies weren't as well-received as the animated series.

    • In retrospect, the sensitive Ben should have been with Julie while the hardcore Ben should have been with Kevin. If this was the case, the episode could have gone off without a hitch.

    • Featured Alien: Ultimate Big Chill Ultimate Big Chill looks much like Big Chill, except that his body is now red instead of blue and the brows around his eyes now look like flames. Furthermore, he is capable of shooting flaming ice which look like fireballs capable of freezing. It is implied that it can also burn, but that ability has yet to be seen.

    • Ben does not recognize Zombozo at first, having completely forgotten about their previous encounter. Note: According Dwayne McDuffie, Ben only pretended not to remember him because he didn't want to admit that he used to be afraid of clowns.

    • John Kassir does not reprise his role of Zombozo from Ben 10. Instead, John DiMaggio voices him here. Kari Wahlgren voices Rojo who was previously voiced in Ben 10 by Jennifer Hale.

    • It is shown that Gwen can change in her Anodite form.

    • Ben threatens to swear in this episode.

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    Trivia (276)

    • You can see Wildmutt at the beginning of the episode before the opening theme, showing that Ben might have regained him but won't use him until a later episode.

    • This is the first time since getting Benmummy that Ben doesn't use an alien form after obtaining its DNA sample.

    • The working titled for the series was Ben 10: Evolution.

    • This is the first time in any of the Ben 10 series that Ben does not use an alien with fire powers in the first episode of the series (Heatblast, Swampfire and Ultimate Swampfire). Even though Swampfire is shown briefly in the beginning of the episode, Ben does not transform into him.

    • Alien Forms Used: 1) Humungousaur 2) Jetray 3) Chromastone 4) Spidermonkey 5) Ultimate SpiderMonkey

    • Featured Alien: Ultimate Spidermonkey. It bears the appearance of a large purple gorilla with four long spider legs coming out of it's back. It has six green eyes and can dislocate it's lower jaw to fire webbing.

    • In this episode, Ben is seen driving his car from the live-action movie, Ben 10: Alien Swarm, indicating that the movie was canonical.

    • The plot device of Ben collecting alien DNA that only appeared in main arc of the third season of the original series returns. The Ultimatrix gains the DNA sample of a creature from the Andromeda galaxy, whereas Primus only contains the DNA of every life form in the Milky Way Galaxy. Furthermore, it's indicated that there are four more life forms from the Andromeda galaxy, indicating that Ben might get samples from them as well.

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    Allusions (62)

    • Jimmy Jones' name seems to be a portmaneau of the names of the comic book characters Jimmy Olsen and Rick Jones.

    • Will Harangue: Ben Tennyson: Threat or menace? Will Harangue is very similar to the Spider-Man character J. Jonah Jameson; Both are newsmen who are distrusting of heroes, and go out of their way to discredit them.

    • Ben Tennyson: (After transforming into Chromastone) I wasn't even sure I still had this one. This is a reference to the fact that Chromastone was seemingly destroyed in the "Ben 10: Alien Force" episode "The Secret of Chromastone".

    • Episode: Plot The plot of this episode is similar to that of Multiplicity, about a man who has himself cloned with disastrous results.

    • Fastball Special The way in which Humungousaur throws Kevin at the heavily armored Forever Knight is a technique known in the comic book realm as the fastball special. Colossus and Wolverine, two superheroes from "Marvel" comics, were the first to use this move.

    • The subplot about Ben and Julie going through relationship issues is similar to Turk and Carla's relationship issues in the Scrubs episode "My Life in Four Cameras".

    • Gwen's method of confronting Zombozo is very similar to what Raven did to Dr. Light in "Nevermore" on Teen Titans.

    • Zombozo's new modus operandi - using clown props as deadly weapons - mirrors that of the Batman villain The Joker.

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  • Fan Reviews (17)
  • the worst

    By alexclaw, Dec 06, 2014

  • Utter crap. The new alien names are stupid and the show is as entertaining as watching paint dry.

    By fosterfan123, Oct 18, 2013

  • Was be good

    By suny, May 29, 2013

  • i have a feeling no one really cares for ben in this series *sigh*

    By jeremyfuller5, Jan 27, 2013

  • Just ok!!!

    By lucky13, Jun 22, 2012

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