Ben 10


Season 1, Ep 5, Aired 1/28/06
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  • Episode Description
  • Ben will find himself facing his toughest challenge yet, when Vilgax sends out three alien bounty hunters: the crustacean-like Kraab, the mechanical assassin Sixsix, and the mysterious Tetrax (credited as Hoverboard) - to recover the Omnitrix. He soon learns that there's more than one way to defeat an enemy, and that things are not always what they seem.

  • Cast & Crew
  • Paul Eiding

    Grandpa Max

  • Tara Strong

    Ben Tennyson

  • Meagan Smith

    Gwen Tennyson

  • Steven Jay Blum


  • Thomas Pugsley

  • Fan Reviews (11)
  • Average

    By ZaleIsBackAgain, Aug 09, 2010

  • good tv episode

    By tenn99_23, Mar 23, 2008

  • Shows just a little more about the secret of the Omnitrix.

    By herculehastings, Nov 28, 2007

  • Vilgax sends three bounty hunters to Earth to steal the Omnitrix.

    By trm6, Jan 18, 2007

  • I am starting to like this show.

    By kayzee72, May 27, 2006

  • Trivia & Quotes
  • Quotes (37)

    • Grey Matter: (jumps on Sixsix's back) Guess who. Tetrax: I told you to stay out of my way. Grey Matter: (ignoring Tetrax) Wonder what would happen if I did this. (pulls nerve cluster, causing Sixsix to go haywire)

    • Ben: What are we waiting for? We've gotta save them. Tetrax: Don't be foolish. Keeping the Omnitrix secure is the only priority here. Ben: Not to me. That's my family. Tetrax: You cannot save them. You would soon be overpowered and captured. The obvious choice is for me to retrieve my hoverboard, so that we may leave the planet. Ben: But... Tetrax: Stay here.

    • Tetrax: It's disturbing how little you know of this alien's strengths or weaknesses. You've barely scratched the surface of its potential. Diamond Head: Yeah? So what makes you such an expert? (Tetrax removes his helmet, showing that he's from the same race as Diamond Head) Diamond Head: You're... me. Tetrax: Wrong. I am a noble warrior, you are an impulsive annoyance.

    • Tetrax: The Omnitrix is not some toy for your amusement. It's the most powerful weapon in the galaxy, the key to an epic battle between good and evil. Diamond Head: And who's side are you on? Tetrax: You're still alive, aren't you?

    • Tetrax: Billions of beings on this planet, and the Omnitrix winds up on the wrist of a foolhardy youth. Diamond Head: Well, like I told your buddies, this thing doesn't come off. I've tried. Tetrax: Of course it doesn't. (turning his back to Diamond Head) Its power utilizes alien DNA which binds to the hosts' own genetic structure. (Diamond Head sneaks up behind Tetrax) Tetrax: It cannot simply be removed like taking off a hat. (Diamond Head attacks Tetrax, who dodges and sends Diamond Head flying)

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    Notes (27)

    • This is the first appearance of Tetrax and SixSix.

    • Second and first appearance of Diamond Head since "And Then There Were Ten." Second appearance of Ghostfreak and Grey Matter.

    • Ben claims his experience as Ghostfreak, in this episode, was even weirder than previous times he's used him. Either he's referring to the effect of Kraab's chemical, or this could be slightly subtle foreshadowing to "Ghostfreaked Out."

    • Ben's transformation into Diamond Head is different from how it was in "And Then There Were 10." His skin now shines brightly before the diamonds cover his body, and the spikes are seen coming out of his back.

    • We get to see what Ghostfreak's innards look like in this episode, via Kraab's visor.

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    Trivia (14)

    • Look Hard: When Ben enters the old factory, you can see that the overhead view of his entry was used as a screenshot in the Ben 10: Battle Ready online game.

    • Listen Closely: When the alien bounty hunters open fire on Ben, sound effects from Star Wars can be heard, most notably the sound of X-wing laserfire.

    • Look Hard: This episode shows that the Omnitrix emblem is located on Grey Matter's back. In Grey Matter's only other appearance, in the episode "Washington B.C.," the location of the emblem was not made clear, due to Gwen's hand clasping his body.

    • Look Hard: As Grandpa Max ran over Sixsix, he had a smile on his face and looked as if he was enjoying himself.

    • Look Closely: In the beginning sequence, Diamond Head's eyes are round.

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    Allusions (4)

    • Ben: That was weirder than when I normally "go Ghostfreak." In the cartoon Danny Phantom, Danny uses his battle cry, "Going Ghost," before morphing.

    • Silver Mine: Chase Scene The scene in the mine where Kraab chases after Ben and the others is an allusion to many monster movies where people are chased through corridors. The part where Kraab trips and crashes through a wall is a commonly-used scene in those movies. The fact that it takes place in a silver mine and they're being chased by a giant crab is likely an allusion to The Boogens, which features similar creatures and a similar locale.

    • IntelliMap: Device When Gwen is explaining the history of the town, she says that she got the information from her IntelliMap program. The IntelliMap is actually a device made by Eagle Electronics, and is capable of almost everything she stated.

    • Slaterville: Name The definition of slater is one who lays slates or one who slates buildings. It's clear that they simply took the word and added "ville" to the end to make the town name. Additionally, there is a Marriott-Slaterville in Utah and a Slaterville Springs in New York.

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