Tough Luck

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  • Ben: You know, there are are other ways to be a hero. Gwen: Like riding on a hoverboard? Ben: Well, it takes a lot of practice to get good on that thing... (Gwen flies off on the hoverboard) Ben: Hey!

  • Hex: (to Charmcaster) Now, to find the keystone. The moment of alignment is nearly upon us. (blasts a hole in the wall) Once I have completed the ritual and gained its powers, I shall take my revenge on the one responsible for imprisoning me in this festering sewer!

  • Hex: (to Charmcaster) My staff. Charmcaster: (handing Hex his staff) The magic must have drained out of it or something; it doesn't work, but I swear it's not my fault. Hex: (taking his staff) It's powers can be brought to life only in the hands of a master magician.

  • Hex: Charmcaster, I've been waiting. Charmcaster: Hmm. Major jail breaks aren't exactly easy to pull off, you know. Hex: You will show me respect, my dear niece, or you will suffer the consequences. Charmcaster: Yes, Uncle.

  • Gwen: Guess it's all up to you, Ben. Ben: I'll need some help. Still feeling lucky? Gwen: What can I do without my powers? Ben: Hey, you never needed magic powers to help out before.

  • Lucky Girl: Uh, is it me, or was that a bit weird? Ben: You're a superhero now. Trust me, people act weird around us.

  • Hex: (grabs Lucky Girl's arm) There are two kinds of luck, child. Let me show you the bad kind! Lucky Girl: Guess what? I'm not just lucky anymore. I am totally kick butt! (slams Hex to the ground)

  • Gwen: This is the legendary lost Keystone. It's rumored to increase 10 times the skills of the one who possesses it. Grandpa Max: Well, the legend seems to be fact, not fiction. Ben: You are so lucky! Gwen: It's not luck, it's magic.

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Notes (25)

  • This is the first and only time in the series when we see the Omnitrix dial pop-up when its red.

  • Omnitrix Malfunctions - Four Arms-Wildvine

  • Running Gag: Charmcaster saying, "Yes, Uncle."

  • Hex sports a slighty different look here. He wears a new leather strap around his chest, devoid of the slots used to hold the Charms of Bazell, which the previous one had.

  • A billboard in Vegas has the words "Soto sings tonight," in reference to the series producer, Alex Soto.

  • Main Villain Bio: Charmcaster - Charmcaster is Hex's niece. Like Hex, she uses magic, but instead of using a staff, she has a bag from which she can draw all manner of items, such as magical explosives or throwing blades. Although small, the bag seems to have something of a pocket dimension inside, for Charmcaster has managed to pull out Hex's overly large staff from it despite its size. She is also skilled in various magical spells, although it's clear that she isn't quite as powerful as her uncle.

  • Charmcaster is introduced.

  • We learn that Hex has a niece named Charmcaster.

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Trivia (7)

  • Listen Carefully: The theme song was played faster in this episode.

  • Subtitle/DVD Tidbit: In the subtitles for this episode on the DVD, it mistakes "Ben Tennyson is at your service!" for "Ben 10 is at your service!" And when Ben says, "Wildvine!?" it mistakes it for "I'm fine."

  • Think Back: Many believe Charmcaster lost her powers in this episode, yet she still had magic when she appeared in "A Change Of Face." But if she didn't lose her powers, what was the purple energy that left her body?

  • Look Closely: When the bird's eye view of the senior citizen's bus is shown falling off the road, the RV is not seen. Then, when Four Arms turns around to help the senior citizens off the bus, the RV is seen behind him.

  • Listen Carefully: Whenever Hex uses his powers, it uses yet another sound effect from the Stargate shows, this time the sound effect used is when some one dials in the D.H.D.

  • At the beginning of this episode, Gwen complains that she only got to be Lucky Girl for a few hours. The events of "Lucky Girl" don't reflect this, though. She first received the charm at a time when it was light out. When she stopped a group of pursesnatchers, it was nighttime. She first wore her outfit when rescuing construction workers early in the morning. And during the haunted house sequence, it was nighttime again. She must have had her powers for more than a day.

  • Listen Carefully: Gwen's voice seems to sound a little nasal in this episode.