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  • For a half-hour, each week, this VH1 television show makes absolute fun of the week's current events and pop culture. The producers use news, music video, television and film clips, and fly them through the air to provide ample evidence of how silly celebrities, politicians, sport figures, and others caught in the news spotlight, can behave at times. The VH1 panelists and the weekly guest stars (that include actors, comedians, radio DJ's, musicians, athletes, and writers) opine with amusing, droll, sarcastic, intelligent, whimsical, but never, never boring observations. "Why be book smart?"moreless

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  • S 8 : Ep 20

    BWE Week of May 30, 2014

    Aired 5/30/14

  • S 8 : Ep 19

    BWE Week of May 23, 2014

    Aired 5/23/14

  • S 8 : Ep 18

    BWE Week of May 16, 2014

    Aired 5/16/14

  • S 8 : Ep 17

    BWE Week of May 9, 2014

    Aired 5/9/14

  • S 8 : Ep 16

    BWE Week of May 2, 2014

    Aired 5/2/14

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    • Paul Scheer: [Fox's The Simple Life] is like Thelma & Louise meet Dumb and Dumber.

    • Caroline Waxler: Paris Hilton is this decade's Charo.

    • Miss Info: [Courtney Love] is a walking episode of Cops.

    • Donnell Rawlings: I'm a big fan of [Courtney's] criminal career.

    • Rachael Harris: They should have a Surgeon General's warning label on this sucker, that says: Under the influence of [Red Bull] you could get you married . . . in Vegas!

    • Christian Finnegan: [Christina Aguilera] wore that 14 yards of chest cleavage dress [on the Grammy's].

    • Chuck Nice: [The OC] is like Dallas, except that everybody is younger, hotter and they have a black accent.

    • Christian Finnegan: I think I speak for America when I say, "nothing says NASCAR like Whoopi Goldberg."

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    • Mya's appearance was minuscule. Referring to Courtney Love's video she said, "I like the video."

    • The Quizno's Master LLC executive, Trey Hall, the chief marketing officer, and Kerry Feuerman, with The Martin Agency, made an appearance as guest-stars and talked about the "spongmonkey," arguably, very, very popular marketing campaign.

    • When Sherrod Small joked about where Jim Henson got his idea for Sesame Street, the song in the background was "Because I Got High," by Afroman.

    • John Tartaglia and Rick Lyon are cast members of the Broadway musical named Avenue Q. Acording to their web site: "Avenue Q opened off-broadway at the Vineyard Theatre in March 2003, where it gained rave reviews, and was extended four times!"

    • In the encores that followed the Friday evening episode the closing video was "Where Are We Runnin'?" by Lenny Kravitz.

    • The Ziering bit was bagged from a nasty commentary written by these wicked two.

    • Because it's Mother's Day weekend two moms made cameo appearances this week: Ellen Colton (Michael Colton's mom) and Gail Scheer (Paul Sheer's mom).

    • Panelist Christian Finnegan introduced his bird of prey Thyssideus, a falcon.

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    Trivia (5)

    • When Paul Scheer said, "Finally, [on American Idol] someone called Randy Jackson on his blackcent," he was a bit off. Blackcent is generally defined as a non-black person using an accent they believe blacks speak with, or, a non-black using hip-hop slang. Of course, Randy Jackson is African American. Oops.

    • The panelists in unison all referred to the odd Quizno's commercial singers as Spongemonkeys. In fact, they are actually called Spongmonkeys (no e after the g) and were created by Joel Veitch who hails from London, England, and makes television shows for Britain's Channel 4.

    • Even though the documentary Supersize Me is in the title, it is not mentioned in this episode. It is however, mentioned in a later episode called "J-lo Gets Married, Harry Potter, and more."

    • Even though the film Shrek 2 is in the title, it is not mentioned in this episode. It is however, mentioned in the next episode "American Idol Finale, Michael Jackson and more." In fact Shrek had the Best Week Ever.

    • Tay Zonday sings Chocolate Rain on YouTube

    Allusions (3)

    • Mo Rocca: They seem like a cult.

      When discussing the pop group Polyphonic Spree the panelists made reference to Jim Jones.

      The People's Temple was a cult founded by the Reverend Jim Jones in 1957. In 1977, he led his followers to the jungles of Guyana, in South America, and created a self-described dream utopian community and named it Jonestown.

      Two years later his so-called utopia deteriorated into a nightmare. He ordered 638 adults and 276 children to drink juice laced with cyanide. So much for cults and utopias.

    • Patton Oswald: They should meet in Thunderdome.
      When Patton Oswalt commented that Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera should meet in Thunderdome he was referring to the gladiator arena found in Mel Gibson's futuristic film Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome (1985). In the film two combatants enter Thunderdome and begin to fight until only one remains.

    • Chuck: I was never born! (lifts up shirt to reveal he doesn't have a belly button) I must be Chuck Xy. This is an allusion to the series, Kyle Xy.

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  • Best Week Ever is back.

    By fweak, Feb 01, 2013

  • Is this still on?

    By gracielove, Nov 10, 2012

  • Hilarious!

    By NatalieTV100, Aug 01, 2008

  • I prefer the spoof Worst Month Ever at Digital Funtown than the real Best Week Ever...

    By LostFan7, Apr 03, 2008

  • I use to love the show but then it kind of fell.

    By kgavit, Jan 24, 2008