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    The scene of the crime.

    By dramafreezone, Aug 03, 2005

    Ok, it's completely obvious by now that the only people tuning into to watch are either die-hard Midler fans or those who drive real slowly when passing a bad accident. They don't wanna look, but they just can't help it.

    After the previous episode, it seemed like the show could be saved. Unfortunately, they took everything that made that such an exceptional show and tossed it to the curb and kept driving.

    Clink, Clank, Clunk....Stink, Stank, Stunk

    This show is dead in the water, we're just sitting around now waiting for the axe to drop.

    I've got to hand it to Bette Midler...if it were a lesser actor, they'd have walked away by now, but here she still is, giving it her all and trying to make something out of absolutely nothing.


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