Better with Crying

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Quotes (3)

  • Ben: And what emotions do you consider manly? Joel: Well, the only acceptable emotions for a real man are: anger, arousal and itchy.

  • Vicky: Well, it is hard to think of something nice to say about how a pregnant bride looks. Sometimes I can be a little too honest. Maddie: Oh, you mean like when you told me "you're in a battle with puberty and you're not winning"? Vicky: Oh, you remember that! Maddie: You wrote it on my birthday card!

  • Joel: Oh Vicky, I have the hiccups. Scare me. Vicky: Joel, that's an old wife's tale. Here's what you need to do: go stand in the bathroom, close the door, turn on the shower. Joel: Oh, the a-the steam will help? Vicky: No, probably not, but at least I won't have to hear it.

Notes (1)

  • Original International Air Dates:
    Czech Republic: August 30, 2011 on HBO Comedy
    Turkey: July 25, 2012 on CNBC-e