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  • Keita: This robo might not look so hot, but it sure is powerful. Hinoki: It's not a robo. It's a neuronoid, the Kakuseijin No. 1.

  • Asami: As social animals, humans affect each other in many different ways...through pheromones and long range infrared rays. For example, you get along with friends who share your interests. Keita: Yeah, I suppose.When I'm in class with Usshii, we talk about military things...and we end up getting scolded all the time. Asami: It's the same as that. Dual Kinds are those who work in pairs to strengthen...the brain impulses to generate a special kind of energy. And neuronoids amplify that energy by tens of thousands...and operate by using the energy as motive power. There's the Accept Mode for surveying and analysis...and the Active Mode for movement and power. In order to properly bring out the best of these's necessary to have two Dual Kinds to act as head divers.

  • Asami: It's imagination Keita: Huh? Asami: Humans have the power of imagination. People fear the darkness...because of what is imagined to exist in the dark. This is a trick designed to bring out that imagined fear. Aperformance designed to take advantage of the human psychology.

  • Hinoki: I don't think we'll even last another minute! Keita: We've been chased around enough already. As a man, I can't just let them defeat me like this. I have to finish them off within a minute, right?

  • Hinoki: In order to psychologically withstand the pain of hunger...a chemical in the brain is released that turns pain into pleasure. There's even a rumor that says this is a secret place...that offered the pleasure of hallucination. Keita: You seem to know quite a bit about it.

  • Sakura: I'm so happy that you came and saved me. Keita: A man's gotta do what a man's gotta do.

  • Shigeru: I'm not about to make any excuses. I've lived and worked all my life in my own way. I don't care how much some kid makes fun of me. It's a question of an old man's pride.

  • Keita: If 500 yen makes me a hero, then that's a small price to pay!

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Notes (12)

  • The show first aired in America on TechTV's Anime Unleashed block.

  • This episode is the debut of the Betterman Nebula form.

  • This episode is the debut of the Betterman Forte form.

  • Asami explains some aspects of Betterman Forte. By coming into direct contact with his opponent, Forte can determine his opponent's "crumble point", the point where the physical structure breaks down. Forte uses the Sliding Saber on his head to attack that point and is then able to destroy the opponent in one shot. This attack is called "Psycho Glory".

  • This episode is the debut of the Betterman Aqua form.

  • Child's game: Kagome Kagome

  • This is one disturbing episode

  • The scenes where Keita and Hinoki are at the hospital are the same scenes from the episode "Aqua".

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Trivia (8)

  • When the show aired on TechTV, it got edited due to time constraints. Most noticable is having the ending theme song, "Chin ~Requiem~", play at the beginning of the show, thus making the ending theme become the opening theme song. The actual opening theme was just cut out altogether.

  • Although never specifically stated, it has been proven that Betterman takes place in the same universe as the anime series King of Braves GaoGaiGar, proven by several cameos of minor GaoGaiGar characters.

  • Japanese Title: "Yami"

  • Japanese Title: "Koe"

  • Japanese Title: "Sora"

  • Japanese Title: "Doku"

  • Japanese Title: "Musi"

  • Kaede calls Sakura "Cherry" in this episode. Sakura's name is translated as "Cherry Blossom" in Japanese.

Allusions (4)

  • In the English version, when Keita was running down the elevator shaft, he was jumping and saying "WAHOO, YEAH, HERE WE GO!". This resembles the Nintendo 64 game, Super Mario 64.

  • The Book of Job: A section of a story in The Bible.

  • Betterman: Forte Forte is Betterman's strongest form. In French, "Forte" means "strong".

  • This episode is much like the horror flick "Squirm".