10-Year High School Reunion

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    Brian Austin Green

    By AngelinaJames, Jun 07, 2012

    He didn't attend the reunion because he didn't like the way the cast treated his-then girlfriend, Vanessa Marcil. it had nothing to do with Shannen Doherty. It's a shame, especially since he and Vanessa didn't stay together, but I admired how he stuck up for her at the time. And I totally understand why Tori Spelling didn't attend, really. If I had known Shannen, I would have refused to attend, too. She thinks she was the star of the show and it wouldn't last without her, but I think it was a better show after she left. Even in this reunion, she acted like she was the star. if she had showed some remorse for her behavior, I probably would change my mind, but she doesn't think she did anything wrong. It's hard to forgive when the person who hurt you isn't sorry.moreless

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    In this episde, I couldn't believe that Brian Green and Tori Spelling didn't come to the show. I can understand the consept of them don't want to be there because of Shannen Dorehty. They should have been there for their last moments with them.

    By sfm_mjm, Jun 09, 2011

    This show is a very special episode where all the 90210 casts come together for their last and only time. They shared their moments of laughs and cries. This epiosde will be remembered forever. It was good that they made this last episode to be together for the last and only time.

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    It was a very special episode to me. I grew up watching the show from the pilot to the very end. I was so excited to see the cast come back for the 10 year reunion that I watched it twice that night.

    By MendedAxe, Jun 30, 2010

    I was a bit discouraged to find out that some of the cast decided not to come because Shannen came. Everybody was a part of the show and brought their style. My feeling was that whatever Shannen did or did not do, should not have kept the others from attending. I watched and everybody and all in attendance conducted themselves in a very adult manner, and nothing about their indiscretions too the best of my memory, were discussed. My favorite character had to be Luke Perry. He represented everything that I wanted to be in the manner of cool under pressure and able to handle most anything thrown at him. I would really like to see a twenty year reunion, but I imagine that is highly unlikely. But one can always hope. The show, the 10 year reunion, inspired my generation to go after their hopes and dreams and not let anything stop you. But also do not forget who your friends are, because sometimes they are all you have in life to turn too. Best wishes to the entire cast of Beverly Hills 90210 in all your endeavors. Be seeing all of you in television and on the big screen.moreless

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