Beach Blanket Brandon

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    Brenda breaks up with Dylan after becoming worried that she is pregnant. Brandon begins working at the beach club.

    By ariesgirl13, Apr 29, 2009

    For anyone who ever wondered if Dylan loved Brenda more than Kelly, the answer is YES! Watch this episode when she breaks up with him in his car, and you see how incredibly saddened he is. He loved her so much and it was apparent how devastated he was. This was the very first episode I ever watched and I was 12 years old and totally sucked into their story. I could not want to see if they would get back together. Watching Dylan tell Brenda "no" in the car is so heart wrenching and it showed just how strong their love was. Brenda and Dylan were the best couple on 90210, followed of course by Donna and David :)moreless

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    Another good summer day in Berverly Hills.

    By Black_Grace, Jul 17, 2007

    It's summer and Brandon breaks news to Nat that he is quitting his job at The Peach Pit, to work at the Beverly Hills Beach Club, to raise money for a new car. Donna, Brenda, Andrea and David decide to spend the summer in an acting class. Brenda gets uptight about a pregnancy scare, and faces breaking up with Dylan.

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    Brenda & Dylan break-up

    By Pmaes11, Feb 12, 2007

    I admit it, I cried when Brenda broke up with Dylan. I don't know if it was the dialogue, the acting or the fact that "Losing My Religion" was playing in the background, whatever it was, this scene was powerful! Even now (16 years later) when I hear Losing my Religion, I think of this scene. Even the scene when Brandon tells Nat about quitting the Pit to go work at the Beach club was a bit emotional, but not enough to cry over it. If I remember correctly, this is the only time Steve has a job until after the college years.moreless

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    Brenda and Dylan are both hurt by their break-up

    By BrenAndDylan, Dec 18, 2005

    The best part of this ep is when Dylan finds Brenda at school and tells her he is hurting, it's sad because she feels the same way but she is scared about their relationship, it is so sad when they are both basically crying about the break up, when they both know that they belong together!!

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