Fire and Ice

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    Brandon meets the one (as far as High School) according to him

    By wilezrules, Jul 22, 2009

    Apparently Jim and Brandon convince Dylan and Steve to play some hockey. While practicing, Brandon meets a superstar figure skater by the name of Trisha Kinney. Of course, it's been several episodes since Brandon fell in love, so she gets to be his love interest in this ep. Brandon turns into a bit of a distraction, and she fails to qualify for the US Championship Sectionals for the olympics. But after a bit of politicking, she got a 2nd chance, and essentially dumps Brandon. Brandon would later confess to Dylan that out of all (and there were a bunch) of the girls he went out with in high school, she was the most special. Meanwhile Brenda realizes that her supervisor is stealing commissions from her at work, and essentially quits (after Cindy puts on a show to embarass the other girl). Brenda is quite obnoxious in this episode. It was a decent episode, but another one that left you scratching your head, because there was no direction to it all. It gets a slight bump for Brandon calling Trisha "the one that got away." So it has some historical value to it. MVC: Brandon (32)moreless

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