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    i adore this show!

    By BriceMarcus, May 23, 2013

    I love Beverly Hills 90210 for being convincing in every teenagers' lives. This show really presented a lot of involvements in every relationship and a lot of matters facing during teenage years. I really do miss watching this show. I'm also a big fan of Luke Perry and Jennie Garth back then, hehe! that's why recently ordered a copy of it at dvdbooth .com which came with nice video and audio quality. It was really wonderful to reminisce the good old days!moreless

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    Beverly Hills 90210 - please do a reunion!!!!!

    By Tasja82, Mar 28, 2013

    I love this show! It stopped a long time ago, 12 years now, but I miss Beverly Hills 90210! At least I've got all the 10 seasons on DVD and I never get tired of watching this show! Some seasons are better than others and I don't like all the characters but .. still a great show! PLEASE DO A REUNION!!!! I MISS THEM!

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    90210 Podcast

    By CoreyChapman1, Feb 27, 2013

    This entire show is dedicated to Beverly Hills 90210. And its pretty informative and hilarious. 61-beverly-hills-90210/

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    A Repeat of some episodes n the rest of the series set me to write this one

    By CharmedXenaFan, Oct 23, 2012

    Ok this show is pretty good if you are taking a look at every single episode and every single season as a whole. The first season is more after school special then anything but still it has some gems in there. To be honest the good storylines started about half way trough the 2nd season. I loved Shannen Doherty and was sad to see her go off the show but Brenda had been annoying a good half of the time. But she had a good heart and was a relatively good person so it was enough to let you like her. Then Dylan left the show n then Brandon but Dylan came back. Really the only season that really was annoying enough to make you want to quit the show is season 5, so predicatable. Overall a good show one I really enjoyed but they had some seriously annoying or predictable storylines even some bad acting to keep it from being on my top ten list. Although it's definitely in my top 25.moreless

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    Love love love this show....but a few pet peeves

    By mbemben, Jul 28, 2012

    Just had to update my review a bit because I'm now into the later seasons and its getting sooooo annoying. Tori Spelling is one of the worst actors in the show. Not only is she the worst kisser opening her mouth so wide that she looks like shes trying to eat her costars face, but the constant selfishness and

    Like mostly everyone on this board, I grew up watching the original 90210 and still watch the reruns on Soap Network and FX previously. I bought a bootleg copy of the entire series online and have ecently started rewatching the show. I'm getting soooooooooo annoyed with Brenda and I forgot how selfish and bratty she was. The whole world revolved around her and she would backstab people and then get upset when they did the same to her. Now I can finally see why the producers and Shannen decided to part ways. I just started the Fifth Season where Donna and David just broke up because she caught him cheating. Not only is Tori Spelling an AWFUL actress at this stage in her career (sorry T), but she is damn near delusional in her lack of understanding at David's having cheated on her. Blame it on the writers I guess but Donna acts like a complete child when she freaks out because David didn't want to wait to have sex anymore. The really sick thing about her years of insisting that she was going to wait to have sex until she was married is the fact that Donna basically becomes a slut in later seasons. She gets with everybody from the abusive Ray to the hot-headed Noah on the boat. It's just making me sick how she keeps yelling at Kelly and acting like a bitch asking, "what did David say about me? Does he still care?" It makes me want to smack her. I don't know why the producers of the show felt the need to put at least 1 annoying and whiny character every single season. It went from Brenda's self-centered envious bitching and moaning and desperate to be the center of attention (the first 3 1/2 seasons, by 4 she was already on her way out so didn't have as much screen time) to Donna's near CONSTANT whining and awful acting to Claire's throwing herself at Brandon and popping up wherever he was going to be to David's ridiculous attitude to everyone. He always found a way to be snappy to everyone he talked to. I just think that the actors were young and they weren't coached enough to know how to deliver lines without an obvious base emotion (happiness, sadness, anger, etc). There's even an "I Hate Brenda Walsh" website dedicated to reminding us all how lousy she was to everyone. Don't even get me started on her because we'll be here all day. Now I'm at the part of the show where Brenda has now moved to London and Valerie shows up. I read on some website that after Brenda left, the show starts to revolve around Donna and I'm starting to see it. Enough already!

    Don't get me wrong. This is one of the greatest shows on TV, bar none. Its discussion of teenager "issues" were probably life-saving in a lot of cases. Even though the first few seasons read like an after school session, it can be forgiven by the realistic portrayal of high school life. Unlike the new 90210, drinking in high school was a big deal and having sex/losing one's V-card was a monumental decision. IN the new one, they're all out in Vegas ordering drinks at the bar without being carded and gambling away even though none of them are anywhere NEAR 21. All of them are frivolous and catty (except Naomi who is the new Kelly). The acting in the new one is terrible with Adrianna being the absolute WORST. Why oh why do TV networks only cast their programs with those who are drop dead gorgeous? I would rather see a more plain looking person who can carry a scene with some reality than a hot and sexy one who acts like they're being fed the lines and who can barely muster any real emotion. I'll tell you, if I have to see or hear 1 more fake smile or even more fake laughter, I'm going to scream. Both shows are guilty of it. I know it's only TV, but to me, that means a not always realistic storyline, NOT terrible acting. I guess that's about it. Thanks for listening to me rant....moreless

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    Great acting!

    By T_VFan, Apr 30, 2012

    Role playing is on point on this show! No wonder it will always remain a hit!

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    This show is good, but before my time and doesn't compare to my favourite teen dramas, One Tree Hill and Gossip Girl.

    By survivorgal, Mar 04, 2012

    I am only 21, so I saw this show on DVD, and despite being old and outdated and before my time (a little), this show is amazing and it seems like a basis for all teen dramas. In the early seasons, it is heavily focused on the Waslh Twins and their friends. It is also issue-based. While this is good in a way, the soap-opera aspects added from season 3+ became the reason I fell for this show.

    The college years are absolutely my favourite. Brenda left, and Valerie replaced her. I was always at odds about the change because I prefer Brenda over Valerie, but Tiffani over Shannen. However, Clare became one of my favourite characters and the situations they went through in college were always my favourite. After season 7, the series began to go downhill. Noah is probably the reason - the guy can't act at all. This is the season where I started to hate Kelly - and I am a huge Jennie Garth fan. Donna losing her virginity was a jump-the-shark moment. Clare left, and Carly and Noah were inadequate replacements. This is the show I wouldn't reccommend to my friends or quote day after day, and OTH and GG will always be far superior, but I do adore this show (at least before season 9), and think that without it, the better teen dramas I love probably wouldn't have been created.moreless

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    Undeniably Phenomenal

    By lissaxo18, Feb 21, 2012

    I didn't watch Beverly Hills,90210 when it was originally on. I was too young, and knew nothing about it. Growing up I always knew who Jason Priestley was. My Aunt was in love with him, and actually thought at once she was married to him. I always glanced at it sometimes when it was on. I used to say "Oh, what a stupid pointless show!" It wasn't until I was 14 I really wanted to check it out and see how this show really was. I got the second season on DVD and I watched the Halloween episode. I didn't get it into it at first but by the end of the 2nd season I was hooked. I spent the rest of my Spring Break watching the show. Ever since that day I've been in love. I laughed, I cried, I smiled, and I grew with this show. It was the thing that got me through my teen years. This show changed my life in so many ways. The acting and actors were amazing. You won't regret watching this show. I hope it changed your life, like it did to me. 10 billion stars from me. This is the one show you can't miss. Somehow I almost missed it. But thank gosh I didn't.moreless

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    the show follows the walsh family as they move from a small town in minnesota to the big city of beverly hills.

    By jack756, Aug 07, 2011

    the show centers on the walsh family as they move to beverly hills and is shock at the difference between minnesota and beverly hills.

    the show as some great acting from all the cast,especailly the walsh family they all have great chemistry with one another.

    the drama in the show is great viewing tv.

    the show dealt with the problems teenagers had during the 90s.the show focus on some great issues like sex,abortions,drugs,rape(etc).

    after its 10 year run the show has its good moments and its bad moments.

    season 1-4 are great.season 5 hold on too as being great.i dont know if its because im a shannen doherty fan but i prefer the show with shannen in it.after shannen left the show the show did change alittle.season 5 was very good considering shannen was gone and they replace her with that annyoing valerie but when the parents left the show at the end of season 5 the show had to many changes for me.season 1-4 were perfect considering shannen doherty was in them and the story seem very fresh.season 5 was good even though shannen doherty wasnt there anymore but when the parents left at the end of season 5.i think i knew by next season the show wasnt going to be the same.if i was judging season 1-5 i would give it a 9.

    season 6-10 were okay the seasons werent as fresh as the first 5 seasons.and on top of that the leads of the show where all gone the only person left out of the walsh family was brandon.even though brandon was left,the show didnt seem fresh,the stories wasnt as good anymore but i will say there were some good episodes here and with no walsh there anymore but brandon and even though the stories werent fresh and good anymore.there were some good if i was judging season 6-10 i would give it a 7.

    even though beverly hills is before my time.(i was born in 1990.)i do love this show.i can get into the issues of the 90s and without this show there wouldnt be anyother teen drama show on tv now.

    so with season 1-5 being a 9 and season 6-10 being a 7.overall the show gets a 8 from me.moreless

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