Spring Training

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    Tofu Burgers and Dog Treats

    By wilezrules, Jul 12, 2009

    Jim is the coach of a team in the Beverly Hills Baseball team. Brandon and Steve are his assistants, but when Jim throws out his back, Brandon and Steve are left alone with the spoiled rich kids. Meanwhile Brenda finds a stray dog and wants to bring it home. Pretty good for comedic value I must say. Brandon sets up a couple practice games against Nats misfit kids from the park and rec. They get slaughtered in the first practice game, and Brandon leaves in a huff due to an argument with a spoiled kid over how he was treating an opposing player. After a big argument (and quite over dramatized) with big Jim about the team, Brandon gets Dylan to help Nat with the team of misfits for the 2nd game. Andrea finds them a ringer, and Nats team ends up winning the 2nd game. Kind of a cute little fun episode. No real redeeming value, but as I said before, it has a lot of comedic value to it. MVC: Brandon (15), Brenda (12), and Steve (6)moreless

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