Beverly Hills 90210

Survival Skills

Season 9, Ep 17, Aired 2/17/99
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  • Episode Description
  • Lauren suffers a reaction to her medication. She learns that she will die if she continues to take her medication; without the pills, her schizophrenia will resurface. Lauren prepares to return to the institution, but Matt proposes that they illegally obtain more pills and spend their remaining weeks together on a second honeymoon. Kelly stops sulking about Matt long enough to buy Dylan a classic car to lift his spirits. Gina becomes extremely jealous. Donna breaks up with Noah after he confesses to sleeping with Gina. Gina later reveals that they did not have sex. Donna insults her and refuses to forgive Noah. She co-hosts David's radio show for a night and reminisces about the good times. David shows up on Donna's doorstep, and they share a passionate kiss. Steve and Janet take a pair of troubled teens on a camping trip. While trying to counsel the bickering kids, Steve and Janet end up seeking romantic advice. Janet accidentally lets her feelings for Steve slip out. They spend the night together in the jeep and finally decide to pursue a relationship.moreless

  • Cast & Crew
  • Jennie Garth

    Kelly Marlene Taylor

  • Brian Austin Green

    David Silver

  • Ian Ziering

    Steve Sanders

  • Lindsay Price

    Janet Sosna Sanders (seasons 9 - 10, recurring previously)

  • Daniel Cosgrove

    Matt Durning (episodes 246 - 296)

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  • Quotes (4)

    • (after Janet's admission)
      Steve: By the way; the reason I'm always in your 'cause I really like it.

    • Janet: (on their failed camping excursion with the 2 kids) It was my chance to get out of town and out of the office and away from you.
      Steve: Man, you can be so harsh sometimes.
      Janet: Yeah, well, sometimes a girl kinda has to be.
      Steve: Janet, you're driving me crazy!
      Janet: How am I supposed to get over you when you're always in my face? (beat) Did I just say that last part out loud?

    • Gina: I hear you and Donna are looking for apartments together.
      Noah: Why does everything that comes out of your mouth sound like a threat?
      Gina: Well, probably because Donna and I are getting along really well, and I just don't want your guilty conscience screwing things up.
      Noah: I'm the one who sleeps nights, remember?
      Gina: Yeah, but you're such a kind, decent guy. I mean, you're about to move in with this girl you really care about. It must just be killing you to not be able to tell her the truth.

    • (Kelly is guesting on David's radio show; a female caller is upset she and her boyfriend have broken up because she thinks he was perfect)
      Kelly: I know he may seem that way now, but this is the person who hurt you. While you're crying your eyes out every night, he's crawling into bed with somebody else.
      Caller: My ex-boyfriend isn't seeing anyone else.
      Kelly: You're lucky. Mine is.
      David: Okay, thanks for calling! Good luck. (to Kelly) Should we take a break?

    Notes (2)

    • Music: Sweet Lady by Tyrese

    • Joe E. Tata does not appear in this episode.

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