Beyond Belief: Fact or Fiction

FOX (ended 2002)
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  • S 4 : Ep 13

    Episode 45

    Aired 9/5/02

  • S 4 : Ep 12

    Episode 44

    Aired 8/29/02

  • S 4 : Ep 11

    Episode 43

    Aired 8/22/02

  • S 4 : Ep 10

    Episode 42

    Aired 8/15/02

  • S 4 : Ep 9

    Episode 41

    Aired 8/8/02

  • Cast & Crew
  • Jonathan Frakes


  • James Brolin


  • Campbell Lane

    Voice of the Narrator

  • Don LaFontaine


  • Tabitha St. Germain

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  • show Description
  • Each episode presents five stories, some fact based on real events and some fiction. At the end of each episode, it is revealed which stories are true and which are not. This series first aired in the USA from May 1997 till September 2002.In season 1 (1997) the host was James Brolin and in season 2-4 (1998, 2000 & 2002) Jonathan Frakes made a very interesting host.

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  • Quotes (77)

    • Grandpa: This is the worst coffee I've ever tasted. Crickle used to make better coffee than this.
      : Well maybe it's too strong for you.
      : (snorts) Too Strong? I'll show you too strong (smacks the cup to the floor)
      Daughter: (hands him towel) Here, clean it up.

    • Dead Lady's Ghost: That's it Robert. No one believes you. They all know you did it. And your next stop is the gas chamber.

    • (from COUCH POTATO)
      Wife: This sandwich is special. And do you know why it's special? Because it is the last sandwich I'm ever going to make for you.

    • (After "The Pass") Jonathan Frakes: Had Eddie remained in his hospital room instead of snooping around the morgue, he might still be alive today. His father would have had a chance to gently and lovingly tell him of his brother's death. Instead, the way he came upon his twin brother's body so unexpectedly proved to be too much for his fragile heart to handle. And all because he went to the morgue, a place he didn't belong. Did the fates conspire to bring a curious boy and the body of his identical twin together at the same time... or are we conspiring to mislead you?

    • (Before "The Pass") Jonathan Frakes: An all access pass is a precious commodity because it takes you wherever you want to go, everybody wants one. Yet they're only issued to a precious few. People who will pay thousands of dollars for such passes at sports events, rock concerts, press conferences. At a hospital, it takes on a different meaning. Only the most qualified, professional personnel can be allowed to have one, the rest of us can only guess what life and death mysteries are hidden within the corridors of a medical center. But with the help of this pass... two young men are about to find out.

    • (After "The Portrait") Jonathan Frakes: Did William Corzine really have the power to end the lives of his subjects? Or were their death a logical extension of their extremely fragile states of health? If so, then how do you explain the death of Michelle Taylor, a young woman in the prime of her life? Of course, she was despondent over a lost love and deep depression has been known to contribute to the demise of an otherwise healthy individual. And what of William's final gesture? Did he really take his own life by painting his self-portrait or had the gruesome circumstances of his life become too much for his heart to bear? Could this story of an artist be inspired by actual events, or is this a tale of artful deception?

    • (After "The Caller") Jonathan Frakes: Who was the voice on the phone? Was it really the spirit of the dead son that Kincaid had abandoned years before? Something unusual was going on because at exactly 10:25, lightning knocked out the utility lines outside the studio. Phone company records show that no calls at all were made from that point on. Yet that was the exact moment that the mysterious calls from Robbie Griffin started to come in. By the way, that was the last time that Kincaid ever appeared on the radio, a curious twist because his show, that night, received its highest ratings of all time. Is this story of a radio talk show host haunted by his past based upon fact? It's your call.

    • (Before "The Caller") Jonathan Frakes: (Using a microphone like a radio host) This is Jonathan Frakes and you're the next caller. (Turns it off and takes off the headphones) If it is true that the pen is mightier than the sword, what then do we say about the microphone? Talk show radio hosts use this instrument to reach millions with thoughts and opinions designed to provoke, amuse, influence and shock all in the name of what they call "good radio". And despite the appearance of a democratic exchange between a talk show host and his listeners, it is the host who holds the balance of power. With the flip of a switch, he can cut off any annoyance. But what happens when that balance of power becomes unbalanced? When the microphone becomes the instrument of a living nightmare? Is it still good radio?

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    • [FROM JUSTICE IS SERVED] At one point in the story where the guy sees the lady he killed, he says to the apparition, "You didn't mean anything to me." Then (I forgot who she was; prosecuter or other lawyer) goes, "What do you mean she didn't mean anything to you, Robert?" This raises the question of how did she know that he was communicating to the lady he killed?!?!?

    • Wheezer was the only story in this episode that was false. All of the other stories were true.

    • Guest star, David Ruprecht, is best known for hosting the game show "Super Market Sweep"

    • The Segment "Grave Sitting" was based on the 1955 Twilight Zone episode "The Grave."

    • The church story is based on real events. On March 1st, 1950, the West Side Baptist Church in Beatrice, Nebraska did indeed explode. And all 15 of the choir members were inexplicably late.

    • Both Blind Man's Dog and The Card Game were fact. Coincidentally, both stories involved dogs.

    • Each of the segments in this episode featured animals as the main clue to the problem. "Mysterious Animals"

    • Each of these stories have to do with the following disasters: the sinking of the Titanic, the eruption of Krakatoa, a tornado, the Hindenburg disaster, and a plane crash.

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    Trivia (10)

    • The clips at the end (where they tell you if it's fact or fiction), "The Vault" had the mysterious lady walking out, while the real woman walked in, as she left the door open for her. But in the actual segment, this did not happen. The mysterious lady walked out first, while the real woman had to ring the buzzer for the door.

    • The stories in this episode which claimed to be based on 'fact' are: The Plane; The Gun; and The Portrait. The Pass and The Caller were 'works of pure fiction'.

    • The wrestler Dirk in "The Wrestler" was played by Legendary Wrestler Terry Funk

    • In 'grave sitting' it is clear to see the womans coat is off the ground when she stabs the grave, however later on, it's said she stabbed her coat into the grave.

    • In "The Wooden Chair" story, a scene from "The Plane" is used when George's friend Eric was piloting his plane and he crashed.

    • Did anyone else notice that in "Used Car Salesman," the dealership's sign says "We'll Beat Anybody Price." Shouldn't it be "Anybody's"?

    • In the principal's office, a boom-mic can clearly be seen for a few seconds. This is the last scene, when the principal sees his car has been painted.

    • In the scene where the younger brother takes off, the sun is setting starting and to turn orange. But yet in the next scene where the guys come to rough the older brother up the sun is shining very brightly and is very white.

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