Beyond Belief: Fact or Fiction

Episode 22

Season 3, Ep 3, Aired 6/2/00
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  • Episode Description
  • Segment 1: "The Find" - A newlywed couple run across an old motorcycle. The motorcycle is an out of production mint condition classic bike. The man takes a joy ride on the bike and hits a woman that disappears along with the motorcycle. The EMT describes the same accident the man had but it happened 54 years before to a young couple and the man was the only one to ever ride the bike which they believed that they released the spirits. Segment 2: "The Golden Cue" - An older man purchased a pool hall only to lose it to the young pool hustler. The old man stays around sweeping floors. The owner gets mad at the old man for talking about the golden cue while he was shooting. At closing time a strange man enters the pool hall and challenges the owner. The owner keeps running the table until the stranger makes one final bet for the pool hall. The stranger takes down the golden cue, breaks and sinks the 9 ball. The stranger turns out to be a legendary pool hustler that quit pool 15 years before because he went blind. Segment 3: "The FBI Story" - A young local cop had a dream of becoming an FBI agent. The young cop was accepted to the FBI academy and then disappeared on his way to the acedemy with some money. 5 Years later an FBI agent arrives in town to investigate a counterfeit ring. The sheriff starts to suspect the FBI agent and asks him along on a body that was found in the swamp. The body was the young cop and the FBI agent confesses that he killed the young cop. In the attempt to flee the swamp the FBI agent was sucked into the bog and died. Segment 4: "The Gravedigger's Nemesis" - Two young boys hire on as grave diggers and work for an evil grounds keeper. The two boys and grounds keeper hear and see an old woman. The old woman haunts the grounds keeper until he dies in the old woman's grave. Segment 5: "Last Rites" - A woman is called into an attorneys office because she attended a funeral. The women was there researching the artwork of the cemetery. The woman sees the chapel and decides to enter. While inside she finds out it is a funeral and she stayed because no one else showed up. The lawyer informs the woman that she gets the dead man's estate of 34 million dollars do to the fact she was the only one who showed up for the funeral.moreless

  • Cast & Crew
  • Jonathan Frakes


  • Ric Drasin

    Guest star

  • Don LaFontaine


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  • Quotes (4)

    • The Gravedigger's Nemesis Old Woman: An awful, awful man, not well-bred. No respect for anyone, not even the dead.

    • The Gravedigger's Nemesis Old woman: Did you like my song. Its all about you!

    • The FBI Story Sherff: You killed Tony Biggins didn't you? FBI Agent: I needed the money!

    • Last Rites Woman: I feel like im on trial here!

    Trivia (1)

    • Last Rites is - accourding to - an old "Urban Legend". See

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