Beyond the Break

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Quotes (49)

  • Lacey: Let's just say that not all the guys my mom dates were as nice as you were... Justin: You said things were fine, Lace... Lacey: They're not! One night this guy got out of line and... My mother might take the abuse, but I don't! Justin: So you went after him with a baseball bat? Lacey: A golf club...

  • Dawn: Kai, your boyfriend's stretching. Kai: No thank you.

  • Shoe: (to Justin) Why are you peeing in the bushes? Justin: I live with three girls now. We only have two bathrooms.

  • Mom's Boyfriend: (to Lacey) Listen to me you wortless little stoner, I know you've got a fake ID, so use it. Lacey's Mom: Pick yourself up a surfer magazine, okay? I won't tell. Lacey: Unbelievable.

  • Kai (about Dawn): Shoe, you know, you're a good guy, but it kills me to see her walk all over you. Shoe: She doesn't walk all over me! Kai: You are a door mat...

  • (Bailey tries to kiss Lacey and she punches him and leaves) Bailey: She wants me...

  • Bailey: Nobody rides my stick for free... Lacey: That's not what I heard...

  • Bailey: You got a thing for this girl, uh? Shoe: How'd you know? Bailey: Well dude, cause your longboard is out past the breakers. (Looks at Shoe's crotch)

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Notes (34)

  • Beyond the Break's Theme Song is "The Car Song" performed by Telenova Star.

  • Music: "Life Is Good" by Junk "Follow Your Dreams" by Lamar "Already Home" by Tim Cullen "I Want To" by Ginger "Boy" by DV Rocks "Gave Me a Number" by She Died "Miss The Days" by the Penfifteen Club "Dare" by Aaron D "Relieve" by Lamar "Bop-A-Roo" by The Black Widows "Burnout" by The Black Widows "Will You Rise or Will You Fall" by Sunny Bones "Never Gonna Stop" by Bad Buddha "Blue, Lowdown and Lovin It" by David S. Kates "Nothing's Wrong With Me" by Bad Buddha "Blue Hawaiian" by Mark Schatzkamer & Todd Robinson

  • Music: "I'm Ten Feet Tall" by She Died "Not Gonna Wait" by Lamar "In Your Eyes" by Lamar "Everything To Me" by Jeapster "Next Best Thing" by Jeapster "Seize the Day" by Sunny Bone "Obnoxious Behavior" by Bad Buddha "Nothing" by Drew Ross "Tired" by Ryan Huston

  • Music: "So Perfect" by Solly "Be Mine" by The Dylans "Wes On Four" by Jake Shimabukuro "Every Day Is A Weekend" by Diana Lee "Power Point" by Danny Gill "Me & Shirley T." by Jake Shimabukuro "Shake It Up" by Jake Shimabukuro "Over Again" by Fuse "Dirty Sex aka Fierce" by Julie Greaux "Fade Away" by Whitney Minson "New Sensation" by Jimmy Wallace "3rd Stream" by Jake Shimabukuro "Toastmaker's Revenge" by Jake Shimabukuro "Domino" by Barbara Ann Aguirre "The Refuge" by Cory Sipper

  • Music: "Trying" by Matthew Popieluch "Shake It Up" by Jake Shimabukuro "Chase the Surf" by Mike Fonte "Point of No Return" by Jeapster "Heavy Rotation" by David Hilker "Technical Ecstasy" by Adam Hamilton "Manic Depressive" by Randy Jones "Teenage Hate Machine" by Tommy Henriksen "A Force is Coming" by SunnyBones "Dragon" by Jake Shimabukuro "I Need A Lover" by Beverly Staunton "Go Nowhere" by Reagan Youth "Every Way You Leave" by Cynthia Catania "Heartbeat" by Jake Shimabukuro "All This and More" by Josh Gordon "Around" by Triple 7 "Touch" by Jake Shimabukuro

  • Music: "Lucky Stars" by Evan Olson "You've Got A Heavy Hand" by Favorita "Wes On Four" by Jake Shimabukuro "3rd Stream" by Jake Shimabukuro "Strong Enough" by Evan Olson "Me & Shirley T." by Jake Shimabukuro "Shake It Up" by Jake Shimabukuro "Aisle Two" by Daniel May "Living Life" by Evan Olson "Best Days" by Fuse "Your Worth" by Miranda Richards "Take The World" by Evan Olson "Some Love" by Evan Olson "One Chance" by The Transcenders "The Microphone Song" by Poetized "Dragon" by Jake Shimabukuro

  • Promo from The-N: Ever have a night... you wish you could take back?

  • Music: "You Got Me Shaking" by Mike Datz "Circle of Friends" by Jake Shimabukuro "Fabulous" by Lamar "Shake It Up" by Jake Shimabukuro "Happy Now" by Big Kid "Love Is Like This" by Marti Amado "Believe Me" by Tim Cullen "Limerence" by The Fun "Island Of Tiki" by Jeremy Sweet "Hawaiian Sway" by Michael Whittaker "Twilight" by Blueberry "Killer Bee" by Meeks "Long Weekend" by Matthew Popieluch "Noise" by The Low Five "Shelter Dogs" by Dr. Caligari "A Million White Stars" by Red Letter Days

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Trivia (17)

  • In the show, Dawn is 20 years old, Birdie is 19, Lacey is 17 and Kai is 17.

  • Dawn confirms that she is rich in this episode.

  • Bailey has a Silver GameCube in his apartment.

  • The surfing contest is sponsored by Tampax.

  • Vin makes a cameo in this episode.

  • Regarding Bailey's age, Bailey was in 6th grade in 1992.

  • When Dawn receives her check it is dated for April 2006, so that is probably when filming began.

  • In this episode we learn that Birdie has never actually surfed in a competition.

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Allusions (5)

  • Makaha Resort Birdie gets a job at the Makaha Resort, which is a real place.

  • Episode Title: Vin, Lose or Draw This is an allusion to the popular television show "Win, Lose or Draw", which was an American television game show that aired from September 1, 1987 to September 7, 1989 on NBC and in syndication from 1987 to 1990. Win, Lose or Draw was essentially based on the classic board game Pictionary. There were two teams, each composed of two celebrities and one "civilian" contestant, as non-celebrities are referred to on game shows. Three women played against three men. The teams took turns guessing a phrase, title, or thing that one teammate was drawing on a large pad of paper with markers. There could be no talking by the one who was drawing, nor inscription of letters, numbers, or symbols. (If one of these illegal clues was used, any money won in that puzzle was split between the two teams.) However, if a team mentioned a word that was part of the answer, the player at the sketch-pad could write it.

  • The episode title is an allusion to the phrase "the birds and the bees."

  • Ocean's Eleven is a movie about a gang of casino robbers led by Danny Ocean, made in 1960 and then re-made in 2001.

  • Episode Title: Walk the Plank