Big Brother (Australia)

Daily Show - Day Twenty

Season 8, Ep 26, Aired 5/19/08
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  • Episode Description
  • Rebecca had just been evicted from the Big Brother house, and the housemates were gathered around the lounge ready to watch Rebecca's goodbye message. She began with handing over the head of house band that she won from Friday Night Live to Alice because Rebecca believed that she deserved a break. Then Rebecca began leaving a message for each housemate starting with Brigitte. She stated that she absolutely loved Brigitte and she has so much potential, however she then moved onto Dixie and stated that she liked her at the start but her opinion has changed of her now and she found Dixie very fake and non trustworthy. Dixie didn't react to this very well and swore at the screen. She wished Renee, Rory, Terri, Dave, Nathan, Nobbi and Alice the best of luck, and had very kind words for Travis. Rebecca then moved on to Bianca and said she didn't like her from the start and believed that they had nothing in common. Bianca was completely shocked with this because she said that Rebecca had never said any of this to her. It was then time for Rebecca to throw the next housemate hand grenade where the chosen housemate would have to do everyones washing until further notice, and Rebecca chose to give this to Dixie. There were mixed reactions after Rebecca's goodbye message had played. Dixie and Bianca were very angry at her and complained to anyone that would listen, while Brigitte was upset and not even Travis could raise her spirits. The housemates awoke the next day to Big Brother announcing the next task - So You Think You Can Dance. The housemates were paired up with Nathan and Renee dancing the Waltz, Ben and Bianca dancing the Tango, Travis and Brigitte dancing Disco, David and Terri doing the German Slap Dance, Alice and Dixie got Hip hop, and Rory and Nobbi would dance Boy band. The housemates then spent a lot of the day practicing their new routines.moreless

  • Cast & Crew
  • Mike Goldman

    Daily Show Narrator / Friday Night Live Host

  • Rebecca Morgan

    Housemate [Series 8]

  • Terri Munro

    Housemate [Series 8]

  • Rory Ammon

    Housemate [Series 8]

  • Renee Black

    Housemate [Series 8]

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