Big Brother (Australia)

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  • (girls in the diary room) Aleisha: Shhhh...... TJ: Why? Big Brother: This is Big Brother. Hayley and Rebecca: Ahhhhhhhh (and nearly falls off the seat and spill there drinks)

  • Hayley: Oh my god Big Brother, there's a mouse!

  • Big Brother: Last words to the housemates That Is All.

  • Jackie: Last words spoke by the host It's Time to go Big Brother!

  • Big Brother: Australia it has been 8 years since you first entered the Big Brother house, you have met 146 housemates, witnessed 86 tasks and spent 732 days in confinement. This house has never belonged to the housemates or even Big Brother, it is your house. Highlights package of the last eight series runs. Australia, Big Brother would like to thank you for your company over the past eight years. It is now time to go. But remember, Big Brother is always watching. That is all… for now.

Notes (72)

  • Blair McDonough now plays Stuart Parker on Neighbours

  • Gretel appeared on Rove Live!

  • The Insider starts tonight.

  • Nominations The HMs were asked to allocate points to the two people they liked the most in the house, As well as 2 points for the people they liked the least. At the end of the process, the votes were tallied and the HMs who had the least positive votes were nominated for eviction. At least two HMs from each house were nominated. This new process is a ploy to stop HMs being strategic. It's hard to lie about who you really like, so the HMs will nominate the ones they truly don't like without even realising. The next twist is that this week nominees weren't even told the results. They will be left in the lurch until 7.30pm next Sunday night, when those in danger of being booted will be informed and given only half an hour to pack their bags. One hosemate will be evicted from each house.

  • Nominations are Saxon, Leah, Irena, Belinda and Ben.

  • First night of Big Brother: Up Late.

  • The first episode of uncut airs tonight.

  • Irena's legacy item: butterfly hairclip

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Trivia (15)

  • It seems BB failed to notice that Paul already had water in his bucket when the first race restarted.

  • In a small lack of series continuity, one of the general knowledge questions was "Who was the first intruder to win Friday Night Live?". Vesna answered "Rachael", to which Gretel replied: "Correct", however, Rachael was not a intruder - she was a replacement housemate, which was confirmed by the next question: "Name the Three intruders" (The answer being Rita, Heath, and Melanie). No Intruder ever won Friday Night Live.

  • Gretel explained the changes made to the Big Brother house. The house is environmentally friendly, with modifications including: - water dispensers that draw condensation from fresh air; - recycled Australian-made fabrics used to make the diary room chair; - showers heated by power from solar panels; - outside furniture made from 50,000 recycled plastic Pepsi lids; - non-allergenic 80 per cent goat-haired carpets; and - filtered rainwater stored in water tanks in the back yard of the house.

  • Big Brother tells the house to welcome back David from the eviction room, when it's actually Rory that leaves first.

  • Although advertised as a live episode, their is some dispute as to whether or not the episode was pre-recorded, due to the quick appearance of evictee Rebecca on the eviction stage.

  • Tonights Sunday night highlight show takes on a new format of half an hour with the best bits of the weekend so far. Tonights show also airs earlier then normal, because of the extended eviction/intruder special airing afterwards.

  • The old voting and eviction system is revealed to be returning on tonights show.

  • The UK's ninth series of Big Brother began airing today.

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Allusions (3)

  • The tenth series of America's Big Brother began airing tonight.

  • As the series ends, the UK series is on day 48 of their ninth series and the US series is on day 8 of their tenth series.

  • This years failed spin-off Big Brother's Big Mouth is mentioned twice, once during Ben's interview when he asks if Tony is present, to which Kyle laughs at and says 'no'. It is mentioned again at the end throughout the presenters thanks, were 'Tony & Rebecca and the Big Mouth crew' are thanked.