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  • 1.5

    Big Brother in a Nutshell

    By Luigitehplumber, Jul 08, 2015

    Swearing in a house for no reason. Thats all. 1.5/10.

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  • 8.5

    It's sad to say goodbye

    By Heather_H, Sep 13, 2010

    I haven't been a huge fan of this show throughout its reign, but I was still sad to see it end. When it first started I was intrigued by the concept, and really enjoyed the special sociology programs that looked at the behaviour of the housemates.

    As the show progressed, and Channel 4 started to get "whackier" housemates each series, it started to lose its touch. The housemates were too calculating and un-relatable. They were just annoying and Channel 4 Even when they reunited old housemates for Ultimate Big Brother the show failed to pull me back in. I'm glad I tuned in for the last ever episode, however. I can't think of any TV shows that have managed to pull off such an event feel. The producers pulled at your nostalgic heartstrings and made it feel natural for you to mourn a show you lost interest in years ago. Good on them for doing such a good job that night.moreless

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  • 9.6

    Big Brother Rules OK!!

    By PiscesChick93, Jul 04, 2010

    Why do so many people criticize Big Brother? It's EXCELLENT!! I'm a huge, massive fan and I love it. It's simply the BEST!! It's so original that i bet no-one else thought about the idea before the UK did. Go UK!! And I'm loving the current series, with a wide variety of characters included, such as Rachel, Rex and Darnell, and the tasks Big brother set them are really funny. Like one task when the three Hell housemates Kathreya, Nicole and Mikey were told to do a puppet show whenever Big Brother said in an ultra cheesy voice, "That's the way to do it!" and just to get on their nerves, Bg Brother continued to say it when they were all tired it was really funny but torture for them I guess! Anyway, I love the show and I hope that it continues for generations, cause it is original and entertaining!moreless

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    My description of the show? Like watching paint dry.

    By Hazzle92, Jun 16, 2010

    I've never understood the popularity of this programme. To classify it as 'entertainment' would be a mistake. Personally I cannot see the entertainment value of it at all, why would anyone care about some people who are in a house and argue all the time?! I once turned on the TV, which went straight to channel 4, to see a camera filming inmates sleeping, hence the paint drying phrase. I don't think watching people sleep is really entertainment. Watching people go through their daily house habits and conversations with other people is mediocre. The inmates are usually people just desperate for fame, who kick up a fuss in the house to get attention.moreless

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    By Sarah_Is_Lost, Jun 16, 2010

    Big Brother has been going for eight or nine years now so why the hell are they still putting this crap on air? Really though I mean why are they putting Big Brother on still. In my opinion its awful and so boring. All the house mates are stupid and annnoying, why would anybody watch it? I can't stand the show and when I'm writing this review I'm getting angry at it. I only ever watch the first night them come into the house, whcih is still very boring and Devina is so annoying too. Reality TV is awful and Big Brother (UK) is the worst!!moreless

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  • 8.5

    Been a good year, with great plotting and **** Love the dynamics of the characters

    By twin1701, Jul 13, 2008

    I find myself frustrated with people, who come along, leave a review just to critisise Big Brother... as if they would to any other show they didnt like?? I think not, its the concept that seems to upset people... the idea that somehow, I have to criticise, to let people know, I'm bigger than 'people watching'.

    To me, I think BB is a fantastic concept and watching different characters thrown together, from a society that at times is so different from place to place... is outstanding. They don't speak from script, or from anothers creative gesture. It's each to themselves.

    This years BB9, I loved... mainly, for the way groups broke off and there was clearly a power struggle, full of tension... Unlike in the real world, bullying tactics by members of the house never paid off and that group aka 'team evil' fell apart... But the journey from their hay day, to knowhere, was electric entertainment.

    Darnell, is my favourite and has such a way with words.. I'm proud to see him speak up to that group. And when he told it like it was with Luke, but smiling, congratulating him on his two faced behaviour, it was priceless.moreless

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  • 9.2

    Big Brother is crazy and can be entertaining

    By wwefanforlife, Jul 02, 2008

    Big Brother has always been known for controversy ever since the program started back in 2000. If you don't know Big Brother then your live on camera in a house 24/7 until the end well people do get taken out by Public Vote. Big Brother you will see rivals, people talking about each other behind their back. Big Brother 2008 has been crazy Dennis Spitting in Mohammed's face was just sick, Alex sending threats with gangster friends and bullying housemates, Luke talking behind peoples backs, Jen and Rebecca always complaining causing a scene. Some is just bad it is interesting the show and to see how the people deal with it. The problem with Big Brother is they can be evil and just sit back for ages and watch a person been bullied by Alex for so long. Big Brother 5 (2004) was just good mostly cause of Victor and his fighting with Emma that was just funny I think everyone remembers that. This year the show is getting to many complaints which people are reporting it to Ofcom. I hope this show does not get taken off and Big Brother in the first place should do a background check on the person they put in the house.moreless

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  • 7.5

    This year is some what better than past attempts.

    By Tink3rbell, Jun 10, 2008

    Mario: he looks like a cross between, Sly Stallone and Matt Le Blanc! seems like a nice guy.

    Lisa: Mario's girlfriend. Nice and friendly, but you can tell she's not happy that BB told her and mario to pretend not to be a couple, and was gutted to watch the (fake) wedding of him and steph.

    Luke: He acts, talks, and dresses like Alan Partridge. Is a student who want s to give syudents a good name.

    Mohamed: He fancies Jennifer, although she fancies Dale- we've got a love triangle in the first 2 weeks here people!

    Rex: A chef who's dad has handed him the business. (his dad is also gay!

    Dennis: The Scottish dancer is grinding on me, and i cant wait for him to get evicted now.

    Dale: He looks like James Marsden (Cyclops from x-men movies)

    Kathreya: a cross between The Cookie Monster & a Genie, and I cant understand a word she says, lol. I like her alot though.

    Jennifer: Looks like Sheryl Cole, and a bit like Jennifer Love Hewitt

    Darnell: I had high hopes for darnell, but he seems to enjoy taking part in the back stabbing early... booo.

    Mickey: I loved it when he had the girls pants on and was dressed up as a playboy bunny- that was funny.

    Alex: cant stand her- cant wait for her to go.moreless

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  • 8.4

    A reality show about a group of people who get together, get locked away for 3 months and try and be popular to get the public to like them to win £100,000. They have to nominate people to be up for eviction and do tasks to get a luxury food budget.

    By gregalz123, Nov 25, 2007

    Big Brother is probably one of my favourite reality shows because it is so geniously thought of. When Big brother comes on I watch every single episode but I only started watching it on series 4 because I watched the first ever episode and a bit more of the first series and thought it was stupid putting a load of stupid people in the same stupid house, I do still partly think the same but I think in series 4 , the people were more entertaining and big brother thought of more difficult challenges for them to do which was entertaining. Big brother gets entertaining year by year and i hope they keep on goin with big brother forever!!!!moreless

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  • 1.4

    Anyone looking to point the finger at the decline in televisions standards need look no further

    By mb6578, Nov 07, 2007

    a show which gives media whore wannabes the chance to be media whores. the show that started all the other reality shows which continue to degrade quality from other areas and provide Itv and Channel 4 with a quick buck. Someone kissed someone, I DONT CARE!

    It constantly amazes me how t.v wants to pander to the lowest common denominator , this is t.v for morons which has no purpose and sets an awful example to twelve year olds on council estates that now think the way to money is to shag around, happy slap, take drugs then sell the story (routinely in some cases) to the tabloids.

    car crash television at its worst, i hope anyone involved with the project gets some sort of incurable diseasemoreless

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