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  • "I take away friends, memories and a learning process on a personal level" Sada on her Big Brother experience "Nicky was my sister in there. Caroline was wonderful, she kept me up, she was my medicine in there" Sada on her best mates in the house

  • "I think she is missing her mum, and if she gets out of here she can see her" Darren, Nominating Melanie "He's too competative and self-centered, doing thibgs for his gain" Nichola, Nominating Andrew "We can survive without his culinary skills" Thomas, Nominating Darren

  • "I was enjoying it, I wasnt bored. The interplay between people was fascinating" Andrew on how he felt about his eviction "Nick was very nervous. He hated losing at games and became very competatibe about the whole situation in there. He came close to blowing his top a couple times" Andrew on Nicholas and his behaviour.

  • "It will be increasingly diffacult for her now that her lynchpin has gone" Caroline, Nominating Melanie "I've seen a nasty side to her. She was nasty to craig, swearing" Melanie, Nominating Nichola

  • "This is a real shocker - tha guy was following me everywhere. My family are always saying how naive I am but how naive can a girl be?" Caroline on discovering the scheming of Nicholas "I wondered how long my luck would last out and it was third time unlucky" Caroline on surving evictions.

  • "Tom his really quiet, I just cant connect with him" Nichola nominating Thomas "I feel the group would operate better without them" Nick, Nominating Craig & Nichola "They are the two happy who are unhappy here" Thomas, Nominating Anna & Nichola

  • "Its not as if I have killed anybody, I just broke some rules for a gameshow!" Nicholas when asked how he felt about his rule breaking

  • "If you live by the sword, you die by the sword" Nicholas, when confronted by Big Brother.

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  • Watched by 3.7 million viewers

  • The show is sponsored by Southern Comfort.

  • Watched by 1.87 million. Housemates find out they have failed there task, to make their own crockery out of clay and a potters wheel. Favourite to win this week was Mel, with 1/4 odds.

  • Encoded in PAL format.

  • Run Time : 107 Minutes

  • Encoded with Hi-Fi quality sound

  • Encoded in PAL format

  • Running Time : 104 Minutes

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Trivia (25)

  • The house inhabited by the Big Brother contestants in 2000 was a bungalow, located in Bow, London. The Studio in which host Davina McCall's interview with evicted housemates took place in was located a few hundred metre's away - housemates walked over a bridge and then a crowd of often over 1000 people to get there.

  • The contestants of Big Brother 2001 lived in the very same home that made television history in 2000 in the form of Big Brother 1, although you wouldn't recognise it! The house was given a totally re-designed and layout was even changed. The studio where evictee interviews take place was also given a new look.

  • Big Brother fans and members of the general public were also interviewed for the "Best Bits" specials but "a late executive decision was made to feature more of the reality clips," and so they were cut from the final show.

  • Big Brother fans and members of the general public were also interviewed for the "Best Bits" specials but "a late executive decision was made to feature more of the reality clips," and so they were cut from the final show.

  • Stuart was supposedly evicted _live_ at 10:30pm, but the following night, Marcus Bentley (narrator) is implying that Stu was evicted at 10pm, when Peter Kay Live was shown on Channel 4, multiple times.

  • The reason George left the Big Brother house was because he didn't want the fame.

  • Pete is banned from nominating for telling Aisleyne that he nominated her in the previous week's nominations

  • This is the first time that twins have entered the Big Brother UK house.

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  • Davina: Welcome, to Hell's Kitten
    This is a reference to ITV's Hell's Kitchen. Which airs in the same time slot as Big Brother. The show was, in the week that it aired opposite Big Brother, the show's biggest competition.

  • None: None
    This is like, like Becki said the following day, Judas's kiss of betrayal to Jesus

  • Meal or no Meal, the game show in which housemates take part to win their shopping, is a spoof of the popular Channel 4 gameshow Deal or No Deal hosted by Noel Edmonds

  • The Head of Household ruling of the house as Davina explains will begin this weekend, is a tried and tested format that takes place in nearly all international versions of Big Brother, often enabling certain nomination and special prize twists.

  • As the tenth series of Big Brother in America begins airing tonight, a official announcement is made on the Australian Big Brother site, revealing that the show will be cancelled on it's current channel Ten.

  • Big Brother Australia's eighth and final series ended tonight.

  • India's version of the show Bigg Boss, featuring series three contestant Jade Goody as a housemate kicked off today. Ex UK celebrity housemate, from series 5, (which Jade was also involved in as a housemate) Shilpa Shetty has taken on the role of host in the show.

  • The Third series of Big Brother Africa begins tonight.