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    this show makes me laugh mike goldman is crazy and he never fails to make me laugh.

    By queen63, Jul 25, 2007

    keep up the good work the wheel of crap is great and i will be watching again next year a great light funny entertaining show for the insomniacs or the die hard big brother fans. I have watched this show for the past few years and goldman is getting crazier each year he never fails to do something stupid during the show whether it is giving away the word instead of the clue climbing the wheel of crap or just stuffing up lines he is classic gold man as his name states. i think he should be the host of big brother instead of gretel killeen.moreless

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  • 6.7

    needs new ideas to keep interesting this year

    By wychelady, Apr 23, 2007

    this will be only interesting for about 2 weeks and then boredom will set in i think . the people are good looking as usual but will they be good enough to keep the public interested every night of the week . no. only sundays i believe and friday night ganes i hope . the white room is a good idea but it is keeping the house mates amused and i thought they were supposed to be kept away from everything except themselves. i will however be glad if the nakedness is off the screen this year as this is what stopped me watching the last 2 years , although i am an avid follower . goodluck with the series and i am looking forward to the friday night games .moreless

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    Started off awesome, but is now in danger of being just one big two-hour commercial.

    By Will732, Feb 09, 2006

    I remember during BB3 when Up Late began, and it was just Mike sitting on a tiny set, with a single camera, talking to us occasionally but mainly showing us live streaming from the house. It had a very nice, indy-like feel to it. Last year, it was a lot less about the live streaming and a lot more about these stupid money-making games. It really began to bloat our screens. There was more of Mike talking and hyping all their SMS games and a lot less streaming of the house.

    I still watch it, because at the end of the day we could at least look forward to getting one good conversation from the housemates uninterrupted by an ad break or Mike reminding us about the brainteasers or auction or whatever. And I know it won't be any different this year. But let's just say it drove me to watch the online streaming a fair bit more.


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