Big Brother

BB2 Ep #26:Big Brother/Survivor

Season 2, Ep 30, Aired 9/5/01
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  • After Monica's speech to the newly nominated Nicole and Hardy, Will compliments her, saying, "Monica, that was the best nomination speech yet." Nicole and Hardy don't have any bad feelings toward Monica, but they are upset with Will. Nicole sobs, "I'm flabbergasted and disgusted Will may place first or second." Hardy believes that Will "violated the spirit of [their] agreement" when he took the offer from Big Brother and handed the HoH to Monica. "My first instinct was to crush him," Hardy says of Will, but Will remains true to his philosophy. Regarding the House Competitions, Will says, "I incorporated a 'lose everything' strategy" that has kept him appearing weak. Nicole is still greatly upset by the airplane banner she saw, insinuating that her husband was upset over Internet rumors. She cries in her bed, saying repeatedly that she wants to leave the House to be with her husband, but Will tries to talk her out of it, saying later that he needs her around for his strategy. Later, another banner from Nicole's husband flies overhead, saying "[HEART] U N Stay Torment WL 4 Me - CSI" (Translation: "Love you Nicole. Stay and torment Will for me." The CSI reference is a code from her husband to indicate the banner is really from him.) The banner bolsters her spirits and lets her continue on in the game, which is something Will didn't doubt. "She's the mean queen behind the scene," he says, "She wouldn't leave." As a result of the latest America's Choice Question, the backyard is transformed into a "Winter Wonderland." The HouseGuests charge outside and immediately get into a snowball fight. Monica says, "I think it's amazing the way the backyard was transformed." Nicole, however, hates snow and the stuffed penguins and polar bear used for decoration. Will stands behind the polar bear and pretends to speak to Nicole, getting under her skin. She goes back inside to make a sandwich while the others happily build a snowman. Later, Monica returns from the storage room carrying a box of Big Brother 2 T-shirts, but says she doesn't know what they are for. She begins to read the instructions for a "Special Event Challenge," which culminates in her asking if the HouseGuests are ready for the "Ultimate Reality Showdown." As she finishes reading, the doorbell rings, a sound nobody in the House has heard in over 60 days. They rush to answer their front door to find reality TV veterans Alicia, Gervase, Jeff and Sue from Survivor and Survivor:The Australian Outback waiting for them.moreless

  • Cast & Crew
  • Hardy Hill

    BB2 Days 1-64

  • Mike Malin

    BB2 Days 1-33

  • Justin Sebik

    BB2 Expelled, Days 1- 10

  • Will Kirby

    BB2 Days 1-84 (BB2 Winner)

  • Nicole Nilson Schaffrich

    BB2 Days 1 - 78

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