Big Brother's Big Mouth (Australia)

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Trivia (4)

  • Slight changes are made from last weeks show, the desk is now more curved and includes a screen with footage from the house or the opening credits running throughout. Tony no longer reads out the phone numbers, a voiceover does instead and Tony and Rebecca sit in the middle of the panellists instead of to one side.

  • First episode with three panellists.

  • No live link to the house was featured in this weeks episode, as it had been in previous episodes.

  • Countdowns featured; Tantrums #5 – Dixie's reaction to her hand grenader #4 – Ben's song after been banished to the Kombi by Big Brother #3 – Nobbi's reaction to Terri's re-entrance into the house #2 – Brigitte's reaction to losing her wardrobe #1 – Bianca's reaction to Rima revealing that their isn't a mole in the house. Fights #5 – Terrence & Brigitte #4 – Bianca lecturing Cherry #3 – The boys picking on Terrence leading to a comment been made about Alice #2 – Nobbi & Terri arguing #1 – Renee & Alice almost fighting over Renee's boob size. Sexy Times #5 – Bianca & Ben Spooning #4 – Alice pulling people in the Spa #3 – Terri & Terrence in the Kombi #2 – Cherry & Brigitte under the covers #1 – Rory & Rhianna