Big Day

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  • Jane: Steve, your daughter has locked herself in the bathroom with a head of lettuce.

  • Steve (to Alice): Hey, wanna take a little father/daughter walk? Danny: Sure. (Steve looks at him) Oh, daughter... cause I'm a boy...

  • Jane: Becca, your 20 minute meltdown is up... Becca: Then I guess we're going into overtime!

  • Skobo: It's like staring into the sun, if the sun had boobs...

  • Alice: (reading Steve's pros and cons list about her) "She's ugly when she sleeps". (to Becca) That means he thinks I'm ugly one third of our lives.

  • Betty (to Lorna): Don't take this the wrong way, dear, but you're a drip!

  • Becca (to Steve and Danny): Ok, alright! How about this? First I tell mom how much money the cute doctor I invited makes... She will be so happy for me that the other forty guests you guys invited won't bother her at all.

  • Danny: Reverend Paul... Reverend Paul: WHAT? I'm sorry... Danny: I don't think this is really working out... Alice: Yeah, we're gonna have to let you go... Reverend Paul: You're firing me on the day that my wife dumps me? Alice: Yeah... Danny (to Alice): Boy, I felt really good! Alice: Yeah, that was the first wedding decision we made together... (to Reverend Paul) Thank you Reverend. Danny: Yeah, you helped us more than any decision tree ever could of. Reverend Paul: Oh wait, wait, wait... So you're not firing me? Danny: Oh, no, no. We're firing you. Together. (Danny and Alice leave the room) Reverend Paul: This is the worst birthday ever.

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Notes (18)

  • International Airdates: Denmark: May 4, 2008 on TV3+ Latin America: November 5, 2007 on CANAL SONY.

  • Show Theme Song:

  • "Ordinary Day" by The Daylights
  • Featured Music:
  • "Cannon in D Major" by Pachelbel
  • "What's Happening!! Opening theme" by Henry Mancini
  • International Airdates: Denmark: May 11, 2008 on TV3+ Latin America: November 12, 2007 on CANAL SONY.

  • International Airdates: Denmark: May 18, 2008 on TV3+ Latin America: November 26, 2007 on CANAL SONY.

  • International Airdates: Denmark: May 25, 2008 on TV3+ Latin America: December 3, 2007 on SONY ENTERTAINMENT TELEVISION.

  • International Airdates: Denmark: June 1, 2008 on TV3+ Latin America: December 10, 2007 on SONY ENTERTAINMENT TELEVISION.

  • Marian Seldes receives the "And" credit.

  • International Airdates: - Denmark: June 1, 2008 on TV3+

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Trivia (1)

  • Becca's full name is revealed: Rebecca May Hopkins.

Allusions (3)

  • Moulin Rouge! Freddy: "Moulin Rouge!"? "Moulin Rouge!" (or simply Moulin Rouge) is a 2001 Academy Award winning musical film directed by Baz Luhrmann. It tells the story of a young British poet/writer, Christian, who falls in love with the star of the Moulin Rouge cabaret, actress and courtesan, Satine. It uses the colourful musical setting of the Montmartre Quarter of Paris, France.

  • Predator Johnny: "Predator"? "Predator" is a science fiction movie directed by John McTiernan and released on June 12, 1987. It featured Arnold Schwarzenegger, Carl Weathers, Bill Duke, Sonny Landham, Elpidia Carrillo, Richard Chaves, Shane Black, Jesse Ventura, Kevin Peter Hall, Sven-Ole Thorsen and R.G. Armstrong. The jungle scenes for the movie were located in southern Mexico, near Palenque. The movie was filmed in Puerto Vallarta.

  • What's Happening!! Alice: Okay, fist of all, "What's Happening!!" was a great show (..) "What's Happening!!" was an American sitcom that ran on ABC from August 5, 1976 to April 28, 1979. Originally meant to be a summer series, it premiered in August, ran four episodes, and was brought back that November as a weekly series. It was suggested by an American International Picture Cooley High written by Eric Monte.