Big Time Rush

Nickelodeon (ended 2013)
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  • S 4 : Ep 12

    Big Time Dreams

    Aired 7/25/13

  • S 4 : Ep 11

    Big Time Break Out

    Aired 7/18/13

  • S 4 : Ep 10

    Big Time Cartoon

    Aired 7/11/13

  • S 4 : Ep 9

    Big Time Tests

    Aired 6/27/13

  • S 4 : Ep 8

    Big Time Rides

    Aired 6/20/13

  • Cast & Crew
  • Kendall Schmidt

    Kendall Knight

  • James Maslow

    James Diamond

  • Carlos Pena

    Carlos Garcia

  • Logan Henderson

    Logan Mitchell

  • Ciara Bravo

    Katie Knight

  • show Description
  • Big Time Rush is about the challenges and sacrifice it takes to become famous. Four best friends learn this lesson the hard way as they trade their old life in Minnesota for a taste of the fast lane in Los Angeles when Gustavo Rocque, a record producer, discovers their hidden talent and gives them the chance to be a signing sensation. However, they have a short window of opportunity to prove to their record label that they are ready. Opening Song Lyrics: Ah Ah Ah Ah, Ohhh ah ah ah ah ohhhh ah ah ah ah ohhhh Make it count, play it straight Don't look back, don't hesitate When you go Big time What you know, what you feel Never quit, and make it real When you roll Big time Hey! Hey! Listen to your heart now Hey! Hey! Don't you feel the rush?! Hey! Hey! Better take your shot now. Ooooh, oh. Ooooh, oh. Go on shake it up, what you gotta lose? Gonna make your luck with the life you choose. If you want it all, lay it on the line. It's the only life you got, so you gotta live it big time. Oh, Oh, Oh, Ooooh, Oh, Oh, Oh, Ooooh, Step it up, getting gear, go for broke, make it clear, gotta go big time. Make it work, get it right, change the world over night, gotta dream big time. Hey! Hey! Give it all you got now. Hey! Hey! Isn't it a rush?! Hey! Hey! Finish what you start now. Ooooh, Oh. Ooooh, Oh. Go on shake it up, what you gotta lose? Gonna make your luck with the life you choose. If you want it all, lay it on the line. It's the only life you got, so you gotta live it big time. Look around, everyone is shinning now, its brighter somehow. Look around, nothings really as it seems, nothing but dreams. You and I, Gonna make a brand new sound, like we own this town. (like we own this town) We can fly, now our feet are off the ground, and never look down. welcome to the big time. All the pretty people see, Walkin' in the sunshine, welcome to the good times. Life will never be the same. Go on shake it up, what you gotta lose? Gonna make the luck with the life you choose. If you want it all, lay it on the line. It's the only life you got, so you gotta live it big time. Oh, Oh, Oh, Ooooh, Oh, Oh, Oh, Ooooh, If you want it all, lay it on the line. It's the only life you got, so you gotta live it big time.moreless

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  • Quotes (50)

    • Kendall: (About the Jennifer trio) Okay, we do realize they're three of them and four of us. Logan: And they blew us off. James: No, they said later. Carlos: And it's later. Kelly: Okay, mom's all checked in, your sister complained again that she has no friends so your mom let her watch Shark Cage on FOX and now (Sees the boys looking back at the Jennifer trio) it's time to start Gustavo's boy band boot camp. Kendall: Kelly, we're a little busy here. Kelly: So am I, and they won't go for you until you're famous, so let's roll. James: Oh, Kelly, Kelly, clearly you don't understand the power of the (Points at his face while shaking it, and then walks over to the Jennifer trio with the other three) Ladies, I don't think we've properly introduced…(The Jennifers splash the boys with their smoothies) …ourselves. Kendall: Okay, let's go to bootcamp.

    • James: Hey, we're in a band. Jennifer 1,2, and 3: Really?! Oh my gosh! Jennifer 1: And we're actresses that don't care. Carlos: Wanna go to the movies today? Jennifer 2: Are you guys starring in the movie? Carlos: No. Jennifer 3: Then no. Jennifer 1: If that seems harsh it's because it is and so is this town. So... Jennifer 1,2, and 3: Later!

    • Kelly: Welcome to the Palm Woods, home of the future famous. Kendall's Mom: (After touching a nearby palm tree) That's the first palm tree I've ever touched. Kelly: Every year, kids and parents from all over the world come here looking for fame, tv, movies, and music. Kendall: Oh hey, there's that funny kid from those juice box commercials. Tyler: (Being pulled by his arm) I just want my childhood back! Kelly: ...Okay.

    • Gustavo Rocque: Okay, so are you guys ready to become stars? Logan, James, Carlos, Kendall: Yeah! Gustavo Rocque: Good, then prove to me that you can become stars. We have three days to prove to this record company that there's something, anything here. Kendall: What three days, what happened to three months? Gustavo Rocque: Uh, the CEO of all of our butts wants to see you guys on Friday. Logan: We have to be a band in three days? Gustavo Rocque: No, you have to be a great band in three days!

    • Gustavo Rocque: Hey…Griffin. Hey, I've been meaning to call you. Griffin: Yes, and I've been meaning to teach my pet Liger sign language, but I didn't either.

    • Kendall: (To the other three friends) Okay, reality check. We have to promise ourselves, now, that we're not going to let this singing thing or this town change us. We're four hockey players from Minnesota and we can never forget that. Do we all agree? Logan, James, Carlos: Yes! Kendall: (ten minutes later as Kendall lays on the pool sipping a drink from a coconut) Once you've sipped from a real coconut, there's no going back. Logan, James, Carlos: (Lazily) So true.

    • Gustavo Rocque: (As Logan beatboxes for the audition) Stop it. Stop it forever. Logan: I just started. Gustavo Rocque: And now you're finished, but I'm not because I'm going to tell you what else you are. Logan: (Walking out of the audition terrified a moment later, to the other three) Don't go in their. He-he-he's Satan. He's Satan with bug-eye sunglasses.

    • Gustavo Rocque: Listen here sister, that's the worst singing I've ever heard, IN MY LIFE! (The Nun walks off stage) Kelly: You know these people have feelings, right? Gustavo Rocque: Oh neat, guess what I have, twenty-nine platinum records! I don't need feelings. What I need is the guy the record company paid me a million dollars to find to make my fire. And if you and I don't find him or her, we're fired! (A guy walks on stage) Keep walking, don't stop at the microphone, just keep walking! And goodbye!

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    Notes (56)

    • Due to a partnership with Sony Music, original music will be incorporated into the series.

    • This episode was shown as sneak preview for the series.

    • This episode serves as the series' true premier.

    • Featured Music: "Big Time Rush"

    • Spencer Locke makes her final appearance on the series as Jennifer #2 in this episode. The role is uncredited in the next episode and Kelli Goss takes over the role later in the season.

    • The actress playing Jennifer #2 (a.k.a. Blonde Jennifer) is uncredited in this episode. Spencer Locke last played the role in the previous episode and Kelli Goss takes over the role later in the season. Jennifer #2 has no speaking lines in this episode and her face is obscured by wearing a hat and large sunglasses and standing behind the other two Jennifers.

    • Featured Music: "Big Time Rush"

    • Featured music: "Halfway There"

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    Trivia (27)

    • Big Time Audition was first filmed with Curt Hansen (who now plays Dak Zevon)as Kendall's role. The producers later realized he looked much older than the other three members of Big Time Rush and he sounded too much like James, so they replaced him with Kendall.

    • Gustavo says Chris Masters was a former WWE Champion. Masters has never held a championship in the WWE. He has only competed for the WWE Championship

    • When Katie reads the almost-final version of her report to Gustavo, she folds the cover of her notebook backwards, but it's opened outwards right before she closes it.

    • Right at the end of the scene where Kelly is talking to the guys at the hot dog cart, the drink in her hand instantly changes into a hot dog.

    • While Kelly is talking to the guys at the hot dog cart, the red binder under her left arm changes position several times. Pay attention to where the binding and zippers are.

    • Gustavo is at the piano working on his song while Katie is in the background writing. At one point before she covers her ears, the expression on her face changes instantly from one shot to the next.

    • The "Magic Middle School" script that Jo holds up shows that it was written by Scott Fellows, who is the creator of Big Time Rush.

    • James' Head shots (in this episode): Hot Young Doctor and Hot Greasy Mechanic.

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    Allusions (30)

    • Kendall: One Tree Hill? One Tree Hill is a drama on television that once focused on high school kids and their problems, but now it has moved on to their adults with double the drama and problems.

    • Camile: Slaps Kendall How could you?! With my mom in the hospital, and my huge fight with my best friend, and my zit! James, Kendall, Logan, and Carlos : Degrassi audition? This is a reference to Degrassi: The Next Generation, another teen show that is packed with drama during the high school years.

    • Risky Business:

      When Gustavo reflects on the last time he let Freight Train watch his mansion, Freight Train is seen dancing in his underwear to a piano tune similar to the opening chords of the Bob Seger song, "Old Time Rock & Roll." This is an allusion to the classic 1982 Tom Cruise movie, Risky Business, in which Tom's character, Joel, is left alone in the house when his parents leave for the weekend and he dances in his underwear to the Bob Seger song.

    • Terminator Katie's line to Zak Devon, "Come with me if you want to live," is an allusion to the 1984 film, Terminator, and its many sequels.

    • Pop Tiger: "Pop Tiger" magazine is an allusion to the real life teen magazines "Popstar!" and "Tiger Beat".

    • Witches of Rodeo Drive is a parody of Wizards of Waverly Place.

    • Carlos: When you leave your house during the day your toys come alive. This is a reference to Toy Story in which toys come to life when humans are absent.

    • Mission:Impossible The theme to the television and film series, Mission: Impossible plays in the background when Deke tries to escape in the Palm Woods air ducts.

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