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    This is a terrible remake, It would be better to go back and watch the original.

    By ChicksHateMe, Sep 18, 2011

    I watched the first show and saved judgement, but after the 2nd show I realize I won't make it to the 3rd. The script writing is irratic and shallow. The acting is mostly poor, especially in the action scenes. The other scenes are poor from the acting as well as the writing. I remember the Bionic Woman as a action hero who had moral values and who's job was to do good. In one episode they have the watchers, who are probably younger, Seeing bathroom sex scenes, Someone called a "(edited)", Someone trying to justify mariuana use and another scene talking about the pill. None of them sending a moral message and none of them having to do with any part of the shallow plot. This isn't for kids. I have a hard time feeling it will really appeal to anyone. There was no real focus on the Bionic Woman, her powers, and what she can do. The show went on so many irrelevant tangets it seemed more like the writers had a hidden agenda getting other things in peoples heads rather than producing a good show. I'd recommend finding a show with better language, better plots, and better acting or find the old Bionic Woman and Six Million Dollar Man and enjoy some classics.moreless

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    Great show WHY OH WHY did it get cancelled?

    By heroesfan07, Aug 17, 2011

    I love this show sometimes i think reviewers just say it's bad to agree with the rest who don't like it obviously it's not a super smart perfection show but it's fun action packed show. The show has a different mission each week it's great it's kind of like Dark Angel with the different missions each week. I love katee Sackoff in it her character is chilling and sooooo funny in episode 3. Isiah Washington finally makes a return to TV that sure taught him he was jobless for a week and since when do u go to rehab for making fun of gay people. Anywho a fun action show! PS Bring it back NBC!moreless

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    "Bionic woman"? I don't think so!!

    By Crista800, May 25, 2010

    I watched the first two episodes and there's where it ends for me. I had expectations about this series, I admit, not big ones, but still...and it is completely below what I hoped. It looks like a lot of money went into making this show, and I think it went pretty much down the drain. The characters are not believable, this girl doesn't seem to have it in her to be "bionic woman", she's too girly girl, however "tough" she might want to seem. As for the dialogue, it's pathetic. Absolutely nothing iteresting is said(or done) in this show. So, as I said before, second episode is as far as I can go. Hopefully they will have the common sense to pull the plug after the first season.moreless

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    Over to soon

    By bellagirl_008, Oct 24, 2009

    Such a great show with a fabulouse lead finished way to soon why this wasn't a hit is so beyond me i loved the original bionic women but i like this to it's so good Michelle Ryan one of my favourite actresses is brilliant in it, a new twist on an old show, it was one of the few remakes i've ever seen that was fresh new well made and wasn't trying really really hard to be like the original i say bring it back, bring it back, or at least make the rest of the season and tie up all the loose ends.moreless

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    If I could I would get it back...

    By diyari, Jul 06, 2009

    I liked this show from the first time I saw It and I was looking forward to see such a cool Tv show like this but some where along the road with all those troubles of that time when this show was aired and the writers strikes Bionic woman was buried...

    If it continued till now probably it would have been one of the best shows but what can I say the timing was just not right.

    the thing that made it so frustrating the end,we were watching good action and then suddenly out of no where bam (show canceled) with no proper ending,no finale just nothing!!!moreless

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    remake of the 1970's show of the same name. jaime sommers is a woman with bionic implants who works for a secret agency fighting crime.

    By buffyangel4evr_, Mar 24, 2009

    canceled too soon! i just watched the bionic woman on dvd. the show started to get interesting and then poof, canceled. the second half was definately better than the first. the first 4 eps were a little too dark in nature, i enjoyed the missions in the last 4 eps. jaime sommers is a bartender, raising her teenage sister, becca, alone. she almost dies in a horrific car "accident". her fiance is a surgeon and bionics expert. he can't stand to lose her, so jaime becomes his next project. jaime is given bionic legs, arm, ear and eyes. she has super strength and speed along w/accelerated healing. at first she is horrfied and feels like a feak. she eventually accepts what has happened to her but is not ready to work for the berkut group as one of their operatives. then her fiance is murdered, by the first bionic woman, sarah. jaime finally joins the berkut group. she has a few m ore run ins w/sarah. sarah is dying and she thinks jaime's implants are the key to her survival. sarah eventualy fades from the picture. second half--- jaime is commited to the berkut group, she quits her bartender job and must tell her sister she works as a consultant w/a time share company. on one of her missions she works w/cia agent tom hastings and they start dating. miguel ferrer is excellent as always as jaime's boss jonas. isiah washington also did a good job as pope, another one of berkut's operatives. nbc should have given bionic woman another chance.moreless

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    This show is much better than it's limited number of episodes would suggest.

    By drdan2410, Mar 22, 2009

    The show is basicly a remake of the classic 70's series of the same name. It follows a young woman who has her body bionicly enhanced following a near fatal accident. After this she is recruited by a top secret espionage agency and begins takling all manner of assignments.

    I will be honest this is not the best show you will ever watch but it is good. The characters are well formed and very well acted. Michelle Ryan in the lead is particularly good. The special effects are also top notch and not over the top as is so often the case in shows like this. The whole things has a very cool Jake 2.0 vibe to it and had the potential to expand and turn into a very worthwhile show. Unfortunately like so many shows these days it was not given the chance.moreless

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    Jaime Sommers is badly hurt in a car crash and doctors change her into a bionic woman.

    By Loony-Boo, Feb 18, 2009

    I started watching the pilot episode and the beginning made me think twice about this series but then the mad woman scene changed and we saw Jamie Sommers for the first time. I thought that the first episode was quite good and the fight between jaime and that blonde woman was very good but hard to see in the darkness and the rain.

    Then I watched the next episode 'Paradise Lost' and I absolutely loved this episode, especially when they had to hide in the shop.

    But then I saw the episode after that and got bored half way through and turned it off. I don't think they kept the audience interested and there wasn't much in it. Then again maybe it was just because Michelle Ryan isn't american and her accent scared everyone off!moreless

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    The government needs a special secret agent and they turn to a bartender named Jaime Sommars after saving her life...

    By aesgaard41, Feb 05, 2009

    I thought this was a very good remake of the original series. NBC was made a major mistake in cancelling it. No show does very good in in its first season (hello, remember "Seinfeld?"); "Bionic Woman" only needed one thing: a better night. On Wednesdays, it was up against "Lost," "Mythbusters," "Ghost Hunters..." The only problem the series had was that NBC had no faith in it. That's why they stuck it on such a bad night, and despite that bad night, it STILL found a fan base and STILL became a hit show, but I don't think NBC cared about that. I think they stuck it on such a bad night with intentions to cancel it. Michelle Ryan was excellant in the role, and smokingly sexy. I just feel sorry that she never got the chance to shine in a series that would have most definitely made her career!moreless

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