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  • 8.8

    The scenes with the Canadian VIPs daugher will make you laugh!

    By AvatarBlue, Apr 02, 2008

    Started slow, but I have to give credit to the cast who have taken this show up a level. Still not what Id call dont-miss-tv but you can see it getting there! (Well if they had given it a chance!)

    The scenes with the daughter are superb. Great humourous change of pace. The bit when shes being interrogated by the phsyco-analyst had me in fits.

    Sara is of course the superior character again. Very well acted, but youd have thought the org would be wise enough to have a SWAT team pointing guns at her 24/7.

    Again the sub-plot of Sara condition rises another level with us learning that Jaime is also afflicted. More intrigue with the head sprouting more lies to get Sara to help them find Wills dad and with the doctore they are send to rescue, doing the dirty! I wasnt that convinced of the scene in the fan room - oh well.

    Still, it looks like it would have gotten better if given the chance! Im looking forward to the next 5 episodes! :(moreless

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  • 9.5

    I liked it a lot.

    By VGFreak8, Mar 10, 2008

    Sarah seeks help from Jaime because she is going to die in a year, unless she uses Jaime's bionic parts to help her. Jaime handles raising Becca, as well as her job. She must babysit a teen girl, Heaven, who is rebellious and disrespectful. It's revealed that Sarah is working with Will's dad. Sarah threatens to kill Becca, but after Jaime reminds her of her personal tragedies, Sarah backs off. Jaime learns more about her bionic powers from Sarah.

    This episode was great! I recognized Magda from Kyle XY. The ending was pretty good! This episode gets a 9.5 out of 10!moreless

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  • 7.0

    This show is having a hard time finding itself.

    By OliverSmiff, Nov 05, 2007

    While I enjoy the general concept of the show and see some potential, I'm wondering if they're going to decide on a direction for it before I lose interest. There seems to be certain inconsistencies from show to show that are starting to be distracting. For instance, in this episode we see Becca and Jaime sitting on the couch looking at Becca's laptop, when in the first episode she goes to the trouble of hanging it out of the window so that Jaime doesn't see it. I realize that the issue was an internet connection, but one has to think that it would have been easier to hide the chord rather than hang the laptop out of the window in a net especially since an internet cable is more damning than a laptop. We later have Sarah reveal to us via flashback that her sister died nearly the exact same way that she attempted to kill Will the first time when Jaime got caught in between. The revelation of this information has me scratching my head, as this would be a deeply personal way for her to kill Will and it definitely didn't come across that way in the pilot. The character of Will is also being rewritten in hindsight in ways that don't jive with the original portrayal of the character. This really comes off more like the writers changing direction in midstream more than revealing more about a character you thought you knew. I'm also a little confused as to why the Isaiah Washington character was necessary. He seems redundant and doesn't really add anything that I can see. And the scene where he comes in to test Jaime only to get his ass kicked after Jae was holding his own was priceless. If they meant him to look foolish they succeeded.

    This show seems to want to do too much too soon without deciding where they're headed first. They threw her into the field by the second episode and now we're at episode three and she's already having an emotional faceoff with her counterpart. They could have stretched this out for the whole first half of the season at least and focused more on character development instead of the cheap emotional tricks to force a connection. The characters of Jaime and Sarah could have been playing cat and mouse all season before they jumped to the scene where Sarah has to ask for help. Wouldn't it have been far more interesting to see them come close only to see Sarah slip away? To see Sarah slowly degrade and allow for a true sympathetic connection rather that a quick dead sister bit? To see Jaime come to terms with the true emotion consequences of what just happened to her rather than just jumping into action? To maybe give Jaime a little more time before she's sympathizing with the woman who killed the love of her life and her unborn child? I don't know. I guess what I'm saying is if this show were more like Buffy The Vampire Slayer, it wouldn't be a bad thing.moreless

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  • 9.0

    i like what i see so far

    By raimondo, Oct 30, 2007

    in this episode we see how oscure is the world that she is got her self into. The agency like all the series never tell the full storie so we can have the dram. Here we see how she is getting tourmented by the other bnioonic girl even to the point that she come to the bulding were jenny leaves and drugs her sister in exchange for the help. So far we see great acting on the parto of all theactor new and old comers, but we still missing something that i hope they get it soon enough. I hope somoreless

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  • 8.5

    Jaime faces Sarah for the second time.

    By ascensx, Oct 25, 2007

    Although in some ways this episode is the best one so far, it raises questions in regard to what this show is really up to. Since the pilot I have realised that the dramatic moments would have a bigger role in it than originally expected. Nothing against it per se, but rather against the tendency to have less action moments due to this. Or yet against the dramatic moments they choose to exhibit. In my opinion, the war against terrorism (which is the main concern of BERKUT) could be a lot better exploited and through it really introduce dramatic moments like the dilemma to kill or not another human being and the remorse after doing it. Many would probably say Jaime is too fresh for they to risk sending her in this kind of mission, but if they keep giving her assignments like this of a babysitter or the one from the previous episode (which I cannot even classify), the show will without doubt need Sarah to step in all the time to mess things up and save the day (in this case the episode). I hope to be wrong and it may be too soon to make predictions, but this is my hunch.

    Let's stay tuned to find out if I'm right or wrong.

    PS. It's obvious Anthros is drugging Sarah and what she's feeling is actually abstinence symptons.moreless

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  • 6.5

    This show was an improvement over the last as it focuses on laying down the groundwork for the show. It was more focused and shed some much needed light on the Sarah Corvus character.

    By RottenDMotoes, Oct 19, 2007

    This episode sees the return of Sarah Corvus and Anthony Anthros. It come as no shock to see the two of them together. Anthony tells Sarah that Jamie is the key to her survival and wants to Sarah to bring Jamie to him to study her. It's a tad doubtful that's his true intentions though.

    Sarah confronts Jamie in her home after we see some flash backs of Sarah's past and her sister who appears to have died in a remarkably similar fashion to the car crash that Jamie was in. Sarah asks for Jamie's help and says she wasn't the target of the car crash. The two of them met later and Sarah explains that she's sick and that Jaime is the only one that can save her. Sarah tries to connect with Jaime and tries to cast doubt on Will (since you know, Sarah killed Will after all) and how he may have just been using Jamie. Jamie doesn't buy it but she knows there's something to it.

    So we learn that Sarah killed Will potentially because she was pissed at him for the state she was left in after being brought back from the dead. Sarah says she was left emotionless and that drove her to do bad things, but she was clearly already very unstable before the bullet to her head. Something doesn't quite seem right. But, perhaps it's just because she's sick and unravelling even more due to it.

    The side story of this episode is Jamie's mission which is to babysit the daughter of a Canadian defense contractor (Jamie takes a nice little jab at Canada when she hears this) named Heaven. This was nothing but busy work as Sarah was the real focus here. But it was awesome to see Heaven frightened after being stuck in a room with Ruth psychoanalyzing her for a while. The phone call Jamie had with Nathan seemed forced though and way out of place. We've seen no bonding or much screen time at all between these two and now she's venting to him?

    Sarah teaching Jaime how to turn off the surveillance chip and the whole concept of them being able to "hack" their implants has intriguing possibilities. Something hopefully explored more and not in just a scapegoat way. This show was an improvement over the last as it focuses on laying down the groundwork for the show. It was more focused and shed some much needed light on the Sarah Corvus character. It was also great to see that Anthony wasn't just going to be forgotten in the background until a major story was needed. There still hasn't been any great moments with this show though.


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  • 10

    Bionic Woman is an interesting show right now

    By starfire05mb, Oct 18, 2007

    I love Bionic Woman, i always wanted to see it since the advertisements have been out. the first episode was awesome and i was siked to watch the other its nerve recking because there is a lot of questions in mind. right now im waiting for the new episode. its so addictive for me, now i can't stop watching it, and i am sure that when the DVD comes out, im buying it! with this episode i wanted jamie not to care about that girl but when the girl changed i felt sorry for her. it was good she realized how good life is and she should appreciate it.moreless

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  • 6.5

    Sarah's demons brings epsiode down!

    By GeorgeJobson, Oct 15, 2007

    I love "The Bionic Woman." I'll even see it every week,but after this week's episode, I'm about ready to return to "Kitchen Nightmares." this is a fair epsiode. It's about sarah, the first bionic woma. Her orgin is parellel with the orgin of the second Bionic Woman and we mwean the one that is played by Michelle Ryan. I don't get it? I don't get her origin. It dragged down the series. the 6.5 rating is the lowest of the second series. I hope for better thing next time. If not I'm spending my Wednesdays with chef gordon ramsey and his kitchen detail.moreless

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  • 8.5

    Bionic Woman finally gives us an episode that lives up to its promise and potential. The story was by producer David Eick and you could almost hear him saying, "This is how the show is going to succeed" on every scene.

    By mhickers, Oct 15, 2007

    After a first episode that felt too rushed and a second episode that felt disjointed (turns out it was two scripts smashed into one story), Bionic Woman finally gives us an episode that lives up to its promise and potential. The story was by producer David Eick and you could almost hear him saying, "This is how the show is going to succeed" on every scene.

    First of all, I had no idea it was part one of two. Nice surprise there.

    The first two weeks, we had some heavy-handed exposition. Jamie was apparently chosen to be a Bionic Woman, Will lied to her about their relationship, Sarah is slowly self-destruction, the group Jamie works for is trying to stop some kind of global forces of evil. But this week, we finally got to see all those elements in play in a way that actually worked instead of feeling like the neon-sign screaming "foreshadowing" or "backstory" was going off.

    Sarah comes to Jamie, seeking her help. Jamie is apparently the Bionic Woman 2.0 and has some upgrades that will help Sarah survive. But only if Jamie goes with Sarah. Sarah won't go into the group that financed and employs Jamie. I guess killing 14 people will do that for you. I do like that the series addressed how Sarah survived the bullet to the brain. It's not exactly the most convincing argument, but at least the series answered the question instead of leaving it hanging. Sarah and Jamie engage in an almost Buffy and Faith-like give and take. Jamie is bristling against her new destiny and seeing it as a limitation on her life while Sarah has fully embraced it and has less of a moral compass. Seeing the two debate over the morality of what was done, as well as finding out what drove Sarah mad was nicely done. And I've got to wonder--the fact that Jamie was hurt in a collision with a semi and that Sarah lost her sister in a collision with a semi...that seems to bit too obvious a coincidence. Is there some connection?

    The episode itself had a lot of tension. Seeing Jamie torn about whose side she was on or should be on was nicely done. Seeing her de-active and activate her tracker to save her sister worked. And seeing she and Sarah bond a bit only to have that trust fall apart worked well. I like the tension of this relationship and the fact that you can see how both sides are struggling here. There's shades of gray to both sides and not just one is good and one is evil. Again, back to the Buffy and Faith thing...Faith went to the dark side, but you could see why she did. Same thing with Sarah.

    I will admit the one part that I didn't buy so much was the "let's guard the diplomat's teenage daughter." It was OK, but the ending where rebellious teenage girl sees the light after attack and saving by the Eastern European country mafia goons...yeah, a bit much. Of course, I guess we should be thankful it wasn't Jamie battling Bigfoot.

    So, I'll admit it--I was wavering on this one, but I'm a bit more sold now. I think the show is starting to show signs of life and delivering on the promise. I can only hope the audience that was driven away last week comes back and sees that the show is getting good now.moreless

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