Birdman and the Galaxy Trio

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    OK its a bit rubbish...

    By Anton_Legend, Jan 19, 2007

    Right OK you'll have to forgive me coz the last time I was this show I was about 8, so it was about 10 years ago.

    This was a tounge in chhek superhero show that I don't think was honestly to be taken 100% seriously, but it worked fine anyway. It was about some guy who had the powers of a bird (granted by some god-type thing) and who had a cheesy eagle friend called 'Avenger'.

    Birdman drew his power from the sun, and this gave the same plot 'twist' every week; it got cloudy, so he nearly died.

    It was a bit rubbish, But I liked it anyway. Certainly it is something that I will always remember from Cartoon Newtwork in my early childhood.moreless

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