Birds of Prey

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  • Dinah: So, uh, why don't I get cool jewelry like Huntress? Barbara: Because the cool jewelry costs more than a new car. Dinah: Like Buick new or Mercedes? Barbara: Ferrari.

  • Reese: McNally, you hear the same stories I do. You see the same things we can't even begin to explain. McNally: Freaks. Weirdos. Urban myths. Reese: Myths are just the truth a few generations later.

  • Reese: This is just your basic "normal guy freaks out, throws himself in front of a speeding vehicle for no reason" case. Oh it's totally routine. McNally: Is that sarcasm? Cuz you know I'm a sensitive man.

  • Helena: I'm telling you, the word on the street are that these deaths are your garden variety "goodbye cruel world".

  • Harleen: Never send a businessman to do a psychopath's job.

  • Reese: So you save people? Helena: On good days. Reese: Why don't you carry any weapons? Helena: I am the weapon.

  • Helena: (to Reese) You're a detective - detect.

  • Barbara: You're being superior again... Alfred: Perish the thought!

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Notes (75)

  • Other info on this episode can be seen in the Notes, Allusions, etc. for the Pilot that aired.

  • A scene was cut with Barbara working out while she's paralyzed.

  • Barbara and Wade are breaking up after a six month relationship because Barbara is afraid he is getting too close to learning her secret identity. In the aired version, they meet and start dating.

  • In this version, when Helena returns from meeting Reese, she and Barbara argue for a good few minutes about who they are, wearing masks, and about Batman.

  • Background music in most parts belongs to Batman Beyond: Return Of The Joker.

  • When Dinah is exploring the docks, and asks Barbara "you've been here before", the sound effects of animals is from the computer game EverQuest. Hang around in most outdoor zones long enough (try the Commons, or Qeynos Hills) - you'll hear it.

  • The scene between young Dinah and her foster mother is extended, unlike the aired version, this one has them talking more.

  • Unlike most series, the unaired pilot became available online to download, which enabled fans to see what the show was like before it aired.

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Trivia (101)

  • When Barbara is looking at the four businessmen and the current ones killed on her computer, she sends Helena to find the third one before anything happens. Before Barbara sends Helena, there is a newspaper report on her computer about the third businessman hanging himself before Helena arrives to find him hung. How can there already be a report if he has not even hung himself yet? Seems like that computer scene was suppose to be used later in the episode.

  • The newspaper article headline about the man who was killed while Dinah watched reads "Local Businessman Killed In Bus Accident." But when the man is run over, the vehicle is a black semi truck.

  • The WB thought Helena's costume was too revealing so after the pilot, you never see Helena wear that outfit again.

  • Brandy Ledford was considered for the role of Barbara Gordon.

  • If Helena has been going to therapy with Dr. Quinzel for three months, why are they just now discussing why Helena is there? The way it looks, this is the first time they really discussed the issue.

  • Maybe they'll answer this down the road but it would seem that Harleen had a public villainous persona as "Harlequin". So...neither Barbara or Helena are suspicious that there's a woman with the somewhat awkward name of "Harleen Quinzel"? Now, if Harleen was never an actual supervillain and public partner of the Joker this makes sense, and they haven't really clarified this yet. If we find out she was the Harlequin in "public" this makes the two women look really stupid.

  • Barbara maintains a public identity as a school teacher, as established here and in subsequent episodes. But "Mr. J" knows who she is - he went to his apartment and shot her. So...shouldn't Harleen know Barbara was Batgirl too? Couldn't he get the information to her (through a lawyer, doctor, something?) to have her finish his revenge?

  • Helena enters the grounds of Ketterly's manor, looks in one window, and announces that he's home alone. How does she know that? If it's heightened senses, they haven't been working well the rest of the episode: she all but lets a hanging suicide slap her in the face, lets Reese get the drop on her, and a minute or two later manages to lose Ketterly in the house.

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Allusions (22)

  • Helena: Once again, "Big Sister" is watching. Barbara's use of computers to track people's actions has reminded Helena of the all-pervasive and sinister monitoring done by "Big Brother" in the George Orwell novel Nineteen Eighty-Four. In the novel, people are constantly being reminded, "Big Brother is watching you."

  • Helena: Wasn't exactly Father Knows Best. According to Helena, her relationship with her father Bruce Wayne bore no resemblance to the classic 1950s sitcom Father Knows Best, which starred Robert Young as an ideal father who always had the right advice to help his children through their troubles.

  • Barbara's Shooting The Joker's shooting of Barbara/Batgirl happened very similarly in the comics. The story was originally published in the Batman: The Killing Joke graphic novel, written by Alan Moore in 1988.

  • Helena: Is your spider sense tingling? Obvious cross-company allusion to the big '02 superhero movie, long-time comic book, and DC Comics' competitor: Spider-Man.

  • Helena: There's been a lot of weird things in meteor showers.
    When Barbara is explaining about powers/gifts to Dinah, Helena adds in that remark. The writers/producers for Birds of Prey also produces Smallville, so the line was pretty much added for a laugh for viewers of both shows.

  • McNally: You gotta lay off the twilight zone... The Twilight Zone, which McNally used when telling Reese to back off, is a television series that ran in three different versions, in years 1959, 1985, and 2002. The series was a collection of various tales that range from the tragic to the comedic, but are usually laced with a wicked sense of humor and an unexpected ending. The 2002 version that airs on UPN is actually one of the competitors for Birds of Prey.

  • Helena: Greetings, Superfriends. Superfriends was another named for Justice League of America and an animated series that featured Batman, Robin, The Huntress (not this version) and The Black Canary.

  • Dinah: Barbara, you're channeling June Cleaver. June Evelyn Bronson Cleaver, the wife of Ward Cleaver and the mother of two sons, is a fictional dramatic character on the American television sitcom Leave It to Beaver.

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