Black Butler II

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  • S 2 : Ep 15

    The Making of Black Butler II


  • S 1 : Ep 25

    His Butler, Performer

    Aired 4/3/12

  • S 1 : Ep 18

    The Story of Will the Reaper


  • S 1 : Ep 17

    The Threads of the Spiders Story


  • S 1 : Ep 16

    Ciel in Wonderland, Pt. 2


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  • Black Butler II is the continuation of the Black Butler anime series, based on the manga by Yana Toboso. The series is focused around Sebastian Michaelis, a demonic butler who is forced to serve Ciel Phantomhive, a 12-yea-old who heads the Phantomhive family. For his part of the deal, Sebastian will take Ciel's soul once he has completed her revenge on the people who killed his family. Until then, Sebastian is taked to serve his master, as well as solve the malaise throughout England with the diligence and austerity of a gentleman. Ciel's parents were murdered when Ciel was much younger, and she made a deal with the demon Sebastian to enact his vengance in exchange for his soul. The anime adaptation of the manga was announced in July 2008, to be directed by Shinohara Toshiya and produced by A-1 Pictures. The second season began airing in 2010, with 12 episodes produced. The series debuted in the United States in February 2010.moreless

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    • Claude: I turn day into night, sugar into salt, creatures to corpses and in this case I turn navy into golden.
      Alois: (gleefully)That's what makes a Trancy butler.

    • Sebastian: I believe I recall your ways: turning day into night, sugar into salt, navy into golden. It seems I shall have to transform golden into black.

    • Ciel: (looking at a spider in the corner of the Trancy doorway)What's that?
      Claude: Ah yes. The Trancy coat of arms bears a spider so out of respect we preserve their lives.
      Sebastian: But of course. Besides when it comes to spiders the harder you try to kill them the faster they cling.

    • Alois: Claude I assume everything is in order?
      Claude: Yes,I've transformed them. Day into Night. Pleasure to pain. And waltzes into requiems. That is what makes me a Trancy butler.
      Alois: (deviously talking to himself) Welcome to my home Ciel Phantomhive. I will show you a lovely time.

    • Claude: (watching Sebastian and Ciel leave) What happens when a soul is obsessively pursued by a demon?
      Alois: (reaching for Claude in pain) Claude what are you looking at? Come on help me, can't you see I've been stabbed?! Quickly! Help me!! Please!!!
      Claude: () He traded his soul for a demon's power and revenge only means something if he wins it with his own hand. He knows blood and death and darkness but still his soul is pure, untainted... immaculate.
      Alois: What is it Claude?
      Claude: Day into night. Pleasure into pain. This chance encounter into ecstasy

    • Sebastian: (annoyed) What does he think he's on about? putting his grubby fingers all over my dinner.

    • Sebastian: (grabs ahold of Grell) I need you! I want to make you fly, you would enjoy that wouldn't you?
      Grell: (blushing) Bassy...i'll fly for you.
      Sebastian: (picks Grell up bridal style before hurling him into a wooden door)

    • Sebastian: (talking about the preview) My master named me Sebastian after his old family dog and Michaelis after the Japanese word mikairi meaning repayment. A contract is still a contract, even in another language. Next time: Black Butler. If I didn't follow my master's orders what kind of butler would I be? And if I didn't fight for Ciel Phantomhive's soul, a soul that is rightfully mine- what kind of demon would I be?

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  • The Black Butler

    By MadamStacey, Dec 22, 2011

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