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    Field of Flowers

    By sh811a, Mar 19, 2015

    This is one of my favorate finales for TV in general as well as one of the saddest I've ever seen.

    At first there is lots of humor two of the highlights for me were no doubt Baldrick singing the Boom Boom Boom song, which just cracks me up. And of course what Baldrick says about how he made coffee and the payoff when Blackadder gives Darling some which was disgusting but hilarious at the same time.

    But then of course the tone gets darker and things get slightly more serious as I really felt a genuine sense of pathos for each of the characters. Blackadder thoughout the season has been trying to get out of the war and we see him make some last ditch efforts which of course end in failure and the leaders he was trying to perswade were complete idiots, which is sadly the truth about most military leaders in higher up positions. It's kinda like what my dad once said about how in war, people make more bad decisions than good, where a command would be given to go one way, even though logically you should go another. And sadly that's part of why these characters are going to be part of the Big Push, in fact that part of the reason why this war happened in the first place, because of one bad choice.

    Each of the characters have a soulful moment, from hearing Blackadder's reasons for joining the military mistakenly thinking he was going to be on easy street that it was his ticket to bigger and better things, which is true about the reason for most soilders joining. But I also like the fact that he's never liked the war and that he's never felt it should of happened at all, which at times is how I feel about some wars.

    Darling and the General having a final talk together and you just see the amount of fear in being given the order to join the front line and we see him begging the general to not have him go, but it is futile as the General being the blistering childish moron he is pushes for him to go. And then you see that camera shot of the outside door opening and the light and the shadow of the driver both overlapping Darling, it was ominus because you knew Darling was doomed. He even then expresses to the others what he planed on doing after the war which really tugged at my heart string a little because that's the kind of thing that most soilders always think about.

    We see George whom was always in high spirits and overly eager to fight, is now having second thoughts and he says something that tugged at another heart string, I'm scared. Yeah, that's what every person thinks of when they go into battle; don't mean crap whether your tough enough or not in every battle it makes little to no difference.

    But I really like the once scene with Baldrick as he then gives a soulful monologue which to me is the smartest thing he's ever said. Parts of it were, Why can't we just pack it in, just say stop the killing and just go home, why can't anyone say it? The answer Baldrick is because some people are just too stupid not to say it.

    It then comes down the final minutes which where haunting and made me cry as we saw each of the characters engage in the charge of The Big Push, you then see the image turn to black and white, hear a sad version of the theme, and hear and see the explosions and gun shots from that you know death is certain. It then cuts to the battle field in the present where we see it now as a field of flowers, a flower for each of the soilders that have fought and died in that Great War to make peace and freedom possible.

    I'll never forget them just as I'll never forget Blackadder.moreless

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    One of the greatest episodes ever!

    By AdrenalinDragon, Mar 08, 2011

    "Plan F: Goodbyeee"

    Grade: A*

    One of the darkest, best written, and funniest episodes of any show ever. Goodbyee was a perfect example of a British Comedy tackling both humour and very serious moments at the same time. As we see Blackadder and the rest of the squad head up for "the big push", we realise that this is more than a Comedy show, it's reality of what happened back in the First World War. As our heroes go over the top, firing happens and certain death is for sure, but just as it ends we see a field of poppies, realising what the soldiers did for us and our freedom.

    Goodbyeee not only relies on a powerful ending, but the episode is quite possibly the funniest of all the Blackadders. Blackadder pretending to be mad was awesome, and Baldrick singing the "Boom! Boom! Boom" song was fantastic, as well as the Hot Mud drink being milked by Spit. As the episode goes on though, the tone gets darker and less funny as expected, due to us viewers knowing how it's all going to end, but it's done so brilliantly. By far the best episode of this series!moreless

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    Better than any textbook

    By damanray, May 29, 2010

    The final episode of this show pays homage to the sacrifices made by the soldiers during the bloodbath that was World War I.

    Tony Robinson turns Baldrick into a memorable character with a stunnig performance in this episode

    Baldrick: (about the war) I heard it started when some guy called Archey duke shot an ostrich cause he was hungry.

    And his war poem

    'Boom boom boom boom, boom boom boom boom, boom'

    Famous stuff

    Blackadder fears death more than anything and does everything to get our the war, however all his efforts fail. 'Who would notice another mad man around here' Powerful line. Jutxtaposed by Melchett's line about Blackadder

    'Why he's as sane as I am,, bahhh!!' I love Melchett

    The final minute is one of the most poignant moments from one of the most silly and emotionally void shows off all time. I couldn't believe the way it ended, it was heartfelt but painful.

    A better representation of the war than any text book or documentary could ever createmoreless

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    By eva1307, Nov 27, 2008

    This is the end of it all. The big push has finally come and the battle is to be held at dawn. The characters recall the beginning of the war, how they joined the army and how all their friends have died.

    What I love about this episode is that it handles the subject delicately. The beginning contains funny one-liners and silly acts, but as we approach towards the end, the laughter fizzles out and the ending is superb and spot-on. One has to mention the character development, especially in the case of Darling: I believe everyone was moved by his actions and words. Blackadder has always been against the war, but Baldrick and George also change their attitudes: they start out as eager soldiers but as the time comes, they are afraid of death.

    This episode is a remarkable moment in TV history: it shows us the pointlessness of the war more clearly than any history teacher or any book could.moreless

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    A memorial to those lost

    By kisskiss666, Nov 27, 2006

    To see a programme which takes a subject,which should be handeled with lots of caution, make such an episode including comical jokes, is just amazing.

    As an avid Blackadder fan since childhood, this by far is the best.

    The ending was so emotional, a real tear jearker, a episode which minutes before the end you gain a lump in your throat because you know what is going to happen.

    However, hardly anybody expected the ground which all the characters dead bodies were, to suddenly turn into a field full of red poppies spread across into the distance.

    Overall - This is a fantastic episode, it would be very difficult to compete for such a honorable episode.moreless

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    some of the best quotes and the best scenes in british comedy. Includes a big tear jerker at the end.

    By rety5, Sep 02, 2006

    So this is it. The final PROPER blackadder episode. the british army has advanced no further than an asmatic ant with heavy shopping and Melchard has ordered Edmunds men over the top. But Blackadder will not go without a final attempt to leave the frontlines. The major plan includes a pair of pants and two pencils and the word "wooble" the best blackadder episode of the lot with a very serious and powerfull ending fading to a field of poppys. I genuinly cried first time I saw that sequence.moreless

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  • 9.9

    one of the best dark-comedies out there

    By krosan26, Jul 30, 2006

    this episode is one of the saddest ones in the entire season. we see what could possibly be the end of the blackadder family (excluding the specials). any person who can claim that in the final moments did not feel themselves well up as they went over the edge either does not understand what the series is about or has no soul. the episode, although having a deeper meaning, found a way to keep its comedic side throughout all the darker sides. maybe not the best episodes but by far the best ending.moreless

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  • 9.2

    The last episode...

    By Such_A_Diane, Sep 05, 2005

    This episode is a really great example of British comedy. There are plenty of brilliant jokes all through the episode with Baldrick's poems being up there at the top of them but then at the end when the gang go over the top, and the field of poppies fade in, there is an uncertainty as to whether they made it or now, which is really sad. This was a great end to an even better show. They are making a new Blackadder series pretty soon and I hope that they can get it as good as the last season as it rules!moreless

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    Just brilliant

    By Steve2911, Aug 07, 2005

    What a great way to end the series, guns blazing and more jokes than you can shake a stick at, Baldrick's poems are just genious.

    Baldrick: BOOM BOOM BOOM...



    Blackadder: Boom boom boom?

    Baldrick: How did you know sir?

    Blackadder: Well just a wild stab in the dark.

    George: That's damned creepy sir. Amazing!

    Blackadder: Well, I think I've gotta get out of here!

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