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    Cunning British comedy.

    By French_Paul_1988, Nov 08, 2014

    When you speak the name Rowan Atkinson, people usually think of Mr. Bean. While Bean is a funny character, I MUCH prefer the more sophisticated and more sarcastic Blackadder.

    The average first season (The Black Adder) set during the Middle Ages where Edmund Black Adder (who almost went on to be called "The Black Vegetable") is the son of Richard IV - my favorite character in this series - and one of the nephews Richard III supposedly murdered in the Tower. Black Adder is the red-headed stepchild here, being ignored by a father who never gets his name right. Accompagnying Black Adder are Lord Percy and Baldrick.

    The show (called Blackadder II) then has an Edmund Blackadder at the Court of Queen Elizabeth I. This second season saw a revamp of the Blackadder character and his sidekicks (including Baldrick, Blackadder's loveable servant), making Blackadder more of a scheming bastard and an hypocrite who fights Stephen Fry's Lord Melchett for Queenie's attention and positive answers, while Baldrick has become really stupid (a characteristic his followers would keep, but that's what makes the character so enjoyable and funny). The historical references displayed here include the discovery of potatoes, the Spanish Inquisition (who are linked to a character played by Hugh Laurie that captures Blackadder in the season finale)... The titles here are just one word (Potato, Chains,

    Blackadder The Third is by far my favorite incarnation. Blackadder works as a butler for Prince George IV during the Regency. Hugh Laurie plays an hilariously stupid Prince George, while Tony Robinson plays another member of the great Baldrick line (this version of Baldrick while very naive and rather stupid, provides some ideas for Blackadder's plots. This incarnation has a lot of historical references, like Dr. Johnson showing up to present his dictionnary, the Scarlet Pimprenelle and the French Revolution threatening royalty and the Duke of Wellington (Stephen Fry) going after the Prince. The titles here are puns on two words sounding similar (like Ink And Incapacity or Sense And Senility)

    Blackadder Goes Forth closes the series (though various ideas for a fifth incarnation have been rumored, from a 1960s rock band to a Red Adder that would be part of the Russian Revolution) and this manages to make WWI look funny. Captain Blackadder is stationned in a trench, along with Lieutenant George (Hugh Laurie) and his batman Private Baldrick. They are under the orders of General Melchett and his assistant Captain Darling (whose name is the butt of so many jokes here) and the plot is essentially Blackadder trying to get off the trenches - whatever it takes: being a cook, hunting spies or joining the Air Force. The titles here refer to the plot, but put as military names (Private Plane, General except for the last one simply called Goodbyeee which has a very grim yet powerful ending.

    By now, I guess the eyes are still seeing and the lips are still speaking the words, but Mister Brain must have long since departed, hasn't he ? Anyway, one last word (as a reference to my favorite running gag in a Blackadder The Third episode): MACBETH !!moreless

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    A Comical Villain

    By DojinFan_2K, Sep 25, 2010

    Blackadder was a popular comedy series produced by BBC which featured Rowan Atkinson as the nefarious miscreant known throughout the series as Edmund Blackadder, who through various periods of history he tries to make something of himself through devious means.

    With his aide-de-camp Baldrick (Tony Robinson), he gets into all sorts of scrapes in which he sometimes comes up on top, only briefly.

    He manages to survive the medieval era, the Elizibethan age, the reign of King George III & finally World War I.

    Although this comedy show is not for everyone due to its covert gross-out & sexual humor, it is by far the funniest British comedy show this side of Monty Python.moreless

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    Throughout its four seasons and various specials The story of the Black Adder remains as one of the top(if not the best)British comedies ever written. The performances by all the actors are just superb.

    By delphinebcn, Sep 25, 2010

    Really, if you have never seen it don't think twice and go and buy it, rent it, download it, steal it or whateverelse you need to do to get your hands on it!

    Since I have nothing to add to the above I leave you here with a few quotes:

    Baldrick: Well, Mr Blackadder always says, when the going gets tough, the tough hide under the table. Blackadder: I'm as poor as a church mouse, that's just had an enormous tax bill on the very day his wife ran off with another mouse, taking all the cheese. Edmund: Never had anything you doctors didn't try to cure with leeches. A leech on my ear for ear ache, a leech on my bottom for constipation.

    Doctor: They're marvellous, aren't they?

    Edmund: Well, the bottom one wasn't. I just sat there and squashed it.moreless

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    Possibly the greatest British comedy of all time!

    By FlyButterfly, Sep 25, 2010

    Blackadder is my favorite British comedy and one of the most brilliant shows ever. Rowan Atkinson is just hilarious in his role of Edmund Blackadder and the rest of the cast is awesome too. The show fallows him through 4 periods of British history never failing to bring endless amusement to us, viewers. From Middle Age and the adventures of King Richard IV to World War I and the ever funny Captain Darling, the series gets better and better with each episode. My personal favorite part of the series is part 2, where we can see Miranda Richardson in a role of Queen Elizabeth I.moreless

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    Fantastic British comedy.

    By robman500, Dec 31, 2008

    This program is hilarious and great slapstick comedy. A brilliant cast and acting.Rowan Atkinson is the best character in the show and it is his performance ever. Baldrick is Blackadder's sidekick they come up with plans. Baldrick gets more stupid as the series goes on. I love the relationship between Blackadder and Baldrick as Blackadder beats the hell out of Baldrick verbally and physically which I find really funny.

    It is a great tv series, which you can learn about history in a comical way. Each episode is set in a different period of time. There are 4 series and 4 special episodes.moreless

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  • 9.5

    A real evergreen classic, that showcases British comedy at its best!

    By snegiri, Oct 26, 2008

    A true showcase of British humor at its best! Rowan Atkinson has never been funnier, and of course, the best tv duet of all times, Hugh and Laurie, are also there to make sure your facial muscles will be well exercised!

    The show is based on different periods in British history, from times of King Richard III up till the WWII, which are outstandingly parodied by the main characters. Rowan Atkinson always plays a person named Edmund Blackadder, who is, of course, unknown to history teachers, but actually is the reason for all the turmoils in the history of Britain. Amazing actors, great jokes, a show you will never forget! My Shakespeare class university teacher brought it in class for us to watch, to show how it parodies the original Shakespearean dialogue! It was voted 2nd best British sitcom of all times, according to Wikipedia.moreless

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  • 9.5

    Can't get much funnier than this!

    By jimbo_001, May 25, 2008

    The second funniest British comedy, at least in my opinion, after Black Books, Black Adder is hilarious and original, and certainly Rowan Atkinson's funniest role by far.

    The fact that only 24 episodes over 4 seasons were made leaves Black Adder with a lot to be expected, and while it is quite dated by now, it was to begin with in the first place, given the times the various Black Adders (or vegetables) are set in.

    Whenever Baldrick comes up with a "cunning plan" or finds a new way to earn valuable turnips, it's bound to be a hilarious scene, and satires from any century or situation are sidesplittingly performed in Black Adder, the definition of classic British comedy.moreless

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    I have a cunning plan.....

    By anjul79, Aug 06, 2007

    This show is just bloody fantastic, funny, it's an oldie but you have to put it on your Must Watch list !!

    Finally a show where Rowan Atkinson talks and he does it really well ! he's in each season which are a different part of english history a character you either love to hate or hate to love !!

    and for the americans, look at the prince regent, it's docteur House !!! completely stupid prince regent, so well acted by Hugh Laurie !

    the Queen is hilarious !

    and don't forget Baldrick with his cunning plans which of course only quicken the end of his master Black Adder !!

    Watch it till the end, it's a great view of english history !moreless

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    There is always a Blackadder in History and our glimpses of Edmund Blackadder are hysterical.

    By Bucephelus, Aug 05, 2007

    The best comedy ever. This show is baudy, witty, at times slapstick and just thoroughly enjoyable to watch. It helps if you know a little about British History, but that is not necissary to get most of the jokes.

    Rowan Atkinson is Edmund Blackadder and he and the writers really got it write starting in series II. Edmund is witty, clever and in top form from there on. Hugh Laurie and Miranda Richardson are great in their roles as monarchs or regents of England. Both are a little daft, but Queenie also has an edge threatening to cut peoples heads off when she is really displeased with them. And of course Tim McInnerny, Tony Robinson, and Stephen Fry as sidekicks and/or rivals of Edmund. Great cast, great writing, and great overall show.moreless

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  • 9.0

    Bloody Fantastic!!

    By mandy_gough, Aug 05, 2007

    Rowan Atkinson was a genius! Ok I admit the first season wasnt the best but it did get better from there. The writing was wonderful, very subtle in some cases but also very crass in others. Who can forget Baldrick, Prince Regent, Captain Darling?? All brilliant characters. I still cant get used to Hugh Laurie doing an American accent. It really should be brought back again, even if it is just maybe one episode a year or even for Comic Relief. It brought so much happiness to so many people that it shouldn't just be swept aside. Really this probably paved the way for many comedians doing television, especially Little Britain, which I love too!

    Probably the most moving scene ever on British television is the final episode of Blackadder Goes Fourth. The final scene where they are about to go over the wall and the screen fades to a poppy field. Nobody who has seen that can ever forget it.moreless

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