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    exciting episode

    By sfviewer, Feb 07, 2007

    Krista gets the news about her mom. After Blade's daring assault on the Berlin hospital, Marcus asks Krista to go to Berlin to deal with Blade. Krista goes to Berlin, she turns on her fellow teammates and helps out Blade. This episode is action packed, the scene where Krista shoots her teammates was so awesome, the effects were done really well. The story in this episode was excellent, the writers did a really good job making it. It's exciting to watch, the plot was so engaging and the actors did a good job portraying their roles. I really love this episode.moreless

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  • 9.7

    Blade takes Vanessa to Paris, and Marcus sends Krista and Jakob to get her back; Krista learns her mother has leukemia; Dr. Lambert's examination of Vanessa shows she isn't actually carrying a baby.

    By hayster861, Aug 04, 2006

    This episode was incredibly good. It is really the first window into Blades past (except for the little spill that Caylo made in the pilot episode). We see Blade experience visions/hallucinations of his past including his mother and his father.I believe exploration into his past will add some much needed emotion and feeling to his normally stoic character. We also learned more about what Marcus is up to and that Vanessa wasn't carrying a baby like many thought but some sort of biological fluid that may cause death(according to Marcus and Krista's conversation). The episode also displayed that Krista is still faithful to Blade's cause (after the end of last episode, we thought she had drifted over to Marcus' side). She is also willing to take a few hits (getting your eye slashed and hand cut off) in order for everything to look legit. It was a very well done episode and has added more elements to the growing storyline.moreless

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