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    And, just as pivotal as last week's episode.

    By Carycomic, Mar 09, 2012

    Caution: spoilers ahead.

    For instance; Krista reveals that she was lying to Van Sciver, just as much as he's been lying to everyone else. He just doesn't know it, yet. Especially, with the brave way she guaranteed he would still believe her!

    Then, there's the expression on her face when she learns that Vanessa Simms shares the same first name as Blade's mom. This renews her empathy for his cause, even though she now realizes what a never-ending struggle it's really going to be.

    As for the potential palace coup, within House Chthon? Well, it's one step closer to happening. House Armaya now knows (though, surprisingly, not from Boone!) about Project: Aurora. But, how long before HC's ruling Pure-Bloods learn about the temporary nature of the solar-tolerance Van Sciver's vaccine instills?

    In fact, how long before Lady Charlotte learns that the whole project might just have been a hi-tech scam, fronting for something else? Something even more sinister than genetically-engineered dhampirs?

    I don't know about the rest of you. But, until I see next week's episode, I'm judging this one the best yet. Bar none!moreless

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    exciting episode

    By sfviewer, Feb 07, 2007

    Krista gets the news about her mom. After Blade's daring assault on the Berlin hospital, Marcus asks Krista to go to Berlin to deal with Blade. Krista goes to Berlin, she turns on her fellow teammates and helps out Blade. This episode is action packed, the scene where Krista shoots her teammates was so awesome, the effects were done really well. The story in this episode was excellent, the writers did a really good job making it. It's exciting to watch, the plot was so engaging and the actors did a good job portraying their roles. I really love this episode.moreless

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