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  • Vanessa: Do you always look at people like that? Blade: Like what? Vanessa: Like you want to kill them. Blade: If I'd wanted you dead, you'd be. Vanessa: Small mercies. Blade: Don't count 'em just yet.

  • Charlotte: Just to be clear - this is blackmail. Damek: It's justice!

  • Blade: What? Krista: I gotta walk back into Chthon and tell Marcus yet another one of his assassination squads has been wiped out, you got away and Vanessa's dead yet... somehow I wound up walking away with whatever was inside of her? He ain't buying that. Blade: What are you suggesting? Krista: I'm in a war... with you. I better look like it.

  • Marcus: Krista, excellent work. I have great plans for you in the future.

  • Krista: There was no child. Marcus: What she was carrying was more valuable than life. Krista: Death? Marcus: We'll see.

  • (finally regenerated from her charred state) Chase: I'm sorry I lost the prize. Marcus: It's okay. Krista is on the job. Chase: Like I said. Sorry.

  • (To Krista) Vanessa: I know you. You work for Dr. Vonner, you're with the freaks. (referring to vampires) Krista: Not exactly. I am one.

  • (Doctor opens door) Krista: Hi, I'm here to kill you, kill Blade and take the girl back to Marcus (sees Blade) Pssh.. Like that's ever going to happen. (sarcastically) Bonjour. Blade: Marcus sent you. Krista: Me and a whole hit team. Blade: Where are they? Krista: I hit them first. Dr. Ordaz: Excuse moi. I need a drink.

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Notes (2)

  • International Episode Titles: Czech Republic: Matka (Mother)

  • Nelson Lee (Shen) doesn't appear in this episode.

Allusions (1)

  • Jakob said he was in the battle of Gettysburg. This is an allusion to the Battle of Gettysburg during the Civil War.