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  • Blade: If I'm gonna keep them from winning this fight, I have to trust another human being. It just so happens she's a vampire. Krista: And, how hard is that? Blade: Almost impossible.

  • Marcus: You don't trust her, do you? Chase: I trust your judgment. Marcus: That wasn't the question. Chase: Yes, it was.

  • Blade: Hey... about you ashing vampires. Cain: Yeah? Blade: Keep it up.

  • Krista: I didn't sign up for this. Blade: Yes, you did. Krista: You wanted to know what Marcus is up to, I told you. If I get you this vaccine, this-this Aurora thing, that's your proof. After that, I'm done.

  • Blade: Ready to answer my question? Cain: I didn't know you asked one. Blade: If you weren't running, you would've heard it!

  • Marcus: I heard you're not drinking enough. The more hemoglobin your body metabolizes the faster you regenerate.

  • (to bad guy) Shen: You fleeced Armayans? (To Blade) And I thought you lived dangerously.

  • Marcus: Only a few have faced Blade and survived. Krista: I guess, I got lucky. Marcus: No. You had an angel on your shoulder.

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Notes (2)

  • International Episode Titles: Czech Republic: Z├íhada (Mystery)

  • Bill Mondy is credited but does not appear "live" on screen: only in photos and reused footage for the recaps of previous episodes.

Trivia (2)

  • Judging by the look of concern on her face when Krista was impaled and her attempt at a "girls' night out", it can be reasonably assumed that Chase is "warming up" to Krista.

  • In the beginning of this episode we see Krista getting operated on after she was pierced by a large piece of wood in the previous episode. In the background while she is being operated on you can hear a heart monitor beeping. As a vampire in the Blade universe and in other vampire-related universes, vampires don't possess heartbeats because they are technically dead.