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  • S 16 : Ep 24

    Changing History, Unchanging Heart

    Aired 3/27/12

  • S 16 : Ep 23

    Ichigo vs. Ginjo! The Secret of the Substitute Badge

    Aired 3/20/12

  • S 16 : Ep 22

    Desperate Situation!? Byakuya's Trapped Memories

    Aired 3/13/12

  • S 16 : Ep 21

    Fierce Fighting! Shinigami vs. Xcution!

    Aired 3/6/12

  • S 16 : Ep 20

    Revival! Substitute Shinigami — Kurosaki Ichigo!

    Aired 2/28/12

  • Cast & Crew
  • Johnny Yong Bosch

    Ichigo Kurosaki

  • Masakazu Morita

    Ichigo Kurosaki

  • Michelle Ruff

    Rukia Kuchiki

  • Fumiko Orikasa

    Rukia Kuchiki

  • Stephanie Sheh

    Orihime Inoue

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  • show Description
  • From manga artist Tite Kubo comes the story of a world where death lurks impalpable to an everyday human's eyes. Ichigo Kurosaki, along with his family, runs a local clinic. Ichigo has the unusual ability to see poltergeists but rather than react with surprise he merely sees it as an annoyance. Ichigo helps those he can when he cares to but can't bring himself to care enough... until one fateful day. A small, mysterious woman appears inside his room, a Shinigami known as Rukia Kuchiki. Soon Ichigo is dragged into Rukia's world of death, loyalty and danger as he struggles to hold on to his humanity whilst fulfilling the duties of a Shinigami. Opening Themes "Asterisk" by Orange Range (eps. 1-25) "D-tecnolife" by UVERworld (eps. 26-51) "Ichirin no Hana" by High and Mighty Colors (eps. 52-74) "Tonight, Tonight, Tonight" by Beat Crusaders (eps. 75-97) "Rolling Star" by YUI (eps. 98-120) "ALONES" by Aqua Timez (eps. 121-143) "After Dark" by Asian Kung-Fu Generation (eps. 144-167) "Velonica" by Aqua Timez (eps 190-214) "Shojo S" by Scandal (eps 215-242) "Anima Rossa" by Porno Graffiti (eps 243-265) "chAngE" by miwa (eps 266 - present) Ending Theme "Life is Like a Boat" by Rie Fu (eps. 1-13) "Thank You" by HOME MADE Family (eps. 14-25) "Houki Boshi" by Younha (eps. 26-38) "Happy People" by Skoop on Somebody (eps. 39-51) "Life" by Yui (eps. 52-63) "My Pace" by SunSet Swish (eps. 64-74) "Hanabi" by Ikimono-gakari (eps. 75-87) "MOVIN!!" by Takacha (eps. 88-97) "Baby It's You" by JUNE (eps. 98-109) "Sakura Hiyoko" by Mai Hoshimura (eps. 110-120) "Tsumasaki" by Ore Ska Band (eps. 121-131) "Daidai" by chatmonchy (eps. 132-143) "Tane wo Maku Hibi" by Atari Kousuke (eps. 144-154) "Kansha" by RSP (eps. 155-167) "Orange" by Lil'B a.k.a MIE&AILA (eps 168-179) "Gallop" by pe'zmoku (eps. 180-189) "Hitohira no Hanabira" by Stereo Pony (eps 190-201) "Sky Chord" by Tsuji Shion (eps. 202-214) "Kimi wo Mamotte, Kimi wo Aish**e by Sambo Master (eps 215-229) "Mad Surfer" by Kenichi Asai (eps. 230-242) "Sakurabito" by SunSet Swish (eps. 243-255) "Tabidatsu Kimi e (On a Journey to You)" by RSP (eps 256-265) "Stay Beautiful" by DIGGY-MO' (eps 266 - present)moreless

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  • Quotes (724)

    • Ichigo: My name is Ichigo Kurosaki. I'm 15 years old, so I'm a high school student. My family runs a medical clinic here in town. Maybe it's because we're entrusted with the lives of the living, I'm not sure, but for as long as I can remember, I've been able to see the souls of the dearly departed.

    • Ichigo: I'm home! Isshin: (kicks Ichigo in the face, knocking him down to the floor) You let your guard down! Always stay alert when you enter a room and you're late for dinner again! Ichigo: Come on! Is that any way to welcome your own son after he just risked his life to help a spirit find peace?! Isshin: Silence! Oh, so it's the ghost's fault now, is it? I suppose it was ghosts that left your room a mess! (he and Ichigo start fighting) When are you gonna show some discipline?! Just because you see ghosts and I don't doesn't make you boss of this household! Ichigo: Hey, it's not my fault! Yuzu: Hey, stop the fighting you two. Come over and eat your dinner. Karin: Let 'em fight; more rice for me.

    • Karin: (while watching Ichigo attempt to get rid of a ghost) Poor Ichigo. Dad or ghost, it's always something. Yuzu: I think he's kinda lucky to be able to see ghosts. I sorta sense their presence sometimes, but that's about it. Karin: I don't see what the big deal is with ghosts. I don't even believe in them. Yuzu: (gasps) Karin, I don't get how you could say something like that. I thought you had the power to see spirits too. Karin: I'm in permanent denial. Just seeing them doesn't make me believe in them. Yuzu: Oh... Ghost: That's really cold...

    • Rukia: (thinking) It's getting closer. (out loud) I feel it. Ichigo: (kicks Rukia from behind) Who are you and what do you want?! (Rukia hits the floor with a loud crash) If you think you're a burglar, you're not a very good one! For starters, you shouldn't talk to yourself! Rukia: You... kicked me. But I can't be seen by ordinary humans. Are you saying you can see me? Ichigo: Well, considering that that was my foot I just planted in your behind, you tell me.

    • Rukia: (touches Ichigo's face) How very strange. You look normal, but you must be defective in some way.
      Ichigo: (whacks her hand away) I'll show you defective!

    • Ichigo: Alright, so you're something called a Soul Reaper. (Rukia nods) And you're telling me that you were sent here on a mission by something called the Soul Society... (Rukia nods) deal with demons like the one we saw on the street today... (Rukia nods) ...which was chasing after that girl's soul. (Rukia nods) That's all believable to me... (throws a small table) Along with flying pigs and the tooth fairy!

    • Ichigo: I-I can't move! What did you do to me?!
      Rukia: Paralysis. I've used what's called a Kido on you. It's a high level incantation only we Soul Reapers can cast. It's useless to struggle against it. You're just wasting your energy. I may appear young to you, but I have lived nearly ten of your life times. I would kill you on the spot for your insults if it were not against my orders, so you, little brat, be grateful!

    • (Rukia has just performed a Konso on a ghost.) Ichigo: Where'd he go? What did you do to him? Rukia: I sent his spirit to the Soul Society. It's one of the main responsibilities of a Soul Reaper. People here sometimes call it "passing on". Now I'll explain to you why I'm here, and I'll use small words so you can understand it.

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    Notes (949)

    • Ending Theme: "Koyoi, Tsuki wa Miesu tomo" by Porno Graffitti

    • Japanese Title: Fade to Black 君の名を呼ぶ Romaji Title: Fade to Black - Kimi no Na o Yobu

    • Ending Theme: "Memories in the Rain" by Morita Masakazu & Orikasa Fumiko

    • In this epsisode manga artist Tite Kubo (the creator of Bleach) voices the character of Kon rather than the usual voice actor, Mitsuaki Madono.

    • This episode was only shown in Japan at the 'Jump Festa 2004 Anime Tour'.

    • Ending Theme: "Ditty For Daddy" by Shiro Sagisu

    • This special was originally shown in Japan at the 'Jump Festa 2005 Anime Tour'.

    • From the original manga by Tite Kubo, this episode contains: 1. STRAWBERRY & THE SOUL REAPERS

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    Trivia (446)

    • This OAV marks the first time we see Yoruichi using her otherwise unkown zanpakutou when she uses it to dispatch a Hollow. It resembles a Kodachi or Wakizachi type sword.

    • In the anime Yuzu is the one who comes and gets Ichigo but in the manga it was Karin.

    • The japanese word "shinigami" literally menas "death god" (shini means die & gami is one way of saying god, the other being kami) however when dubbed they call the Shinigami "Soul reapers" instead of "death gods". There is a reason for this however; despite its literal meaning, the Japanese word "shinigami", at least in recent years, is the word used for the traditional grim reaper of Western tradition. The grim reaper quite literally reaps souls; thus "soul reaper" is a logical translation.

    • Although Ichigo's name means "one who protects", it is also the words "ichi" and "go", which are the Japanese numbers for one and five respectively. This happens to be Ichigo's stated age (15) at the beginning of the series; he is also born July 15th. And in the manga, Ichigo's name's is sometimes translated as "Strawberry" bringing the first chapter's title "Death and Strawberry". Ichigo's room number is also 15.

    • Rukia's age: she states she's ten times as old as Ichigo, which puts her at around 150.

    • First appearance of: Orihime, Tatsuki, Keigo, Chad, Mizuiro, Sora

    • The book that Rukia was reading is different in anime and manga Anime: she was reading some sort of novel in the subbed version, in the English Dub she was presumably reading The Bible (or something similar). Manga: She was reading a horror genre Manga

    • The hollow commanding the others to eat the spirit of Orihime's brother is The Grand Fisher.

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    Allusions (27)

    • Ichigo shares his birth date, July 15th, with the last day of the Japanese Buddhist holiday Obon, a festival to honor the departed spirits of one's ancestors.

    • The episode title is a play on the Beatles song "And your Bird can Sing."

    • The soul pill dispenser that Rukia gave Ichigo looks like a Pez Dispenser.

    • The three boys skipping class to play video games are playing on what appears to be Gameboy Advance.

    • The location, an abandoned hospital, is an allusion to the fringe hobby of Haikyo (in Japanese Haikyo means 'ruins'), as well as a nod to the creep Japanese horror flicks that often use abandoned buildings/hospitals as locations.

    • Orihime: Extreme Makeover! In the dubbed, Orihime says "extreme makeover!" after Kūkaku destroys her house. This could be a reference to the show Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, where a group of designers build a new house for a family they think deserves it

    • This episode references both the Japanese show Super Sentai and the American TV series, Power Rangers. Coincidentally, voice actor Johnny Yong Bosch (Ichigo Kurosaki) was a former cast member of Power Rangers for four seasons as Adam Park.

    • Sailor moon: The outfit the Kon is wearing looks like a Sailor moon outfit

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